Exchange Money for Upcoming Travel to Singapore


I stay at Sydney and am visiting Singapore for 4 days in October for leisure. I am thinking to covert roughly 500 AUD to SGD to cover my expense. Will it be better to convert the money in Sydney, or should I covert AUD after reaching Singapore?

Also, I use a ANZ debit card here. Just wondering will that work in Singapore ATM?



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    Might be too late for those options. Check ANZ how much you will be slugged for conversions.

  • My personal rule is to always convert when in the destination country.

    • I agree. You always get a better exchange rate when you withdraw from an ATM in the destination country. Especially in Asia.

  • where will you be staying or visiting for the first day?

    it's better to exchange the money in singapore but you might need some sgd when you get there to pay for taxi/food/drink.

    The rates might be better in singapore but you might save only $5-10. Is it worthwhile looking for a money changer in a foreign country while on holiday to save a few dollars, assuming you don't know singapore very well?

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      some sgd when you get there to pay for taxi/food/drink.

      Meh, airports have ATMs.

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        yep and op has an anz debit card, not one of the cards with no overseas transaction fees.

        you are recommending op hunt for an atm at changi airport and pay overseas transaction fees to anz?

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          As opposed to looking for and travelling to a money changer here which might cost more in money, time and exchange rate. Depending on how much OP wants to change, the overhead of a SG ATM might be bearable. Say the charge is $5, that's 1% of $500 OP expects to use.

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    Change at the Mustafa centre when you get there. Rates are good.

  • There are many money changers in Singapore. All the touristy places have them, including the airport and Mustafa Centre , as mentioned above. Better rates in Singapore.

  • Money changers in Singapore are highly regulated and there is no variation between places as far as I can tell (I’m in Singapore now). Just change at Changi Airport when you get there. Plenty of money changers about but can be problematic to find and then there’s opening hours.

  • Exchange at Singapore Travelex. No commission and rates were 1 AUD = 1 SGD when I travelled there back in July.

    Commissions here at the airport was $12 AUD.

  • Get yourself a Bank Travel card and transfer OZ Dollars to the card when needed.
    Westpac has a No fee travel card for transactions unless you withdraw cash from an ATM and you get the current exchange rate when you
    transfer money to the card from your account.

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