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Poopsie Slime Surprise Mystery Unicorn $69 (Was $79) @ Target


I honestly couldn't do this product justice if I was to write about it myself (I mean who doesn't love making your unicorm crap then playing with the poop?) - so have copied Target's product blurb instead.

Your new unicorn friend with the magical belly!

Every time you feed her and sit her on her glitter potty, she creates surprise collectible unicorn poop!

Which magical unicorn will you unbox!?

Ages: 5+ years.
Includes: 1 x Mystery Unicorn, 4 x Unicorn Food Powders, 4 x Unicorn Magic Packets, 1 x Glitter Potty, 1 x Spoon, 1 x Bottle, 1 x Poop Character Keychain, 1 x Hair Brush and 1 x Mystery Scent Dropper.

As you might have guessed my daughter will not be getting one of these this Christmas, regardless of how hard she pleads.
But no doubt someone in here might be keen for a bargain.

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    • Phil looks like he's having a major medical event.

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    +1 for novelty post of the day .. :-) .. !! Afterthought: The box doesn't appear to contain any poop .. BYO??? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha …

    • MYO, with the unicorn acting as your agent, or vice versa.

    • No need to DIY. That's what the powders are for. But this unicorn only poops four times.

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    And I thought that Unicorns just farted rainbows, you learn something new everyday.

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    The target market for these are people who absolutely hate getting invited to childrens' birthday parties, right?

  • Jokes on you :)

    Unicorns poop the best chocolate icecream in the universe. They also pee the best beer in the universe.

    A leprechaun collects it whenever the unicorn needs to go. They rainbow in, and rainbow out.

    No one has ever caught a unicorn in the act, and verified that the pee and poo are as created, and then sold throughout the universe.

    Did you know unicorns also only eat icecream cones. Makes sense right?

    They also have no sexual organs. They spontaniously reproduce, and create a little unicorn when need be. Who in turn, grow up into an adult unicorn. The secret of how this works is unknown however. They just go from a little unicorn to a big unicorn at some point in their life.

    It is also known that only little unicorns eat icecream cones. Adult unicorns have no need for food at all.

    And finally, did you know that unicorns are the last line of defence for the earth… They can surround the entire earth with unicorns, making an impenetrable barrier.


    p.s. Apparently the underwear gnomes are related to leprechaun's. They go by the same methodology. Step 1, Collect poop and pee, Step 2 ?, Step 3 Profit. :D

    • Of course unicorns don't bother with childbirth. It would usually be fatal for the mother!

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        Surely the horn grows later.

        • name checks out

  • This really exists?

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