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Medion Erazer X67011 Gaming PC i7-8700 | 16GB DDR4 | 1TB+256GB | GTX 1060 $1039.20 C&C (or +$12 Delivery) @ Bing Lee eBay


Bought this gaming PC earlier this year and thought the $1799 price tag was pretty good - now it has been slashed to only $1299.00 on Ebay or directly from Bing Lee, and a further 20% discount is available today only using EBAY code PBINGLEE which brings the price down to only $1039.20. Try finding a pc with these specs at a price anywhere similar…
Processor : Intel® Core™ i7-8700
Operating System: Windows 10
Video Graphics: nVidia GeForce GTX 1060
Storage: 1TB HDD + 256GB SSD
Optical Drive: DVD
Card Reader: Yes

Full Specs at

Original PBINGLEE 20% off Selected Items @ Bing Lee eBay Deal

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        Wish I saw this before deploying the battering ram to that wall :(

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    Woah awesome deal OP, considering it myself for DOOM Eternal next year (ITS GONNA BE AWESOME!!) - I've got an old i7 2600K/16GB DDR3/GTX580 setup that I was going to upgrade with an RX580 GPU ($300), but I might just pay the extra $740 and get a whole new system!

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    Can anyone see a face with its tongue sticking out on the front of the case?

  • Jumped on, yessssssssssssssss thx op

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    Breakdown prices:

    CPU: $280
    Motherboard: $100
    GPU: $250
    Case and PSU: $120
    Memory: $150
    SSD: $70
    HD: $70
    Total: $1040

    Looks a decent deal.

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      Can you find me the 8700 for that price?

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        Or RAM.

      • Of course NOT. That what you paying for this PC. I never said you can find it for theses prices.

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          Oh…what's the point of the comment then?

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          @Lolno234: I meant if you are buying this pc at this price is a good deal because you basically paying that much in each part. As I said decent deal. Very good option!

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          @Dienk: I suppose but people on ozbargain normally look up the prices themselves for items this expensive. Should have worded your comment differently because a lot of people including me thought you were talking about market prices hence the downvotes :P

      • Ok

        • I understood the breakdown you provided.

        • @Stockyhome: appreciate it.

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      Citation required

    • lol. Do you know anything about PC hardware? The cpu is way more expensive

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    Wow! Medion at Bing Lee, I thought they were an Aldi only brand. Interesting!!!

    • +1

      Medion is a sub brand of Lenovo. It is a German company but wholly owned by Lenovo.

  • Thanks OP bought one

    • +2

      I wish I had enough money to just say 'Thanks OP bought one' when spending $1k.

      • +2

        Thanks OP, bought 50 to start up my new Internet Cafe.

      • +2

        Basic manners are free. The $1k isn't though…

      • Hahahaha the 10% off gift cards helped abit I guess and will be selling my old rig ;)

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    Listing now says 8gb of RAM?

    • +1

      Error in listing - Further down on the page it lists full specs showing ram as 16GB. I can also confirm the one I have here does in fact have 16GB ram.

    • Typo with eBay product description. If you scroll down it shows correct specs under… well, specs. Also confirmed by people who've bought - invoice shows correct (per this post) specs.

  • The seller doesn’t post to your location. These binglee ebay deals are bloody frustrating.

    Great deal though!

  • Yeah I cracked and bought it, thanks OP!

  • +1


    • Should or shouldn't have? Haha

  • Missed out :(

  • sold out - just as I was entering my gift car vouchers! DAng it!

    • That's a drawback of using gift cards I'd never expected….

  • Was waiting for more ebay GCs to come through and now the Ebay listing is out of stuck. OzBargained a bit too hard this time.

    • same i got another 5 cards in record time but then had to go to a team meeting. 30mins of my life i missed out on this!

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    Man…. the power of Ozbargain. 5 of these purchased in the first 28 hours at this price then 32 in 90 minutes once it shows up here.

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    Still available via the Bing Lee Website directly, but unfortunately no 10% discount so price of $1299.00 would apply.
    Still considered a great deal, but no longer exceptional.
    Some stock may be held/displayed at local Bing Lee Stores.

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      So it is still in stock but they pulled it from Ebay because the deal was too good?

      • +1

        Might be in-store stock, or their inventory system might not be able to keep up with OzBargain…

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    Last time I wait for my wife to say yes to a deal this good!!! Within 30minutes it was gone. What a deal!

    • lol'd. That was a great price indeed.

    • +4

      In future just buy it anyway and if she says no… cancel it. No one has to know ;)

  • And there's no more :(

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    What a hideous case

  • Any chance they restock or are they just cutting stock to stop people from taking advantage of the offer?

  • Amazing deal OP, wish we could get such deals more often!

  • How about from store for $ 1299 ? Is it good a deal ?

    • Not worth imo, $260 difference would get you the same build with choice in parts.

      • +1

        Assembled? If so where sensai?

        • I'd prefer to build my own tbh. It's easier than Lego because the parts can only go one place and the rest is cable art.

          It's the shopping around online or stopping off after work to get specifics and installing Windows I'm not interested in.

          I guess assembled means dollars and warranty though so each to their own

  • Got one. Thanks OP, I've missed out on (haven't had a gaming pc) everything since Skyrim but now I'm going to play the re release and a few others

  • +1

    Back in stock guys

    • It says out of stock for me?

      • Sorry guys, when i looked from the app it says out of stock.. the phone browser didnt say that.. my bad

  • Damn.. This one is a real bargain, but i missed. Should have checked ozbargin today!

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    For anybody still reading, I picked up my order from Bing Lee yesterday - easy process, just gave order no and out it came. I opened it up and found the following:

    450W FSP power supply
    Reference design GTX 1060 with blower cooler.
    2X 8GB Kingston 2400Mhz ram (no spare slots)
    256GB Intel 600P NVME
    Toshiba 1TB HDD
    I think a stock Intel cooler with 'AVC' brand fan.

    The GPU draws air in from a vent on the top of the case, and blows it out the back.
    The CPU cooler draws air from the top vent and exhausts out the side via a shroud that extends all the way to the side vent.

    First impressions - NVME is damn fast. Windows 10 sucks. Doom 2016 runs @ 60FPS (vsync) effortlessly and nearly silently. 144 FPS without vsync. So much better than my old GTX580 rig which sounds like a leaf blower pumping out 30FPS max.

    Very low fan noise at idle. Annoying blue LEDs on the front of the case. Salesman at Bing Lee said the system comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty by default (cool). That is all for now.

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      Definitely still reading, not much else to do while waiting for mine to be delivered around 10/10. :P
      Thanks for the update, very interested to hear opinions and info.

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      Thanks, still reading. Is there a brand on the gpu I was thinking about going twin gpu with an upgraded PSU.

      • +1

        Not that I could see sorry, it just says 'GeForce GTX 1060' with the Nvidia logo on the top.

    • +1

      +1 Would love to hear what hardware changes you guys make

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    Some dodgy photos:

  • Hi guys, can someone point out whether this cable is for SSD? (If not, what is the correct one)
    It's different cables to the 3.5 HDD


    • +1

      Yes it is, standard SATA + Power combo adaptor, works for either HDD or SSD. I see 3 SATA cables on the pictures. 2 black and 1 red.
      I assume 1 x optical drive, 1 x SSD and 1 x HDD

      • +1

        Thanks @lachlanww mucha appreciated

        • No problemo 🙃

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