expired Cheap Australian Outback Spectacular Tickets - ADULTS @ KIDS PRICES


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"Enjoy the show, your sumptuous three-course Aussie BBQ dinner with drinks, and free Stockman's hat! Experience the heart, soul, and true Aussie spirit of the outback with Australian Outback Spectacular 2, presented by R. M. Williams, and filled with more outback music, drama and action than ever before!"

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    Has anyone been to this, is it worth it?

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      I went Dec last year and came away impressed. Just about everything about it was better than I expected, but then again I did have fairly low expectations. I think it's worth going, but probably not everyones cup of tea.

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      I've seen better horse back tricks elsewhere. They also make you wait outside for an hour (so called pre-show entertainment) before letting you in. The show is more of a time filler for overseas tourists.

      If you ask me, I would like my money back and compensation for wasted time and petrol.


        then don't turn up an hour earlier. there's no need to as seats are pre-allocated. If they let you sit at your table for an hour without any entertainment or drinks then would you turn up an hour early to do that? I suspect you turn up to your normal restaurant dinner reservations at about the right time. Stop whinging. You can decide for youself what you want to do

        Now in response to the OP, full price is not worth it (for me) but a discounted price does make it worth it. I have seen the old and the new show and will go back again.

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          a discounted price does make it worth it. I have seen the old and the new show and will go back again.

          the food quality is impressive. Steak was just right.

          am really struggling to see why you've negged this deal…….


    Is this the same outfit that opened the Sydney Olympics … they were great for that … but only on for 5-10 mins of course as part of the larger ceremony.


    Travel dates are open ended too. So you can buy before the 15th of April and go in June if you wanted.

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    I think I may book this in. Sounds like an interesting night. Photography allowed?

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      NO photography allowed!!!

      I went with the family last year and came away thoroughly impressed :)

      I too thought it sounded cheesy, touristy and expensive going by the adds, but was totally converted after going.

      Agreed, the "cattle call" waiting around before hand was a pain and is aimed at getting the souvenir shoppers and drinkers to blow their dough, but we just browsed around.

      The best time to buy your trinkets is after the show = less crowded.

      Overall, I'd rate the evening as excellent and quite good value.

      The meal and drinks are all you could reasonably want and the quality is good.

      The show itself is fantastic IMHO.



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    I've been twice….. March 2009, and again in Nov 2009, (the newer 'light horse' show)

    Both times were good….. although the current version was better. Food wasn't bad for mass catering and the whole event went like a well oiled machine.
    I agree about the pre show entertainment……. crappy, unless you like country music

    Both times got cheaper tickets at the gates of movie world.

    I recommend it.

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    Thanks to everyone who commented, I think I'll take this one up

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      HEY, before you take this up check this deal out:

      "Here is a great offer for the whole family,
      exclusive to our VIP Pass holders!

      Book now to experience Australian Outback Spectacular 2 - Heroes of the Light Horse
      with your family and friends and pay only $65.00 for Adults (Save $34.99) and
      $45.00 for Children and Pensioners (Save $24.99).
      Tickets valid for shows until 31 March 2011*! "

      If you can plan to go this month then save the few dollars for adults and even save a lot more for kids.
      (assuming you have a VIP card)


    Bummer! They've changed the conditions for this.
    Now only valid for seeing the show before 15 April.

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