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iPads All $200 off at BigW. Plus Half Price iPad Covers

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In todays Herald Sun on page 27, Save $200 off all iPads at BigW while stocks last.

Covers both wi-fi and the wi-fi 3G models.

Also states all iPad covers are half price.

iPad with wi-fi
16GB Was $598 now $398
32GB Was $748 now $548
64GB Was $873 now $673

iPad with wi-fi and 3G
16GB Was $796 now $596
32GB Was $898 now $698
64GB Was $998 now $798

MOD edit - my error in moving the first of the three posts on iPads at BigW to the forums by bargainaholic. This one was left rather than post 2 as its more complete.

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      Thanks for linking to original, rather than just claiming dupe!

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  • The iPad bargain has already been posted. But the covers discount is new. :)

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    Apologies to all from the dyslexic mod. Got my prices mixed up. I must have looked at refurbished prices rather than "new"

    I have republished this post as it is more complete and reflects the first post that I erroneously moved to the forums (and now cant move back). The original poster of this deal was
    by bargainaholic

    See the error in my move here.


  • Thanks for the post. Def a bargain (much better deal than the Apple store for both brand new and refurb'd products).

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    The 50% off all covers is great too. I picked up the standard Apple one for $23.43 (beats Apple at $48)

  • what is ipad price on officeworks and dicksmith?

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      More expensive at Dicksmith looks like it's the same price as Apple at DS. (So PM at DS for 10% off the difference, makes the 16GB wifi $392.90)
      I don't think OW sell the iPad.

      • I didn't know DSE do a 10% off price match policy. IS the policy posted online?

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          No the policy listed online is that they'll beat any legit price
          But when I went into two different stores, the managers of both stores explained to me that's what they do.
          Other people here on OB have also stated this here, especially after the time someone posted a receipt for an iPod touch 32GB for $303 after PM'ing Officeworks ($337ish). Everyone else who took it in to try and get that price were shot down saying the person who put it through made a mistake, and that it's 10% off the difference and not 10% off the lower price.

  • Best yet?!


  • it's great that its new

  • Should I get a iPad now at this new price or get the iPad 2???

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      You should get both

    • Alot ppl pretty sure the new price for ipad2 will be less than original ipad1 price ie less than $629 for the cheApest one.
      Lets say $600. If you have more $ then wait, since ipad2 has gyro sensor that some future games will be able to utilised it.

      For the dualcore, i believe the effect will be slightly lag, i mean now not many games are made for dualcore but in a year time we will see alot games run slow in singlecore.

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        In a years time Ipad 3 will be likely to be released or will be released and will probably have better res screen! No Retina screen for Ipad2 was big let down for me, I was not expecting, but was hoping…. If apple did that, they would be #1 for next 12 months.. (probably will be anyway)

        If you can wait till after release date 25th this month, you will save further $

        New Ipad has camera for video calls, I like and will use this with Skype, Also it is slightly smaller and about 100g lighter and as I will be using it holding it standing on the train 100g is good weight reduction as Ipad 1 feels heavy after a while….

        I am getting Ipad 2 after much thought, resale will be ok, so why not :)

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    Hahahah yer I wish. No idea what to do. Does a dual core make that much difference?

    • Mainly in games. It also has a better graphics chip I think, further aiding this. If it's mainly for business use, i.e. presenting/note-taking it probably won't make much of a difference. Depends on what you want to use it for really.

  • Just wanna use it for games, internet and fun. Not for business use.

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    I say, lets just wait till 25th mar + few days, go to play with ipad2 at the store then see if ipad1 price drop futher, also check gumtree for the 2nd hand,
    Then you can decide:)

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    • from me

    I just don't like how Big W is making a huge deal out of it (saying $200 off) since it's only $50 cheaper than Apple store.
    Still very cheap!!

  • Its times like this I wish I knew someone who works for Woolies….Staff discount FTW…but I settled for $392 at Dick Smith. And the 50% off covers is great too, got the standard apple cover for $24 as mentioned above and two screen protectors for $9.94. Good deal, thanks OP!

