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Up to 70% off Clearance Sale at Myer


Up to 70% off clearance sale at Myer this week (ends Sunday 14th).

A lot of shirts and tops reduced to $5-$10

Example: Marshall Major 2 on-ear Headphones $159 $69 - Thanks JonShannow

Miele Compact C2 Cat & Dog Powerline $529 $429

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    Went to Myer City today.

    So. Much. On. Sale.

    So much so it was a mess. Didn’t know where to look.

    I’m sure there are bargains to be had but when every floor has sales it’s just a bit much.

    Yes, I’ll hand in my ozbargain badge with that last statement…

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      It's actually kind of sad, Myer is going broke :(

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        Indeed, they will go broke. $29 for a Superdry T shirt on sale of sales. Really?

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          David Jones sales have been abysmal too. Gant shirts/jumpers still priced over $100. Lunacy. Only thing I ended up buying was a DJ house brand jumper for $15 which is still pretty average. Prices for brands only start to become reasonable when they do the extra 40% off. I used to get great bargains at DJ's and Myer, but they are few and far between these days.

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          Are u serious? Superdry shirt is 15 euro in Spain that is about 30 AUD. For the same jacket, Superdry USA is 96 USD, which is around 130 AUD. But here is Australia, it is more than 200 AUD. They are RIPPING OFF us in Australia!!!

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            @Yesall: What are they ripping off us? Our clothes? That's a bit disturbing!

          • -1

            @Yesall: Better to be ripped off than to have than to have a unemployment rate of 16%.

            • @Atazoth616: You can say that if you are rich. But in that case, I don't think you belong here. I just want to spend my money wisely. This is NOT a bargain, the sale price in Myer is just what it should be.

            • @Atazoth616: if you have to know, I bought a superdry jacket on an American website for 38 US dollars when it was on sale. The shipping cost was 30 US dollars but I also bought other stuff. So for the same jacket, I paid less than 68 US dollars, but if I bought it in Australia, I would have paid 200 AUD.

              • @Yesall: x

                First, North America is a large economy.

                While, Australia is a small economy.

                Therefore, the economies of scales are more pronounced in North America.


                Also, North America has no minimum wage.

                Meaning prices are artificially low because wages are actually low.

                So, if you are serious about lower prices demand that the Government remove minimum wage.

                Problem solved.

      • +29

        Karma caught with them for fooling customers with overpriced shit..

        • +9

          Too true

        • +7

          yeah theyre still living the pre internet era mindset of selling overpriced stuff or at RRP, when its the same goods available everywhere globally and available over the internet

          the "exclusivity" of some of their brands are not going to hold up against the rest of their inventory which has to compete with every other retailer on the internet. this isnt the 1940's

      • +9

        That's coz they were always ridiculously overpriced. Consumers got tired of their bullshit and turned to overseas online sellers. Imagine how much Myer and David Jones would sell for those great 'three for $99' shirts delivered we often purchase from CT Shirts, and other similar sales from TM Shirts? You can't rip people off forever and expect that they will never wise up. I say they got too greedy and in the end got what they deserved.

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          Another challenge is that the Southern hemisphere tends to be 6 months behind in the fashion cycle, so you can buy current season clothes when it goes on clearance in the Northern hemisphere.

          • @mathew42: LOL! Yup, that's another issue as well. They wanna sell us stuff that has been yesteryear's fashion in the rest of the world for an arm and a leg.

      • +5

        Not Competitive enough
        Too late to the party for their online store
        Click and Collect takes hours
        Staff don't want to work or even talk to customers
        Too slow to clear old stock

        What am I missing here ??

        • +3

          Nothing it's bang on point. I'm just sad because it's an Aussie retailer going out of business soon. I really wish they did keep up with the competition, but sadly they didn't. They reap what they sow.

          • @KARMAAA: Same as DSE, I would get customers walk in to JB asking me to price match (even tho we are already cheaper) or get customers walk in with a price of a 2 year old display tv to get a price lol just old school companies not willing to change :(

        • +1

          The website is absolutely appalling to use. A website is a core part of digital marketing but I find it endlessly frustrating.

          Businesses may save a few $ by offshoring but boy oh boy can it cost them in sales and brand reputation.

        • "Staff don't want to work or even talk to customers"

          The number of times I've made direct eye contact with a staff member an aisle away and opened my mouth to ask a question only for them to SCUTTLE back in to the darkness…

      • They lost $486m last financial year. More to come this year, that's if Solomon Lew doesn't get control and fire all the management there.

        • You guys remember this? https://www.news.com.au/finance/business/retail/newlyappoint...

          Back then I thought to myself this guy is all out of ideas before he has started but i guess when you get paid $1.2m you just want to stick around long enough to pay for the private jet.

          At this point anyone with a quarter of the experience and qualifications can do a better job.

          Sad to see aussie jobs go!

      • +4

        Serves them right for ripping us off for over a decade.

