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½ Price Eneloop & Evolta Batteries - AA/AAA Pro $14.50, Smart & Quick Charger $29.50, Evolta AA 20 PCK $6 C&C @ Bing Lee


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    …and same as last time, their stupid delivery fee structure kills the deal for anyone not able to pick up from a store.

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      Yeh that $6 really breaks the bank

      For $6 it’s not even worth going to the shop unless you at actually driving past at some time

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        I was going to buy a pack of AA & a pack of AAA. Postage was $15. No thanks

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          3x packs of AA was going to cost $27 shipping to reach me.

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        They want $30 to ship 2 packs of AA and 2 packs of AAA to Canberra, even though there's a local store. Ridiculous!

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          I don't know what's cheap in Canberra?

      • that is the thing, if you just get 4 batteries delivery isn't worth it … if you live in rural areas most things like this would be delivery, and sometimes they charge for each item not combined … Peters of Kensington do that.

        Im in Melbourne so not sure how many Bing Lees there but I have JB, Good Guys and a few other stores very handy so would do pickup if driving past for stuff.

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      Was looking at the charger and 4 packs of each battery type. $145.50 discount was good, but $66 for delivery! Holy crap, how do they get off charging delivery on each item?

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        I suspect they get off very easily when charging that much for shipping…

  • Thanks OP. Bought a smart charger and a pack of AAA :)

  • I guess this is ok if you dont have access to the cheap Ikea version

  • Are these the same quality as the rebranded ikea batteries?

    • check the mAh, fast drain vs high drain use.

  • AAAs!!!!! YES

  • Felivery Dee not Delivery Free

  • One of the first things I learnt when joining the OZB community was how much people love these batteries, so I've been looking for a good deal since.

    I thought today might be the day, but as others have already stated, the delivery charges are unfortunately unjustifiably expensive.

    I'm not going to down vote this deal, as I love chibot and his posts, it's just such a shame about the shipping :(

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      Thanks McMoots. It is a pity about the shipping hence why I made it clear up front.

      I don't take it personally so if you think the deal is not good then go ahead and neg it. Votes don't really faze me!

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        You're 100% correct in everything you did dude, especially regarding making the shipping cost CLEAR for everyone to see.

        Like you, I don't really care about down votes, up votes or side votes (although people instantly reacting to things without taking the time to actually understand them first does frustrate me), but this is still a good deal for those able to pick up in store (WA naturally doesn't have any), so you definitely won't be getting any down votes from me.

        Please keep up the good work, anyway!

        P.S. If a better deal pops up in the future and you remember, I'd really appreciate a heads up, as I normally miss out by being too late.

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          you guys going to kiss now?

  • Cheers OP, grabbed the AA pack+charger and the pro AAA, click and collect at my local store :)

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    ikea ladda is equivalent to eneloop pro.

  • We need some Bing Lees in Melbourne … keep Gerry and TGG on their toes.

  • It doesn't let me c&C from my local store, it wants me to drive an hour to another regional store as my store is not on their list. Strange.

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    Just bought 8pk and charger on ebay yesterday.

  • Thanks OP, grabbed the AA pack+charger and the pro AAA, did click and collect :)

  • Can you please explain to me advantage of eneloops over others?

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      Well for one thing, unlike some other rechargeables, they take a long time to self-discharge. It is good to have a few pre-charged eneloops to swap into a new device on a moments notice.

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    is the charger any good?

  • Anyone know if they use dodgy couriers? Delivery info suggests they use a mix of Australia post and commercial couriers and mandate you must be home to accept the order. Sounds like BS but their chat is offline hence can't ask them. If its true.. will avoid buying from them. Anyone not supporting Parcel collection points is living in the 80s. ;)

    • Sorry bing lee chat finally came online. They say it depends on package size. Anything that small enough should go via AusPost, but you need to check with chat support if this matters. I asked if they can do anything with combined shipping.. nope.. so that kills most of the deals for us not close to a store.

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