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Vodafone Alcatel U5 $59 @ Coles


Hi All,
Vodafone Alcatel U5 is currently on sale for $59 (reduced 40%) at Coles.
I think this is the best budget smartphone currently on the market as it supports all the 3G bands in Australia and very cheap to unlock.
I paid $1.23 to this seller and got the unlock code within 30 minutes and started using my Belong mobile sim.

Alcatel U5 has been even cheaper before @49.50 (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/392974), but if you are in a hurry, it's still a good buy at $59.

P.S: According to latest catalog (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/407517) the sale is extended until 16/10/2016 (May be they are trying to clear the current stock)

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    Ok for a grand parent as a first smart phone maybe?


      I got the U5 for my dad.
      It’s ok

      Can set the menus to be more “old person” friendly


        Thanks. I guess the other option is a Nokia 3? I'd need to get her onto a monthly ALDI $15 prepaid plan for the data, currently on Aldi PAYG (and home internet is through a usb dongle with a year prepaid 12GB)

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        Yes menu is old person friendly as it has a simple mode.

        However note the the display is sensitive to the viewing angle and the phone has some serious bloat so the lag is chronic.

        Those things are NOT old friendly as they will press a button 67 times before something happens or have trouble reading the screen.

        If there is a bloat free xda version let us know…

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    When buying new phone like this try these first.

    A: Check if there is some seller on ebay selling unlocking codes cheaply. Make sure that Australia phone are mentioned.
    B:Try to find out the real model number of the phone. For example Boost Smarty plus would be ZTE M123456. Find if there are any cases/protectors for this phone on ebay.


      Also check if it has a notification led and removable battery.

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      Before A. Check if it is >1GB of ram before you even 'consider' this brand.

      The bloat ware(S) on this brand plus the responsiveness when you only want to use "Phone call only", tried a few times during stupid updates the phone app did a super lag delay, 5+ seconds to pick up a phone call.

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        Alcatel bloatwares are not as bad as the ZTE ones. I previously bought a Telstra 4GX plus (ZTE A462) for my mother in law and it has in-built adware which constantly bombard the user with ads and slow down the phone. U5 is more responsive when compared to that.

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    This phone has been even cheaper at $19 from target. There is also a $10 prepaid starter pack included. It's a great phone for $19 but I wouldn't want to pay any more than that.

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