  • +5

    Up to 70% off
    The original price of selected women’s, Miss Shop and kids’ clothing

    • +2

      They've set it up weird because it doesn't include just clothing. I was scrolling through the 70% off section, and some Star Wars things, kitchenware and accessories start showing up. There's no separate section for them though which makes it really hard to search for :(

    • +3

      its ok i was looking for some grannie panties for my crossdressing antics

      • My name a Borat! (checks out)

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    Found this when browsing through the ‘up to 70% off’ link. Bargain! https://m.myer.com.au/shop/mobile/mystore/a-drew-oversized-d...

    • +2

      This deserves it’s own deal.
      Legal because it’s not in the title or description.

    • that's 99.99% on(not off)

    • Wow! - In OW voice

      • +4


        First I was like, Office Works? Then I was like, Oh-wen Wilson

    • +1

      LMAO! I wonder what I would do with that one cent saved. :D

    • +4

      That’s just about 0.0089% off. A new record low for an “up to X% off sale” methinks 😆

    • +1

      Limited stock

      • Pity, because if you bought a thousand of these you would save ten dollars.

    • its "up to" 70% off

    • +3

      Even better if you pay cash - it'll round down to $111.95. Double the saving!

  • Has anyone ever used Myer eVouchers? I have a $10 Myer eVoucher and I can't find any numbers on it that I can redeem online. The only thing that is shown on the electronic voucher is one of those weird looking barcodes, the 4 digit access code, and the date etc. Can anyone help me with how to redeem this, please?

    • Hey, there should be a number below the barcode. I think that’s the one to use. Can you try?

      • Unfortunately, there is no number under the barcode of this eVoucher. It has a card number and an access code, and both returned 'code invalid'. I might have to take it in-store and redeem it that way, although the item I wanna buy will probably be sold out by then. Damn!

        • If you have an iPhone, could you try adding it to your “wallet” app? I think you may see a number show up there.

      • +1

        My stupid fault. I had to get to the last page to use the e-voucher. I was trying to add it while I was on the previous page where you have to add the discount codes. All good now

        • +1

          Yay cool 😎

    • Anyone know how many maximum gift card we can use when purchase online? Thanks

      • +1

        They accept a maximum of 6 online

        • Cool,thanks rzg

  • +3
    • CRIKEY!

  • Noticed these Marshall headphones too. Down to $69 from $159. https://www.myer.com.au/shop/mystore/electrical/speakers-aud...

    • curious to know how you found those? it's so hard to browse the myer website and know exactly what's part of the sale or whatever.

      • +1

        I went to the 'Sale' tab and then the 'entertainment' heading and selected 'speakers and audio' and the 'headphones'.

        But yes, the site menu is atrocious!

        Good luck :)

    • On-ear headphones though. Would have jumped on them had they been over-the-ears cans.

    • +1

      Like 99c cheaper than Amazon's normal price…


      • hmm those are wireless. Are the ones from Myer wireless too? Nothing in the specs indicate that it is however in one of the pics it looks like it has a microusb port for charging?

    • +2

      Marshall Major Headphone is not a Myer only deal. Marshall reduced its price everywhere as a newer model is due. The picture is also incorrect. The ones on sale are wired. The picture is of bluetooth ones.

  • +1


    just need some advice here, im looking to get some wireless earbuds and these are included in the sale https://www.myer.com.au/shop/mystore/s19-wk10-super-weekend-...

    any ozbargainers have experience with these or something similar care to share their opinion?

    • Don’t have experience with these but keep reading that these have audio / video sync issues, even after multiple firmware updates. I’m waiting for an updated set or AirPods 2.

    • That's a huge true wireless and colourful

    • +20

      You talk about Myer as if it is a person and not a corporation. If they do go down, don't forget most people working there are just like I and you. They will be out of work and will have to find another job. They don't get rich by selling you overpriced stuff.

      Now, I know what I would do to change how corporations work, but not possible in this society. You can dream, but you have to eventually wake up.

      • +1


      • -1

        Please you think Myer care about their employees. Yes the people and their jobs, it must take very high education to work there.

        They'll find another retail job it's not the end of the world or a highly skilled job

        • That is until the robots take over.

  • +17

    70% off, just like their share price.

  • +9

    I can never view beyond the first page of search results on the Meyer page. Their website is shit.

    • +10

      I have the same problem too when visiting the Meyer website

    • +3

      Shit by association

    • Chrome doesnt work, try firefox

    • I have the same issue. Use Edge or Firefox.

    • I had to allow everything from www.myer.com.au on my ad blocker. Do that or turn your adblocker off for myer. Their site is still a terrible though.

    • seems to work well on Opera

  • +2

    sizes from XXS to XXL, we have both.

  • +5
        • +6

          He liked it, he bought it, no regrets.

    • +1

      Nice 👍🏻

  • Marshall Major Headphone is not a Myer only deal. Marshall reduced its price everywhere as a newer model is due.

    • Are they any good?

      • pretty good office headphones I'd say

      • They are great headphones. If u prefer in ear, get the marshall mode. They are amazing.

  • +1

    thought you guys are exaggerating but no, the website really is abysmal

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