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GoPro HERO7 Black $471.20, HERO7 Silver $351.20 (Free C&C or + Delivery) @ The Good Guys eBay


GoPro Hero 7 Black - IN_Stock_5:55pm

Gopro Hero 7 Silver $351.20

8x Slo-Mo video
Portrait orientation shooting
TimeWarp video
Auto backup to cloud

Thanks TA for the 20% off TGG on eBay Deal Post

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    Haha, just about to post this. Used my eBay gift cards as well to seal the deal :)

  • +3

    Cheaper than expected! (Especially when compared to the 6 when it first came out!)

  • Nearly lost this due to daylight savings!

    Also I need to resign from OZB as I panicked and ordered this so quickly that I forgot to select Pickup.

    • +1

      none available for pickup in NSW, not sure others

      • No pick up in SA either.

    • Couldn't do pick up in Brisbane either. $5 delivery is pretty reasonable.

  • +2

    I now regret buying the Gopro Hero 2018 last week. Wish i had waited!

    • Bought a gopro 6 from the ebay plus deal when plus launched - still haven't had a chance to use it :'(

    • +3

      Depends on what you will use it for. Happy to keep $200 odd dollars in my pocket.

      • Agreed that was a great deal and hacking it into a GoPro Hero5 Black was comically easy.

    • +1

      I'm sad I missed out on the Hero! If you'd be willing to sell me yours, you can go pick this one up guilt free! ;P

  • Can this be priced match to Harvey Norman?

    • +2

      Most likely no as you require a coupon code to get the price and it's technically eBay you're price matching

      • +1

        Cool thanks!

    • -1

      Why don't you try it yourself and let us know?

  • Is there no difference between the black and silver aside from colour? Why the price difference?

    • +1

      They're actually different models, the specs on the black are much higher.

    • +1

      Is there no difference between the black and silver aside from colour? Why the price difference?

      Here's a comparison chart on the official GoPro website: https://gopro.com/help/articles/block/compare-cameras

      In short, the black has higher FPS at all kinds of resolutions, better image stabilisation, higher burst rates for photos, a removable battery (silver has it built-in), better slow-mo capture, etc. Better in many a way, and therefore pricier.

      • +4

        Once you go black…

  • +1

    For pretty much the same price what would you guys recommend between the GoPro Hero 7 White (http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-GoPro-GPCHDHB-601-Hero7-White...) and the GoPro Hero5 Session (http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-GoPro-GPCHDHS-502-Hero5-Sessi...)


    • I'm on same boat as you, & your links you posted doesn't work
      But I'm going for white for vertical capture.

  • +2

    Awesome. Just got one.
    This being my first GoPro purchase, I was won over by the hyper-stabilisation feature on the Black model. Can't wait to try it out!

  • cheaper than even i use 2 amex voucher in Harvey Norman..!!!

  • +3

    Awesome thanks guys, just bought one last week at JB at full retail (I know….I was desperate for the weekend) Got in on this offer so will take this one back to jb to get a refund. :) Happy days.

    Massive Saving.

    • +1

      You'll probably run into issues trying to do this - they will have tracked the serial number they sold you and know that the one you are returning is not the same unit.

  • not sure if i should get this, i rarely use my hero 2 but mainly do to the focus issues while diving or if i should just put the money towards an underwater housing for my dslr.

  • Good lord, i was about to buy the same from go pro website and accidentally bumped into this. Glad i got this.
    Used 2 paypal vouchers as well to get to 276.40

  • If you don't care about HyperSmooth or Live streaming just go Silver.

    aka if you're not going to use it for sports like mountain biking, snowboarding etc then you can save a few bucks.
    The standard stabilisation is quite good for everyday use

    • +1

      And if you dont care about extra batteries

  • Any good sd card deals going on to go with this camera?

  • +2

    PSA: Dont expect great results using HyperSmooth in low light.

    The Sony X3000 with OIS is still worth considering if you're not hung up on the word GoPro.

    • +1

      I had the Sony and found it a little shaky whereas the new GoPro seems to be a little better when it comes to stabilisation.

      Down sides are no good in low light and only 60Mbps video whereas the sony does 100Mbps

      • Sony 4K stabilisation very bad.

  • +3

    Thanks OP! Got GoPro HERO7 Black :) Time to sell GoPro HERO6 Black :)

  • Anybody else had the error "We ran into a problem. Please try again later." when entering the discount code? I've tried multiple times on PC and mobile.

    • Did you change your country to take part in any of the US/UK ebay code promos?

      • Nope, I'm on eBay AU

    • +1

      Quickest fix is to jump onto eBay chat and have them sort it out.

      • That was it! Somehow my registration was US, ordered :)

  • Just got a call from Good Guys saying they are out of stock so will be waiting for delivery to come in before sending out.

    • Your ebay order has been sent, so seems some stores have stock, depends on which store you are closer to.

    • They left a message for me - cameras on back order, you'll get it in 2-3 weeks.

      • Mine is delivered in a day or two.

  • +1

    I really want a gopro, but I have no need for a gopro. The struggle is real.

  • +1

    I was within the first 10 sold this morning and they said the have no stock :(

  • i was about to go overseas this friday, bummer!

    • +12

      I think you should still go. Don't let The Good Guys get you down.

