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Samsung T5 500GB Portable SSD $155.29 + $11.83 Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via Amazon AU


Great price on this SSD. Cheaper than the current deal from Bing Lee after 20% off.

The 250GB SSD from the same supplier is selling for $149.

Don't forget 6% cashback with Cashrewards or Shopback.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Is it just me or when you purchase something from jb and the next day it goes on sale. Just my luck. Awesome deal btw.

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    Great deal, very tempted but trying to resist.

    • +3

      You can do it. I have faith in you.

      • @ Chibot…

        A small revision to your o/p.

        CashBack Reward for Amazon AU is currently 10%, not 6% :)

        Ciao for now,

        et tú, Brute?

    • get into the ozbargain spirit!

      • I usually do but have some uncertain open ended car repair/maintenance that takes priority at the moment :-(

  • Bought 2 500gb ones (311 - ~29 (cashrewards)) = 382

    bought a 1tb from office works 2 weeks ago, luckily kept all the packaging and receipt ($385)

    Saves $102 and gets 2 seperate drives

  • Missed out on another 2 Xbox ones, so two of these will do =D

    • Curious what you're using them for?

      • +1

        Instant gratification.

      • +1

        Portability of instant gratification haha

  • +6

    Thanks OP, I’ve been waiting for a decent price for this. I Price matched at Officeworks.

    • +2

      Great deal, indeed! Got it yesterday with 10% cashrewards, which works about AUD 141 :-)
      Thanks again, et tu brute

      • @globalsoul

        Thanks for the shoutout… :)

        and yes, I weakened. I purchased another because they are so good and so flexible. It will arrive approx. 10-Oct-2018, however I notice that qith Amazon Global, they tend to arrive a few days earlier than estimated.

        Don't forget that with Amazon Global, after item has been shipped, you can then get access from the original purchase page for a proper Tax Invoice (as opposed to the original order page). Amazon AU and/or their marketplace sellers don't issue Tax Invoices until goods are shipped and your credit card charged.

        Anyway, you will be impressed with the ssd's petite size and high performance.

        Ciao for now :)

    • +2

      Thanks, didn't know I needed this but got one for the Xbox.

    • @ S3ISOR

      " I Price matched at Officeworks."

      Does the OW price-match include matching the CashReward Amazon net price (10% excluding GST?)

      • +1

        No, they matched the advertised price. With the 5% price beat it cost $147.53.

    • +1

      Can you share OW receipt? to price match?

      • +2
        • +1

          Thanks! Managed to get one showing your receipt.

        • @Navgsc: Pitt Street store refused to price match despite the reciept because the model number on Amazon says AM not WW :/

    • I got OW to pricematch too.. looks like a lot of people are doing it. I got the last two in the store I went to

  • +2

    Been waiting for a deal on a ssd to put in an enclosure, but at this price I might not bother and just get this.

  • Pricematched at Pitt Street for 158.78 (they factored in the delivery cost) but eh, worth it for not having to wait.

  • Great deal way overdue for Amazon AU their pricing sucks big time since they won’t allow delivery from other amazon stores outside AU

    • +2

      Yet ironically this ships from Amazon US..

  • +1

    Price is showing as $259 for me?

    • me too

      • Back at stock at $154.39

        • Got it. Thank you!

  • Potentially stupid question, can i install and run PC games for Steam and Bnet on an external SSD?

    • +1

      of course you can, move or install to the drive letter associated with the drive when you plug it in. just don't un-plug it mid game.

      • Thanks!

  • It is now out of stock with Amazon US unfortunately.

    • There is a high global command for these units at the moment. I bought one at the end of August from B&H Photo Video in New York when they were out of stock/awaiting stock pretty much everywhere else including Amazon US, AU and NewEgg. They appear to have come back into stock about a week ago so no surprise if they have been snapped up again. The Samsung T5 are really a good SSD unit. I was looking at the Samsung X5 which has Thunderbolt3 (via USB-C port), however they are way too expensive at the moment and USB3.1 transfer speed is fast enough for my needs.

  • Would something like this be OK to run as a Windows 10 system disk for my USFF Dell Pc ?

    Finding the 250GB laptop drive slow as all f..k!

  • +1

    Back in stock, managed to grab one, thanks OP.

  • +1

    You can also buy it on Newegg for $156.60 AUD ($141 + $15.60 GST). Looks like Newegg ships a bit quicker as well.

    • Maybe a an option for those without Prime to save the $11 shipping?

  • Can you claim back GST via TRS on these?

    • Last time I bought from Amazon US through Amazon AU , they gave me a Tax Invoice without ABN.

      Company Address was
      Amazon Export Sales LLC

      BUT clearly showed 10% GST on the TAX INVOICE.
      NO ABN NO Australian Company Name or Address on the Tax invoice.
      Where is the GST going?

    • I bought 2 of these and paid AUD308.78 (including 28.08GST).
      Tax invoice that they supplied with US company's name without ABN.

      I called amazon they told me they could not issue tax invoice with ABN.

  • Is it possible this was a mistake, as the site shows the 250GB disk for 149 and the 500GB for 259 ?

    • Deal expired.

      edit - back in stock

  • Isn't the Seagate ssd from binglee better value?

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