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Free Pepsi Max Raspberry 600ml @ 7-Eleven via Fuel Lock App


Today only, redeem a free 600ml Pepsi Max raspberry with the 7 eleven fuel app. normally $5

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    I’m at work at a 7/11 right now. Thanks will make use of it tonight haha

    • Thanks will make use of it this morning haha

      FTFY :P

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      I’m at work at a 7/11 right now.

      How long have you been volunteering?

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      I’m at work at a 7/11 right now.

      1 large Squishee please.

      • Not a slurpee??

    • So this is normally worth two and a half days of your daily pay?

      Better redeem this and call in sick!

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    And of course because it's free none of the 7-11s will have it in stock…Happy hunting everyone!

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      Yup, I went to one on my way home at Drummoyne and I literally had to ask for it. In the beginning the guy behind the counter brought out the Pepsi can 440ml and I said that's not the free one then he went back in for another 3 minutes before finally handed the 600ml and he said it's not cold. Well doh…isn't it funny why they weren't out in the fridge in the first place.

    • Yeah…i Went to 5 stores in Melbourne CBD around 2pm and none in stock :(

      • Actually went to the nearest 7-11 to me - I didn't find any in the fridge however the lady behind the counter was nice enough to get me one from the back (Wasn't chilled). She said they only got the delivery this morning and haven't had time to put them in the fridge. Kinda dodgy if you ask me :P

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    Wow, only valid 1 day? That's a bit odd.
    Normally it's valid for the whole month.

  • Now all staff that work at 7-11 know about his all stick will be gone!!!!

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      Sticks might be there, stock might not…

  • only 6hrs drive to nearest 7-11 store .. but free pepsi .. tempting LOL

    • Don't stress, you're not missing much.

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    just went to my local 7-eleven and nope they did not have this mysterious 'raspberry' flavour

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      It's most definitely available… after the offer expires.

  • Is there some qualifier for this deal (eg actually using the fuel app for locking in fuel prices?). Because it isn't popping up on either of my phones

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      Might have to lock in, I have and the voucher appears for me.
      I've sent my voucher via private message since I don't need it.

      • Thanks mate, 👍 but I won't be using it.

        I was just about to edit my post to say that it looks like you need to allow location and have the latest app version for anyone who's stuck. That's what did it for me.

        Feel free to pass the code on to another member of the OzBargain fam

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    i bought a 1.25L bottle of this a week ago. its so bad i havent even finished a 1/4 of it. id rather pay for schweppes/coles raspberry soda than get this for free

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      I actually like it, everyones taste is different

    • If it's anything like the raspberry Coke it is awful indeed. Like chewing gum at the same time.

    • Yeah reckon it's okay. Definitely tastes better than vanilla Pepsi max

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    Won't be getting it because I already know there's not going to be stock around me, but great find.

    • No stock probably because they didn't put them on display rather than completely out of stock.

  • Got one on corner of Nicholson st/Johnson st in Fitzroy, VIC. Seem to be heap left.

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    Spencer St Melbourne have them, near the SkyBus terminal

    • Out of stock at this store when I went

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    This stuff is overly sweet. You need to cut it with 50% regular max.

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      Man you've got problems haha.

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    $5.00 RRP LoL. In 3 weeks they’ll be 50c at NQR

  • Opened the app and the offer was there. Then 1 second later it disappeared in front of my eyes

    • Mine is still there.

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    I'm a sucker for trying out all new flavours of soft drinks just to see what they taste like. Of all the new different flavour drinks that Coke and Pepsi have released for their ranges, I can genuinely say that this Pepsi Max Raspberry drink is the most disgusting one I've ever tried in my life. It feels like you're drinking a floor cleaner. Of course YMMV as everyone's taste is different, but this one is really really bad.

    • Same, I have orange coke and this stuff sitting in the fridge.

      Not great but wouldn't call it floor cleaner!

  • Went to the one in The Gap, QLD. No bottles in sight. I had to ask for it and the response was that they would only receive delivery/unpack the boxes tonight but the promo changes tomorrow; technically that is misleading and deceptive conduct but who cares. I paid with my locked in fuel voucher: $1.46 for Diesel somewhere 1,000km South in NSW gladly accepted the $12 saved. Tossers.

  • Out of stock Wanneroo 7 eleven

  • Tastes like Pepsi mixed with creaming soda. Corner Lonsdale & Exhibition Sts Melbourne still had stock at about midday.

    • hmmm

      • The attendant showed me where they were because I couldn't find them.

  • Got 2. Different phones different stores.

  • Out of stock at north ryde!

  • Never stocked at my local.

  • Me and a colleague just picked up two from Flinders St 7 eleven (to the west of the aquarium) - they only had 2 or 3 left after we took ours.

  • Got mine just then, the smell of this raspberry mix isn't very appetizing and the taste is very plastic/fake like.

    Coca Cola got it right, their Raspberry smells and tastes like a 7/11 slurpee mix of cola and raspberry.

    • its because this ones sugar free. all the sugar free flavoured drinks that have come out (coke no sugar orange, pepsi max vanilla +raspberry) except for coke no sugar vanilla, which is still supbar to the original, have been unbearable for me.

  • There are plenty of stock in 7/11 corner barkers rd and Glenferrie rd, but the staff said it's not working, because the system haven't updated yet.. its been hours since the promotion.. its stingy and tight arse 7/11, been there couple times when the coffee machine's not working and never get the free coffee voucher..

    • +1

      Worked 15 mins ago at Sydney Kent St store. Attendent looked surprised when it was complimentary. 3 bottles left.

  • None at Burwood Rd (store only, not servo), NSW.

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      Just grabbed last 2 at the burwood servo

  • No stock at 2 Western sub stores today, nor did they ever have any. I'm not chasing more unicorns.

  • None left in Riverwood, and Narwee don't even have shelf space for them. (NSW)

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    No stock in metro Perth so far today, told it might come in this evening. Doubt it. .

    • drove by balga to grab. 10 or so left

  • I just got 2 (at 830pm) at Ascot QLD. A lovely Maori lady served me. There were still a couple of drinks left.

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    The disappointingly consistent theme in these posts is an endightment on the company. It's either dishonest or poor training or both.

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    Plenty in the 2 stores I visited late this afternoon. Kind of hidden instore.
    Look for the coca cola fridge, then the pepsi are right down the bottom shelf

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