  • Pay with Giftcard 5% disc plus staff disc = 10%

    • Where can u get giftcards at 5% off?

      • If you are a RAC WA member, you can purchase $500 giftcard for woolies which works at BigW for 5% discount ($475)

  • Hi there,
    Just bought the last one at JBHifi store yesterday but I'm wondering whether JBHifi has policy to protect price for their customer? Could I get money back on the price of BigW? Poor me…!

    • get a refund :)

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          WTF, negged for helping out with a pertinent link??? facepalm time!!!

          There's some dead-set halfwits around OzB these days…I've seen a LOT of simple comments by a lot of ppl negged recently for no apparent reason.

          Seriously, the neg vote on comments shouldn't be anonymous, we really need to see who these dullards are!

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          Agreed Stew.

          I think we all have some 'haters' out there following us negging where they can. I reckon take away the limit of 5 a day and stop them from being anonymous.

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          i agree
          i don't care about people who neg though, not really my problem

          but it would be good if it shows the people who neg

          but i do see the disadvantages or it

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          Hear! Hear!

        • What would you consider the disadvantages issh?

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          @ ashlea

          when you see people who 'neg' you, you will want to 'neg' them back, causing unnecessary 'negging', and hate

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          Fair point, but my five negs a day are already used on things deserving it (jerk reps and moronic comments from people who are assholes to OPs)

        • lol out of my time here
          i think i have only negged comments twice ;)

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          Arent the negs so that the community can out-vote someone who negs a deal, hence revoking it?

          I might be missing something, but I couldn't care less if some tool negs my comments, and I'm pretty sure it means squat unless you negged the deal you commented on unfairly, then the community can overrule ;)

          Happy to stand corrected but otherwise isn't it just an ego thing??

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          @ greydaniel

          Happy to stand corrected but otherwise isn’t it just an ego thing??

          that is exactly how i think of them, it's just a neg ;)

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          Not that I particularly care about the neg, but it's become a gutless trend that I thought I'd like to bring to people's attention, not just on my comments but on countless others, here's a classic example:

          Twisty said
          Hahahah yer I wish. No idea what to do. Does a dual core make that much difference?

          Two dimwits saw fit to neg that rather innocuous question, as usual without comment! Now, if these people's names were attached to the negs, I'm fairly certain they wouldn't have the stones to do so lest they be called to account on it!

          To say this is an 'ego thing' is a really superficial viewpoint, it's actually an etiquette thing…the honesty system doesn't work, people need to be accountable for their behaviour, even online!

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          Take this up in the forums please - not in a thread where its lost to all. Any more here and they will be deleted. It's of concern BUT off topic

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          lol @ who negged the mod… Ashlea (jerk reps haha)?

          I was looking at stewballs dual core question and didn't understand the -2, funny how this mini thread pops up in here.

    • I think jbhifi has 14 days change of mind period. Either you can change your mind or ask for price match.

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    just managed to get price match at apple store chermside, but the manager refuse to beat the bigW price just $398…still happy and will claim GST at the aiport by the end of this month for another 10% off…its a good deal…I read somewhere else the new ipad2 price in the US will start from $499. So, i reckon in Australia it will be $550 as it'll include GST

    • Not as simple as that mate.
      Looking more at $600 inc GST I rkn. And there's a higher chance that it'll stay the same price as the iPad 1 if it's to follow the US's trend.

      • +1

        Looking more at $600 inc GST I rkn. And there’s a higher chance that it’ll stay the same price as the iPad 1 if it’s to follow the US’s trend.

        more likely to shoot back up to the original RRP prices
        mentioned on CNET iPad 2 video(ipad 2 will stay the same prices as ipad)

    • if it means anything - the latest bigW catalogue has the ipad listed at $599 (16gb wifi) - doesn't make mention if it's 1 or 2, but I think that's a fair hint as to the starting price :D

  • Misleading, more like a $50 discount than a $200 discount.


    • +1

      I agree. The Apple website prices should be the benchmark, not the price it was last year.

