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Sony Mirrorless Camera Madness: A6000 $665, A6300 $1019, A6500 $1399, A7II $1614, A7RII $2549 @ Sony Australia


Was just browsing the Sony Store, being sad that I missed the amazing Good Guys a6300 deal, and saw that Sony is apparently having a “mirrorless madness” sale at the moment.

Some prices are better than others - have a look for yourself!

  • a6000 for $665
  • a6300 for $1019
  • a6500 for $1399
  • a7 II for $1614
  • a7R II for $2549
  • a7R III for $4079

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  • still no rx1r :(

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    Amex has spend $1000 get $100 cash back at Sony store (at least for me)

  • https://www.jbhifi.com.au/deals/cameras/hot-deal-sony-mirror...

    JB has 15% off Sony Mirrorless until Wednesday 10th October as well.

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    Disappointingly, neither Sony Australia or JB Hi-Fi have sales on the Sony A7 III, which is the one everyone wants.

    (All the specs and speed of the flagship A7R III, just without the super high resolution.)

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      There is zero stock. They are selling out too quickly as it is.
      Unlikely to see A7iii on sale until the demand drops enough for them to actually have stock on the shelves for more than a day.

    • I recently decided to stop waiting and spent the extra dosh for the A7R3. I haven't regretted it for one minute (it was only around $700 more). In addition to all the A73 stuff, the better viewfinder and screen and the higher resolution (which I love!), it is also an absolutely kick ass 18 megapixel crop camera. The much maligned 28-70mm stock lens turns into a little walk around gem when cropped (it seems to be only soft on the edges when in full frame). Being able to swap between full frame and crop with the press of a button has been quite useful so far for me.

  • For most people the a6000 with the kit lens for less than $750.00 is a good buy IMO. Good find OP. I am tempted.

  • A6700 announced soon?

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    • Was just looking at this one too.

      Though I do have the amex offer which brings it down to the price they're offering it at

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