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Four Free Gaming PDF eBooks (Worth up to US $26.99) @ GamesRadar


Edit - If you don't want to go through the hassle of voting, here are the links that may work -

Retro Gamer Annual 2018
PC Gamer Annual 2018
T3 Buyer's Guide - The T3 Buyer's Guide - thanks @fredk1000
The Ultimate Guide to Minecraft - thanks @fredk1000

A free ebook for voting your favourite games. I've just randomly selected a bunch of answers, provided some dummy details (apart from my email of course) and have received an email to download one of these ebooks -

The Ultimate Guide to Minecraft - In The Ultimate Guide to Minecraft, we count down all the best new features that Pocket and Windows 10 players can expect – and much more!

T3 Buyer's Guide - The T3 Buyer's Guide is here to help you make good choices. In it, we’ve collected over 150 pages of first-class recommendations, in-depth comparisons, and definitive reviews of some of the hottest and most in-demand tech on the market.

Retro Gamer Annual 2018 - In the Retro Gamer Annual, we’ve gone through the last 12 issues of your favourite magazine and picked the best of the year's content. Enjoy this selection of awesome features and fantastic interviews covering some of the industry’s defining games.

PC Gamer Annual 2018 - The PC Gamer Annual 2018 brings you the best of the last year of PC Gamer. Inside, you'll find our two massive yearly lists, running down the 100 greatest PC games and our favourite 50 free games. - I selected this one and have received it.

Welcome to the Golden Joystick Awards 2018! By voting in this year's award categories you've got a chance to reward the games that meant the most to you in 2018 with a coveted Golden Joystick trophy.

Everybody who votes will receive a free ebook worth up to $26.99 / £15.99! Your choices include Retro Gamer Annual Vol. 4, Minecraft Vol. 17, PC Gamer Annual 2018, and the T3 Buyer's Guide. You'll receive instructions for claiming your gift via e-mail after you've submitted your votes.

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