      • +1

        Not the price it was a couple days ago you mean :) Still a freaking awesome price. I paid about 620 for my 32gb wifi 5 months back!

  • Damn just bought from apple for $449
    2days ago.

    • Same here… 440 from JB… damn…

  • JB happily matched the price on the 16gb wifi

    • can i ask which jb store?

    • they just match or beat it?

      • just match T_T still cheap anyway and I got 2 of these

  • Very good price, Apple selling similar price for refurb units! Only thing is the next gen devices will be so much better i.e. Samsung Tab 10.1 has 1280x800 Super AMOLED screen and dual core, … but at a price. Can't argue with sub $400 for an iPad 1 though!

  • mother just bought one for the sister :(
    jealousy kicks in ;)

    • it's a sign in 20ish days you'll get the iPad 2 ;P

      • nah i'm not a big apple fan
        might wait for notion ink

  • Can you install Android on these?

    • You would be the first guy who jump off the best thing on your hand. Have a look at new keynote that Steve said how many apps on android has and you will know why nobody never ask question like this.

      • +4

        What's wrong asking whether it is possible to run Android on iPad? Linux has less apps. than Windows… it does not stop some people from using it.

        There were news about people porting Android to iPhone. Also, you can already run Android on PCs.

        Most iPad owners won't bother with Android. However, it would be cool to have Android running on iPad (even just to show off). Android does have slightly better multi-tasking and allow more customisation (obviously, you could also jailbreak your iPad to achieve similiar things).

      • There are approx 1447 keyboards in the Android market, how many does Apple have? 0.
        Having said that, getting an ipad to run Android is kinda bizzare.

    • Not sure on iPad but I have tried running Android (think it was 2.X?) on an iPhone 2G (the first iPhone to come out not the 3G version). Alot of features don't really work as well as it should and very laggy (could be just the crappy hardware of iPhone 2G).

      Wouldn't really recommend getting an iPad for Android - might as well get an Android tablet? Unless you like the look of the iPad then just wait for iPad dummy covers and fit them on top of your Android tablet.

  • Good price in Australia but I have heard that with this money you can get an ipad2 in USA.

    • +1

      The price in US is probably before tax, please add approximately 10% sales tax on top of it…

    • Sales tax and shipping add up. If you are going over there soon by all means grab one but unless you can get near free shipping it will not compete.

      • -1

        yeah apple not stupid with pricing otherwise everyone buy from USA and ship it here.
        i think the cheapest option is (ofcourse, note: IF possible)
        * get a company discount (if you work for IT or Design company, you might get 5% off as staff to buy apple products)
        * buy before you traveling overseas to get Tax refund (10%)

        with 15% off, you will beat prices in USA

  • +1

    My experience with getting DSE to price match is that generally if they dont want to match or beat the price then I'm told that the product is out of stock.Happened to me last week, when I went to to the North Parra store and was told that there were 3 in stock. Then I showed the lower priced advertisement for a WD external hard drive and asked them to beat it. The girl came back later saying that their computer was wrong and she couldnt find the product….

    Didn't seem very fair to me!!!

    • +2

      Yep … I guess in future you'll get the product in your hands before asking for the price match.

  • Good prices. Lower than the official apple price drops:


  • Managed to get a second hand 64gb 3g one from gumtree for $450.

    • woah nice price!
      that's around half price of apple refurbs http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/40412
      2nd hand is close to Refurbs, so great for you!

    • good@!~!
      did you bargained hard? whats the original offer price? and can you give tips on how to bargain on gumtree hehehe

      • lol

      • I just sent every listing my offer and one accepted. They go for $650 on gumtree.

        • lol
          that's smart

  • +2

    some of them still selling 16gb wifi for $550 on gumtree… lol they are dreaming!

    • +1

      I know man… they must be living in the stone age lol
      Hopefully no one is careless enough to buy them lol

  • One of my friend called the Sydney CBD apple shop.They match the BigW price.

    • new or reburbs?

      and also Kmart has it at BigW's price now

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