expired Xiaomi Solid Color Lightweight Water-Resistant Backpack US $6.50/AU $9.87 Delivered @ Dresslily


Enter coupon code - DLN6CK13 at checkout tobring the price down to AU $9.87.


Made of high-quality polyester material, this backpack weighs only 165g. With the water-resistant design, you do not need to worry about weather changes. This backpack is small in size, but its capacity is 10L. The main compartment can easily hold your clothing, books, iPad, water bottle, etc. One front pocket and two side pockets are convenient for you to put wallet, keys, headphone, paper towel, etc. It is large enough to contain all your essential things for shopping, traveling, school, etc.

Main Features

• Soft and comfortable polyester
• Water-resistant design
• Stylish look

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    I actually don't mind the style of this.

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      Got one from the previous deal and can endorse the quality though as mentioned it is little small but great to pack items like sunglasses, snacks, etc. The finish of the stitching and the zippers are pretty good too.

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    I purchased a battery charger from here 6 weeks ago and still hasn't arrived. Took them 2 weeks just to send it out. Would not recommend.

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    Just FYI, mine took about 2 months to deliver from the last deal from Dresslily.

    Also, these bags are tiny - about half the size as the other Xiaomi backpack.

    But still a nice little bag nonetheless if you're just carrying around a few things.


    I don't get the Water-resistant thing.

    I've never worried about my backpack getting wet when it rains. If it rains that heavily, I'm undercover or under a brollie.

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      Well, as one of the reviews states:
      "рекомендую к покупке так как качество хорошее. доставка не отслеживалась, но это не проблема продавца.хороший рюкзак для ребенка, взрослому он маловат. Рекомендую к покупке"

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        Makes sense now.


        "хороший рюкзак дл" Agree completely.

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        "рекомендую к покупке так как качество хорошее. доставка не отслеживалась, но это не проблема продавца.хороший рюкзак для ребенка, взрослому он маловат. Рекомендую к покупке"


        I recommend to buy so as the quality is good. delivery is not tracked, but this is not a problem for the seller. A good backpack for a child, an adult is not enough. I recommend to purchase

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      Rain doesn't bother some people, but it might bother whatever they've got in their backpack. ^_^


      I ride to work in most weather. I carry my work clothes in my backpack and shower once I arrive. I don't car if my cycling clothes get wet but keeping the clothes i change into, and my wallet and phone etc, dry is important.


    Hi, there is no black colour? or dark grey?


    Good bag! Thank you OP


    Got one. Thanks OP


    I see it uses YKK zips - top notch - I'm in.


    I got the blue one when Banggood were on sale.

    Definitely recommend it if you're a pack rat like me who needs to carry stuff but, have too many things for a traditional satchel.

    Tiny, cute, and the colour is the same as advertised :D


    Could this fit a 13" laptop in it?

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      Dimensions from the site:
      13.39 x 9.06 x 5.12 inches


        Thanks. Touch & go, I guess it prolly won't fit.

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          Can fit 13" 2012 MBP Retina in it just.

          The slightly older and fatter Macbook won't fit.

          Macbook Air and things of that thickness will be fine, but no cushioning.

          Good bag for a small amount of things. Looks good for a child. Looks comical on a human male. I love it.


      It can fit a XPS13 (9360).

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    Have one of these, and it just fits my 13" Lenovo Yoga!


    Thanks all, gave it a crack for sub $10, hopefully will fit my Asus. If not, excuse to get a new Dell XPS13? lol


    thanks OP.
    If you order more than 1, do 2 separate orders are discount is capped.


    Thanks OP. Bought 2 for the kids.


    What the heck is going on with these amateurs!? I placed an order after seeing another thread a day or two ago, and I've now received an email saying I "have taken advantage of our order system by using one coupon multiple times". Uh, excuse me - I used ONE code for ONE item. Filthy liars DressLily are, making false accusations! They should be banned from ozbargain for the baseless accusatory wording of their email - companies that speak to customers in such a manner deserve no customers - AVOID!


    i have one from the previous sales, these are tiny and good for carrying light; ended up giving it to my toddler.


    has anyone order been processed?

    mine hasnt even dispatched yet.


      Same here, but haven’t had a bad experience with Dresslily yet so will just have to wait when it is sent out. Hopefully within the next week.


        Lodge a query with them yesterday and got a reply today.

        "Dear ,

        We wish to apologize for any inconvenience for not replying you sooner.

        We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by this.

        We are sorry that we have not shipped out your order.

        We have checked the stock availability and we are so sorry to tell you that the item that you ordered is back-ordered now. And it would come back in stock around October 20, 2018.

        Although we have submitted a large order, the manufacture only provides insufficient goods which is failed to meet consumer's needs. Please accept our sincere apology for this situation.

        Therefore we can offer you 2 options:

        Option 1 Wait a little more

        We respectfully ask you to wait for the item comes back in stock.

        As soon as we have the item in stock, we will arrange the shipment for you.

        Option 2 Exchange for another item

        We have a huge range of amazing products and all at unbelievably low prices. If you would like to exchange for another item, please let us know the website link of the item you would like to choose instead.

        If there is any price difference with the original item, we will either refund it to your Wallet as store credit or send you an invoice to cover the difference.

        We kindly advise choosing items that display "Availability: In stock" to speed up the dispatch time.

        Please kindly let us know your decision.

        Once again we apologize for this inconvenience.

        We appreciate your patience and understanding.

        Best Regards


        DressLily Customer Service



    i dont think they should have run any promotion without sufficient stock in place. to make it worst, only letting me know that they are out of stock and waiting on back order when i raise a query is abit un professional.

    not sure if anyone that bought from this deal has had their item shipped

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      Deals from Dresslily should be banned. Over 2 weeks and order still not shipped - plus another 1 month to receive after shipping - this is insane.


      Got my money refunded, unfortunately they will not be getting any stock until another 2 months so no point in waiting for it.


    Received the bag yesterday. Surprised at how tiny it is. Decent quality for a $10 bag. Most likely will serve as a backpack for my toddler.


    Received with signature on delivery today