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Philips Hue Bundle (Hue White and Colour Bulb Starter + Hue Go or Lightstrip) $249 @ ALDI


Saw this in the Catalogue.
Philips Hue White and Colour Ambiance E27 Bub Starter Kit
+ Either Hue Go or Lightstrip for $249 which is works out pretty cheap since the Starter kit is normally $249 and the Hue Go is around $149

Philips Hue White and Colour Ambiance E27 Bub Starter Kit https://www.philips.com.au/c-p/8718696725368/hue-white-and-c... $289 at Myers
Hue Go https://www.philips.com.au/c-p/7146060N6/hue-white-and-color... - $149 at JB HiFi
Lightstrip https://www.philips.com.au/c-p/7190155C7/hue-white-and-color... - $124 at JB HiFi

Also Google Mini 2 Pk for $99.99 not the cheapest its been

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  • Dang this is goooood.

  • Just got a hue bundle, be aware that 800 lumens seems to be the limit (~60w light bulb equiv, lifx may have a little more). Pairs okay in a smart home but I think that getting a WiFi Light Bulb Socket Adapter is better paired with normal led bulbs that can go 2000lumens making it brighter.

    • Hue lights are pretty bright for indoor lights. brighter then my old yeelights. Zigbee so much better then wifi i found less hassles just works. You also paying for the support with other products over cheap wifi sockets adapters

      • Yeah true Zigbee is pretty awesome, though my eyes are used to the 100w bulbs (~1100lumen) of last decade and the idea of paying $70+ each bulb for the right colour of white smart led itches at my ozbargain organs.

  • so how is this better than say the yeelight bulb u get for 20 bux each?

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lab2fyVx4Iw this is a good comparison
      I personally have both Yeelights and Philips Hue running side by side. I like the zigbee of the hue, i have had to reconnect yeelights to app and home assistant, where I havent had any issues with Philips, it just works

    • Hue is better for whole of house installations. May not be much of a difference with only a couple of bulbs but try running 15+ wifi bulbs and the experience will most likely quickly degrade. Plus the hue dimmers and hue tap switches make scenes very easy to access without reaching for your mobile when going from room to room.

      • Especially when you have a cheap wifi that has a limitation of wifi devices, which i found out the hard way with my adsl wireless modem has a 26 connection limit

  • Where in the catalogue? I can't see it anywhere?

  • Worth checking your local Bunnings to compare pricing as the two I've visited had all their Philips Hue stuff discounted.

    • Last time bunnings had this cheap was the Amazon $159. Which I bought two sets at the 159 mark. As this is hue starter and hub go or lights trip. Not just starter pack

  • Any technical details on the "Medion Smart Wifi Plug" shown in the catalogue? Wondering if it will work with Home Assistant.

    • As long as the api is exposed to work with home assistant. It will be rebadge brand

      Personally go for tplink or mi plug as it has support in home assistant community

  • I'd buy the Go off someone if they wanted to split the pack (in Brisbane)

    • would be the same as buying it alone, its a bargain as you getting the lights for pretty much half price

      • I have everything else in the pack and thought that if someone doesn't want the Go they could get everything else cheaper.

  • No bayonett? 😭

  • Does anyone have any experience getting Officeworks to price beat with Aldi's specials?

    • If they can ring a store that still stock then they will. But most office works will either drop the price or hide stock in the back

  • Pricematch these at jbhifi tonight tried a few bunnings but they didn't have both items

  • Managed to get a price match at Bunnings on the Gold Coast but it was a s**t storm trying to get it.

      • I can’t quite see the benefit in the Gen 4 bulbs according to that site comparison. I think I’ll try to stick with Gen 3’s seem to last longer..

        Edit: I picked one up yesterday and they are Gen 3’s - yay!!

        • I hear you, but I think your talking 7 years instead of 12, cant see us keeping either of them that long before something new comes out :P

          I believe it is only "colors are more saturated" however the price is the same and I find to pretty disappointing that Phillips marketing do not make ti easy for the store owner and customer easier recognize the gen's from the boxes. As hte kits are the same price and all.

          Yeah I think I got Gen3 too..

          • @Cadal: Edit: after contacting Phillips seems there is no Gen4 - so i guess the newer ones are unofficially 3.1? 3.1 has the white base on the box picture. Glad that's all cleared up for me :)
            Sorry for the confusion everyone !

      • Mine say 2012 on the white base is that gen4?

  • I wanted to get this, until I remembered that almost all of the lights in my house use B22 sockets, and for whatever reason Phillips don't have a starter kit for those.

  • Can anyone who has bought one of these bundles confirm which revision the bulbs are? link here describes the differences - https://philipshue.com/thread/philips-hue-generations-differ...

    I just went to the Melbourne CBD Aldi, they had one lightstrip bundle left. I wasn't sure of the revision and they seemed way too busy to get someone to open the cabinet for me to look.

    • Starter is GEN3, the light strips are the newer purple ones.

    • Same model as I got from Amazon on their $150 bargain a little ago. Got the lights trip bundle now playing around with hue sync on pc with it

  • If you are not bothered about the bundle then 20% off at TGG ebay but ends today. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-Philips-HUEKITMK3-Intelligen...

    • Bundle works out to be about $125 for the lights if you weight it up to hue lights trip and go pricing

  • Do the globes have memory so they come back on with same dimmer and colour setting after power off and on or when timer switches them on?

  • Does anyone know if this deal is still available?

  • Which combo is everyone getting? Hue go or strip? Which one would everyone recommend?

    • I did lightstrip as i set it up behind computer now just to get the razor keyboard and mouse to go with it

  • Got it today at my local. No one has bought them so they've thrown them in the regular Special Buys.

    I went the Go, but I also want the light strip eventually. Need in for my bedhead.

  • Just picked up the last starter + go bundle at my local aldi. Still plenty of starter + lightstrip bundles left.

  • This was discounted at my local ALDI.
    They had two boxes with the Go lamp and eight with the lightstrips.

    I thought I had the deal of the century.

    I attempted to buy three sets at checkout, but was told that the item was issued an 'EPW' (emergency product withdrawal) just this morning.
    So they refused to sell to me.


    • That is pretty cheap. I will have to check my local aldi

    • Couldn't find any left at 3 of the ALDIs near me. Staff said "sold out" and no mention of the product withdrawal. They are aware of the price drop to $99.99 though. Real shame as I'd been waiting for them to be marked for clearance as it seems like they weren't selling. Hope this doesn't spook ALDI from doing these deals again.

    • Finally did find a store with stock. 2 Go bundles and 4 lightstrip bundles but same experience as Martyroz, the POS says "Article locked" and they refused to sell it to me.