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Auckland Car Hire $9/Day (Max 3 Days) Pickup from Auckland Airport to Auckland City via Wherever You Like (One Way) @ Gorentals


Might be helpful for someone going to Auckland NZ this week. Cheaper than a taxi or shuttle transfer from the airport.

One of the best ways to get an amazing deal on car rental in New Zealand is to check out the rental car relocation specials.
Every week, people are taking cars from one branch to another and they often need to get these back to where they started.

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    Good price. Don't forget the cost of petrol there is ridiculously high… Around $2.20 per litre for unleaded :/
    Go Rentals also expect you to fill it back to the top when you return thr car otherwise they charge you for it.

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      Every rental agency requires you to refill or they'll charge you for it (or are you a politician with a Comm Car?)


      You need to factor the petorl even if you drive your car, it give you freedom and flexibility to go whenever and wherever you like.

      Or you can take taxi for 10 time more

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    Just back from Queenstown where petrol is $2.50 and rented a RAV4 from Go Rentals, have to say it was very easy dealing with them and good car and price.

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    $9 per day makes for cheap accomodation!

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    I hired from Go Rentals last time I was in NZ and they were very good to deal with.

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    I used GO Rentals last year when we were in NZ, great stuff. Easy to deal with and very cheap for what you get.

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    Driving in Auckland, what a nightmare. What a crap city.