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$10 off $40 Spend with Woolworths Rewards @ BWS - eg. Jägermeister or 94-97pt Fraser Gallop Parterre Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 $30


2.1-3.5% cashback @ Cashrewarards

Promotion runs from 00:01 AEST 19/09/2018 to 23:59 AEST 01/10/2018 (Promotional Period) instore at any BWS and BWS online. Offer of $10 instant discount is redeemable twice only when you reach $40 during the Promotional Period. This offer is personal to you, and will be available only on your Woolworths Rewards card.

$10 off First Delivery (Minimum $50 Spend) @ BWS

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  • I got an offer of 1200 bonus points for a $40 spend at BWS. Also redeemable twice. :/

  • Man I love not having this in Tasmania. You suck Woolworths.

    • Of course, South of the Straight, its a different Woolies - with its own loyalty voucher system.

      • Yes, their loyalty system here is a joke. I do the majority of my shopping at Coles simply because their system is so much better

      • Used to be called Purity if I recall correctly!

    • +1

      Same same on the groceries side. Have shifted a lot more spend to Coles. eg Regular significant bonus offers. today will be 5300pts $26.50 for a $70 spend.

      Only go to Woolworths for gift cards, cheap meat and specials we really need and Coles doesn't have…..

  • Past offer in link is $10 off FIRST DELIVERY ($50min).
    This is more useful as some stores don't have delivery & can be used twice ($10 off $40min)👍

  • can we get woolworths gift card there?

  • Saw the Tonester, knew it would be alcohol.

    • +2

      Saw the Tonester, knew it would be Rewarding😀

      • Saw tonester, knew it would be wicked sick 😎.

  • +1

    I never seem to get any offers any more , I must have abused them ….

  • Got this; picked up a $49 bottle of Absolut Lime that was on sale for $40 which became $30 with this offer 😎

    • That's not much kerfuffle for a good deal😉

      • Yeah I'm tempted to pick up another bottle haha

        • +1

          Was wondering why you hadn't used the offer twice😀

          (I'm travelling for a while, so trying to get through my stash of discount supplies before I go. They may disappear before I return😱 So don't know why I even look at these deals, except out of habit.)

    • +1

      Got this; picked up a $49 bottle of Absolut Lime that was on sale for $40 which became $30 with this offer

      May I come over for drinkies?

      • +2

        If you BYO, sure :P

  • Has anyone, who's got the offer, been able to order c&c from BWS online and had an automatic $10 deduction at checkout?

    The email says that as long as ur edr card is linked to your BWS account then the $10 deduction is instant. My edr card and account are linked, but I don't seem to be getting a deduction at all.

    • +1

      Same with me. Couldn’t get it to work.

      Spoke to BWS and they weren’t sure why and said speak to EDR.

      Spoke to EDR who “clarified” that the discount is available on your account for future purchases AFTER spending $40 without discount. I called BS but gave up. Not worth the time.

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