    • But it click and collect! Then claim the tax as part of the TRS… take receipt and the device to the airport. You’re the winner here!

  • They just tried to call - but the line cut out and he didnt call back. I assumed it because of stock issues.

  • Got a gopro 5 black..wondering if it's worth upgrading.

  • do these have a zero distortion lens?

    • It's a GoPro so it would include a wide angle lens.

      If you don't want the wide angle, you can change the view to Linear and that would remove the distortion, but you would lose the wide angle.

  • +1

    Any word on firmware hacks to upgrade the White or Silver?

    • I believe the hypersmooth is a hardware feature. Can't 100% confirm yet though

      • Yeah I believe they added 1GB RAM as a buffer to process the stabilization.

  • 8% stock left for the black.

    stack with 10% gift cards from the previous deal + tax refund, bringing it down to $381.2

  • Just bought one, and it said there was no click and collect available in NSW. I just went to The Good Guys Tempe and they had them in stock? WTF?

  • I'm going overseas in January, do you think I should wait so I can claim TRS, or do we not think it will get down to this price again anytime soon.. Hmm to pull the trigger now or to wait.

    • +1


    • I’m travelling late December. Still pulled the trigger on this. 20% discount here… vs. 10% later.

      Unless you luck out with a sale at the same time… dunno though, won’t get it much cheaper.

  • $417 after TRS. That's ridiculously cheap for a hero7 black.

    • It's less than that, I've bought one and the invoice provided was for full price $589 and doesn't mention discount, mine was already despatched from Robina store - Gold Coast,

      • What's to stop people from changing a discounted price on an invoice to RRP?

        • That is like saying that they've got paid more than what they actually did and probably pay more taxes?

      • Yes $476-59 = $417

        • The GST on a $589 purchase is $53.54

  • Black is sold out.

  • Black back in stock

    • Yeah, just ordered one online now.

  • Mine just got delivered. That was really quick!

    • Same day??

      • Yeah. I ordered at 9.20am, it arrived at about 3.15pm. I was surprised too. :)

        • Wow, where are you located?

          • @FluxThePirate: Newmarket QLD. It was sent from the Tingalpa branch.

            The only other store that I've gotten same-day delivery from for no extra cost is Pushys in Salisbury, although they seem to have shut that branch down recently. :(

            • @eug: Ah ok. Pushys? I'm assuming you bought this for mountain biking?

              • @FluxThePirate: Nah, it's for holiday videos. Doing some hikes in NZ next month. I don't do MTB but I ride a road bike. :)

                • @eug: ah fair enough, anyway thanks for the info about delivery!

        • The code was activated at 10? Did you buy before it was activated? Hmm..

  • I really wanna get this for Mountain Biking, it will set me back on buying my first car though. What do you guys say i should do?

    • It's only $470, would take you need than a week to earn you back that sum

      • well, I'm in grade 12, hence the first car, so sadly takes more than a week. but still, you do have a point

        • If that's the case then I guess prioritise what you really need/want. I'd say go for a car first and get a Xiaomi yi action cam.

        • +1

          When I was in high school girls used to love it when I'd pick them up in my action cam and walk them all around town.

  • Update: they just called and said they are in negative stock Australia wide and have ordered more stocks from go pro which will take a few weeks. Bummed but at least they didn't cancel the order.

    • That's disappointing, they should advertise that on the eBay page as it says they have "More than 10 available"

  • +3

    Bought right on 10am, and pickup was ready by 1pm. Now to work out why I needed it :p

  • +1

    Thanks. Got one before it is out of stock again.

    • +1

      Would you be able to update on this comment if The Good Guys call you or message you about delivery times? Thanks

      • So far I have received an email that the order is "under process".

  • +2

    Hey guys, first time GoPro owner here, and I'm not sure if I need to buy the following accessories, or it's included in the box?
    1. Wall charger? I assume it works with any iPhone wall charger?
    2. MicroSD card? How many photos/videos can a 64GB MicroSD card fit?
    3. Tripod Mount?
    4. Travel case?
    5. Screen protector?

    • +8

      I'll try to help to the best of my knowledge and from the top of my head, feel free to correct anyone:

      1. Has a USB-C cable so you can use any wall charger (including iPhone one), but if you want faster charges or more convenient ones I suggest getting the dual battery charger (comes with an extra battery too which is handy). I'm also aware of a super-charger but personally haven't tried it or if there are cheaper alternatives out there.

      2. Technical answer - depends on what quality of video you record with and the frame rate. But let's say 1080P at 60 fps for a 64GB is maybe 2 hours + worth of video footage and heaps of photos.

      3. Tripod Mount not included but you can get one with the GoPro selfie stick - but any other tripod mount will work fine but make sure it has the GoPro adaptor/head on top.

      4. Travel case would be useful if you have tons of accessories but I just use any organizer bag as I just throw my GoPro around in my bag (they're pretty hardy).

      5. Similar to answer above, I've had a Hero 3 black and 5 and never had any issues throwing them around to friends while in the snow or bumping hard things. Doubt you'll need a screen protector.

      Hope that helps.

      • +2

        I, dm01, endorse the information provided above, and praise the thoroughness of the explanations.

      • Thank you so much for the detailed information!

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