out of stock Apple iPhone X (Space Grey / Silver) 64GB $1262.40, 256GB $1399.20 + Delivery (Free with eBay Plus) @ Allphones eBay


We all know new iPhone will be announced soon and about previous eBay promotion & sellers price jacking stuff
But I believe this is good price compare to running JB Hi-Fi Deal 64GB $1329 , 256GB $1579 so sharing it those who are after iPhoneX deal.

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Australian Stock
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24 Months(AU) Warranty

Original POLLEN 20% off Selected Sellers on eBay Deal Post

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    The price may be good, but some of us have black listed them and won’t buy out of principle.

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      Yeah mate ;) I saw that too before but I guess Its not just limited to one seller as per our ozb experience and I hope it should be fine for many us who are looking for great bargains $$ but again Its individual's choice as there are other options available like JB Hi-Fi


      But still a good price when compared with others retailers price.


      I wonder if News runs ads for Harvey Norman supporting their pricejacking efforts.

      Clearly eBay isn't advertising with News.

  • +1 vote

    @ solidussnake thank you for alerting me ( and likely others ) to the news article of this seller

    , I was thinking of purchasing from this seller ,

    but won't now

    as trust issues

  • +7 votes

    JackAllPhones is back. Not buying from these thieves. They should be blacklisted on ozb.
    Neg for the store not you OP

    • +1 vote

      Thats fine mate.. I understand concern on PriceJack but my buying experience was good so far on product, delivery and cheapest deal from this seller along with few other sellers during eBay promotions whenever deal was posted in Ozb.

      • -6 votes

        I recently bought some stolen goods, the price was the cheapest and the fence gave a wonderful buying experience. I understand the concern with theft but hey, not me getting robbed lol


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      Lol your username @ohTeriBehnDi

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    Have blacklisted them.


    If the new RRP is now $1,579 shouldn't the 20% off bring this item down to $1,263.20? So as others have said Allphones price jacks for sales like this.

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    I can't believe how much these are. Even after several months. That's an incredible amount of money for a device that 'lasts' 1-4 years before it starts getting 'outdated'.


    Should I jump on iphone x with the discounted price or wait for the new one?

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      Wait and then decide. X is still good but the new ones announced 3AM tomorrow. 24 hours won’t hurt.


    Really good price since I m going overseas in next 13 days, and do TRS bringing further 10% off to be 1200+.

    But I m still keen on the larger screen iPhone. Will wait for the announcement at 3am


    Are Allphones and Mobileciti the same company?


    New iPhones announcing tomorrow by Apple !!!!!!

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    Ok so my wife bought an iphone x 256 gb from these guys from previous to the previous promo where they were not banned. She got the phone and put in her brand new VF sim but was not able to get any signal so she called VF and they said Telstra has blocked the phone due to it being lost or stolen and asked us to call Telstra. she tried the VF sim in her Iphone 6s and it worked fine so was no issue with the SIM. She tried an Aldi sim we bought for overseas guest in the iphone x and it was working fine so she called Telstra and they said the same thing that it is blocked and marked as lost/stolen. I tried my Amaysim sim in it and it worked fine as well so somehow we only were having the issue with VF, not Telstra or Optus. Anyway we did an Ebay refund request mentioning the phone is blocked with all phones and they gave us full refund once we returned the phone to them. I did not mention this in the previous post as was waiting for it to clear. Also one of my colleagues got a 64 GB Iphone x on the same day with these guys but he had no issues. I am still not sure if the phone was actually blocked or it was some issue at VF end but just sharing our experience here


    New IPHONE 6.5 inch tomorrow why buy this?

    Once you bought it today and tomorrow it will depreciate by 1/2 of it value LOL

    • +2 votes

      I will buy 2 if this 256GB iphone X is $700 each tomorrow.

      [x] Doubt

      • -3 votes

        Ok, try to search IPHONE 8 plus on Gumtree (2nd hand) as at the moment Iphone X is still the latest on the market

        Tomorrow the latest Iphone will be IPHONE X 6.5inch not the current X

        Iphone 8 PLUS
        In mint condition
        2 months old used -> yes 2 months


          2nd hand not new !

          Also. Wouldn't that make this 2nd hand IP 8+ to be bit older version Tomorrow? By your theory, why buy then for 750 bucks and not for ~400 bucks Tomorrow?

          Yes, prices depreciate, however not to the extent withing certain timelines that you have mentioned.



          Ofcourse 2nd hand not new! but! if you buy that Iphone X today and use it for 1 day and then re sale it due to upgrade to Iphone x 6.5inch tomorrow u still able to resale as new with new X price?

          Read this:
          How Much Your iPhone Loses Value After a New Product Launch:
          Two weeks after a new launch, old iPhones depreciate about 11%.
          Four weeks after launch, they depreciate about 15%.
          Six weeks after launch, they depreciate about 18%.
          By week seven, they lose about 21% of their value.


          We are talking about the iphone x for sale in this post. You said dont buy this today because if i did. Tomorrow it will be half the value.

          So if i buy someones iphone X 256GB tomorrow which they bought from this sale today it will be only $700 tomorrow?

          Or you are wishing it should be only $700 tomorrow.

          Huge difference in that.

        • +1 vote

          @SaputraJ: you said it will be half price for a day old iphone X from purchase to selling it.

          When your link showed depreciation of 21% for a seven week old device?

          No one is saying if i bought this iphone for sale now and sell it tomorrow they can get there exact money back. Only you however are saying if you buy this phone today and tomorrow if they sell it its only worth half what you paid. Even your link says otherwise.


    I bought dad an iPhone 8 Aus Stock 64GB Black and he hates it. He wants to go back to android and asked me to get rid of it. It looks like the resale value is going to hit the wall in a few days. What do you guys think is a fair price? I was thinking $800-900 but doesn't look likely.


    Coupon code checks out..

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    I had no idea that Allphones and Mobileciti are the same!


    Ran into problem with the ebay site, returned this messaeg with the POLLEN code "We ran into a problem. Please try again later" ???


    I tried to buy an iPad from AllPhones, the POLLEN code does not work even though the item description says its should: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/163031520763


    hello, does anyone know if Officeworks will price match?


    Bought the 256GB Grey yesterday & it has already been delivered !

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