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Bluedio TN ANC Sports Headphones US $10.34 (AU $14.31) + More @ AliExpress


NOTE: DO NOT FORGET TO USE ALIEXPRESS COUPON WHICH takes around $3 off your $15 purchase and $15 off your $110 purchase.

Sales going on atm. i picked up a pair of TN2. The sound quality seems decent for the price (i looked at some review from google and apparently the bass for the TNs arent that awesome) but there are other headphones to choose from although most of them are around the same price as ebay.

here are some other great ones:
Bluedio F2 $65.80
Bluedio V2 $114 <imo you can just get an F2 and an extra TN for cheaper price

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  • Picked up TN (T Energy) a while back from an ebay deal here. Great for a budget bluetooth earphone with ANC, comfy fit, decent battery.
    Picking up another one and TN2, cheers.

    • I've had my T Energy for about 6 months, and the Bluetooth has suddenly died on them, rendering them useless. The previous Bluedio headphones I had were the ones with significant audio lag. Not sure I'm ready to give these guys a third chance.

  • Got both!!

  • thanks picked up a pair of original TN the TN2 looks abit weird with the arm bands that stick out the side of your neck, had to change where it shipped from as no stock for Australia warehouse though was $ 10.34 total with the $2 off $11 coupon not $9.90

    • sorry but is it $10.34 AUD or USD?

      • $10.34 USD i was a little confused as i thought the store coupon was for $2 USD for purchase over $11 USD but it seems to have just given me $1.06 USD off price of the discounted US $11.40 price

        wondering if i should cancel order and try changing it to AUD currency

        oh i can see now in my order history it has added $0.94 USD tax to my order, why is that?

  • I have got one a few weeks ago. The bluetooth signal is not very strong. It can connect to two devices at the same time. The sound is ok not very strong.

    However, the most annoying thing that would stop me from buying it had I known was that it made a very loud static noise whenever you do something on the phone such as running an app, waking up the phone from hibernating, clicking on a button within an app as you were interacting with it. So basically the more you do on the phone, the more loud static noises are generated that would hurt your ears and annoying you as hell. It's ok if you just listen to music with a minimal interaction with the phone.

    Well, I think it is a design fault but I will let Bluedio to come back to me with their excuses. I have tested another brand of earphone at the same price range with no such problem.

  • The store has this banner which says anyone who buys the TN2 on launch day (today, Oct 4) can get a free pair of TN. I can't see any way to redeem it, so I'm hoping they just get chucked into the order?


  • So the TN2 are better?

  • Thanks op.

    Got the v2, kindy regretting the buy as i just found out it doesn't have audio button. No review out for it at all, i can't even tell what charging port it has.

    • A video review I stumbled across seemed to suggest type C, though the audio of the review wasnt particularly clear, so I'm not sure I trust their assessment of sound quality.

      • Have you got the link handy?

        On the aliexpress website there's a picture of the included cable and it looks like a micro, so i'm confused. I'm surprised bluedio hasn't sent a set to reviewers to review their latest premium head set.

  • Bluedio tn or tt bh07?

  • Can anyone buy it? Seems to be all gone for me?

  • what shipping timeframe did you guys get for these headphones/earphones?

    • well my order turned up today decent enough for ~$15 earphones less then 2 weeks from china warehouse

  • Did you only order the TN? Not sure if shipping was different for the v2, but mine says 26-51 days. Cheers for the update spedstyle.

  • Has anyone purchased the v2 during tbis sale? If so have you recieved it yet? Cheers just want to check if other v2 orders are around the 50day delivery mark. Where as the tn was a 10day delivery date.

    Still can't seem to find any hands on review about this product. Just wondering if this 50day is to allow production time.

  • Did anyone else here order the v2? Finally there's a youtube review and man it's not living up to the quality of the original victory.

    Still waiting on mine, tracking shows it's in sydney. Ah bummer in future i won't buy anything that a reviewer hasn't got their hands on regardless of the discount. Ali express/bluedio = 1 me = 0.

    Heres hoping the TN will be good 😁

    • it wasnt until a few weeks ago people got their hands on the TN2 and the review on TN2 arent that good. people prefer the og TNs to TN2. guess its a lost for me too haha

      • it's a bummer, I can't use the V2 for too long. It's way too heavy and it has a massive clamping pressure.

        • i tested out tn2 today n it works fine. not just fine its pre good imo. well i dont have the sharpest ear but to me the sound quality is nice. also the magnet isnt that strong but well just stuff it into your shirt n it should keep it from bouncing around. i also like the oval shaped ear buds which is a nice fit. but the wire seems flimsy and looks like it will snap easily