KKday Osaka Universal Studio Tickets

Want to follow up with the people who bought Osaka Universal Studio Tickets from Kkday back in July posted in the link below. Has anyone been able to use the tickets after 31 Aug.


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  • As a side note, also looking to buy any tickets for Nov if anybody has some active and doesn't need!

  • I've bookmarked this thread as well.

    Once I've done it, I'll report back

  • Going there Tuesday. Fingers crossed.

    • i'm going on tuesday too. see ya there

      • Lol are you both in Japan? What are you doing Ozbing?

        • ozbargain is life bro. half of this trip is made possible by oz lb

        • @letmesingh: exactly, 2adults+kids return fares $1150.

          as me knuckle tatts say "ozb4life"

        • @altomic: cost me 1800 for 2 adults and a kid from adelaide on singapore airlines. ozb4lyfe

    • its so busy in here and hot

  • +2

    in with passes. no problem. scanned at gate and entered. pretty stoked for the price.

    • +1

      I'm going in December, this gives me more confidence. Thanks for reporting back!

    • +1

      Thanks for reporting back!

      I am going in Dec.

  • I used the tickets during my December trip, worked perfectly!

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