Airport Parking Leaving Earlier

I've seen on the airport parking sites that it's cheaper to book 5 days than it is to book 4 but I only need 4 days of parking. Has anyone tried leaving before their stated exit time? Do they let you out or charge you any extra? Hoping to ozbargain my way through a bit of my holidays! Thanks


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    yes, I've done it several times at Brisbane airport. they have your money. it's your car.


    Have you asked the parking companies?

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    Do it all the time at Melbourne airport parking. But its always the same day, not days before. ie book to exit at 10pm, flight arrives around 4-5pm. Do this as it costs no extra and a just incase the flight it late.

    As to exiting a day earlier? Should be ok. Try and it and see what happens :)


    I just booked mine for $70 at Melbourne airport and It was "value car park" option ( 28th Sep - 1 oct)

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    Yes, I've done this at Brisbane airport. Your booked rate allows you to leave any time "before" the specified exit time/date.