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Blueskysea Mini 0906 GPS Dual Dash Cam Capacitor 1080P Rear View Backup Camera $144.49 Delivered @ Baiklov Amazon AU


❥❥❥15%OFF for this Dual lens Dash Camera by using the code QD77N4VN❥❥❥
★DUAL LENS, DUAL HD 1080P RECORDING: Both front and rear camera support recording in 1080P 30fps. Made of Novatek NT96663 Chipset to provides low power consumtion, but high definition video compression and smooth imaging. Uses a capacitor as its power source instead of internal battery to prevent the camera overheating, ensuring normal operation under sunny and hot conditions, extend the lifetime of the camera.
★HD NIGHT VISION: Uses advanced night vision sony exmor sensor(front Sony IMX291 + rear Sony IMX322 ), collocating with large aperture (Front F1.7 / Rear F2.0), giving you excellent shooting effect in the low light environment, clearly records license number even at night.
★TEMPERATURE PROTECTION: This vehicle video recording camera will shut down when the camera temperature reach 90℃(194℉), thus will help to reduce the risk and still protect your vehicle all the time even under sunlight, with parking guard or motion detection function.
★GPS LOGGER & GPS SIGNAL DETECTION: This Dash Camera not only can record your driving trace and stamp the GPS date on video, but also can show you the GPS signal value.
★PARKING GUARD: The parking guard function is used to monitor the vehicle outside for safety after vehicle parked, providing continual protection for your car. (Please note the hardwire kits isn't included in this packgae. If you want it, please contact us for the link to buy one.)
Here are some Youtube's reviews:


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    What's the bargain?

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    If you want to see the review and the sample videos.

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    Been using this dashcam for a while, video quality is decent. It's also a good size so it's more hidden compare to larger dash cams. It works fine for me though I do hear complaints about reliability though I never experienced this yet.

    • Did you install yourself or have someone do?

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    Hmmm, hesitant. If they included the hard-wire kit for this price then i would jump at it immediately.
    It was either this or get 2x Viofo G1W-S…..

    The price posted isn't a bargain. Get it from eBay with PLUG5 code for $141.16:

    Get the package with hardwire kit for $154.23 with PLUG5 Ebay Code:

    Before the OP tries to discredit these 2 deals that I listed, the are comparable since both sellers are in Australia and no GST applicable.

    • Weird the Amazon listing was $144.49 when first listed, not anymore.

  • Do a deal on the Blueskysea b1w?

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      $74.73 @ https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/163253306816
      PLUG5 Coupon code

      • Whoa, dude your on fire!

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          If you buy a $100 ebay gift card for $90 using the current ebay deal (PGIFT10), then you could get a further discount. haha

        • @lplau: ! Must be very hot right now at your place!

        • @Chris Farley: Just to go super nova.

          You could do the following:
          1. Get $100 ebay gift card for $90
          2. Buy the item with PLUG5 (5% off) and the Ebay Gift Card for a double discount since discount codes and gift cards stack.

        • @lplau: lol. Your a good soul Iplau! I will keep your excellent recommendations well in mind!

          • You're a good soul
        • +1

          @WatchNerd: Thank you.

      • That's a different dash cam…

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          Its just not branded Blueskysea. Blueskysea just rebrands generic dashcams, they don't research or manufacture their own. Happy for the OP to post photos of their research facilities and their own factories to prove that I am wrong.

          This is very common for chinese dashcams.

          You will notice that on the dashcamtalk article it doesn't mention a thing about Blueskysea, since the Mini 0906 is a "OEM" code name for this dashcam and it gets branded by other brands like Blueskysea and Veckle.

  • While I agreed this isn't necessarily a great deal, I can say that for me at least, the cam itself has been reliable & produces decent quality video. Certainly one of the better dual cams on the market at this price point, if not the best?

    • It is a great cam for the price point. However this is Ozbargain, not OzInfo. We have Google.com.au for OzInfo.

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        Mmmmm… Thanks for bringing that to my attention. Silly old me to think that my fellow Ozbargainer's may have found my comment useful..?

  • Mine had the battery buldge and warp the unit… Ended up going with blackvue after this rubbish avoid aus summer will kill this unit

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      huh, are you sure you got a legit version of this unit? or a older version of this unit.
      This unit doesn't use batteries, it uses 2 super capacitors (2x 2.7V 5F).
      Generally capacitors don't bulge (except for the top of the cap), before it leaks liquid out.

  • No deal, cheaper elsewhere as mentioned above, neg.

  • Negging because cheaper elsewhere, including eBay.

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