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GoPro HERO7 Black $471.20, HERO7 Silver $351.20 (Free C&C or + Delivery) @ The Good Guys eBay


GoPro Hero 7 Black - IN_Stock_5:55pm

Gopro Hero 7 Silver $351.20

8x Slo-Mo video
Portrait orientation shooting
TimeWarp video
Auto backup to cloud

Thanks TA for the 20% off TGG on eBay Deal Post

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      • Thanks for the detailed explanation
        WRT q2: is SD card included on the units being sold by TGG?
        (gopro.com offers complementary SD card on the purchases)

  • Black sold out again

  • Geez. I already have a GoPro I don’t use. But now I want this.

    • This one has quite a few better features for you to not use - it can certainly help improve the quality of your non-videos.

  • Got an email form TGG Northland: my order placed before the first 'out of stock' will be delayed as well.

  • Does gopro hero7 come with a sd card, or have to buy one separately?

    • +1

      No sd card

    • +1

      Needs a microSD card.

      • Thanks mate
        Can you recommend a good deal? maybe min 64GB?

        • +1

          Grab a 128GB Samsung EVO+ for around $45 off eBay. Deals on microSD cards come up pretty regularly here on OzB - keep on eye on the comments to learn about who the legitimate retailers are and who might be selling fakes.

          SanDisk are another good brand worth getting.

  • Back in stock again

  • Who has their order processed in The Good Guys Auburn? Turns out they have 10 backlog orders and only receiving 6 this week from GoPro.. the other 4 are receiving it the following week. Just called them at 4pm..

  • Out of stock again, just missed it.

  • Nice thing to get beautiful pictures and video. Thanks for this deal!

  • hopefully they get it back in stock again :(

  • I have a 5 black that I got for a steal with an amex rebate and a few other things.

    Mostly use it for snorkelling and even then jeez I am a wobbly cameraman.
    Then when I took it skiing it was ridiculously shaky
    And on a sled it was just comical

    Wondering if the image stabilisation in the 7 silver + white is the same or similar as the 5 black?

    The hypersmooth thing looks amazing though.

    Edit: good review comparison here. the white and silver image stabilisation looks pretty good still

    • +1

      I have a 6 black and even with it's electronic stabilisation it was plenty shaky. I invested in the GoPro Karma gimbal and the difference is like night and day. From the reviews I've seen, the 7 black with Hypersmooth will fit in somewhere between no stablisation and the gimbal. It is apparently good at removing small shakes but not big bumps. I'll be keeping my gimbal for now.

      • Thanks for the input.
        That karma grip is $500 alone though! I'd be keeping it too

        • It was available for a bit under $400 last year, and there are various third-party ones available like the Feiyu Tech G6 at $260 or so. The difference really is like night and day though - it's absolutely worth it if you need more stable video.

          The biggest benefit to the Karma Grip over third-party ones is that it's a single button press to turn on the grip and start recording, which makes it quicker to start capturing. With third-party ones you have to turn on the camera, turn on the grip, then hit record on the camera, and the same combo again when you want to switch it off. That was the case last year anyway, maybe someone came up with an integrated model by now.

    • Mostly use it for snorkelling and even then jeez I am a wobbly cameraman.
      Then when I took it skiing it was ridiculously shaky
      And on a sled it was just comical

      You need to try it out hot air-ballooning by the sounds of it :D

  • +1

    Back in stock. Just bought one. Hurry up guys!

    • +1

      Thanks mate, ordered with the battery kit and waterproof shell!

      • Did you purchase the accessories through the official gopro website or is there any other place that you can recommend? thanks.

        • Ordered them with the camera from Good Guys eBay with 20% off each as well. Cheaper than elsewhere.

  • edit: NVM

  • -3

    A colleague suggested if you want one now and don’t want to wait for delivery (e.g. for this weekend) then buy one from JB Hifi or similar for $599 RRP then return the Good guys delivered one whenever it arrives with your JB receipt.

    Not the most ethical thing but I suppose it’s an option?

    • +1

      Mate, all these stuff come with Serial numbers.

      • Does JB note them down at purchase, or check the serial number on the product when returning?

    • +2

      A colleague suggested if you want one now and don’t want to wait for delivery (e.g. for this weekend) then buy one from JB Hifi or similar for $599 RRP then return the Good guys delivered one whenever it arrives with your JB receipt.

      please don't

      • Not disagreeing and do not intend to, in case it doesn't get accepted, but what's your reasoning?

        • I mean, wouldn't they just scan the GoPro you're returning and the serial wouldn't match the initial one you bought. So I doubt they'd accept a return, for all they know you're returning a fake.

  • -3

    Has anyone tried changing the invoice date of a purchase to claim TRS? Apparently people have done it before with no issue

    • You should also try changing the invoice amount - stick an extra zero or two on the end - anything for a bargain, right?

      • Well, price wise they can easily look up an RRP.. haha, purchase date is a bit harder (ring the store, etc.)

      • If it looks suspicious, you may end up in jail or pay huge fines. Not worth doing for small amount of money.

        • yeah, how do you propose changing the date? By tampering with the invoice

  • It's now out of stock anyway :s

    Was about to pull the trigger but looks like I missed out again

    • Keep checking back, it "ran out of stock" numerous times today, coupon doesn't expire until the 15th either.

  • this is back, get in quick!

  • +1

    I got mine today but they sent me a silver one instead of black :-(. The silver one is lot cheaper.
    I paid for the black one.

  • Ozb’d ?

  • Its been more than 3 days and still havent arrived. :(

  • Back in stock! Just got one.
    I can stop refreshing non stop now…

  • black in stock. 12/10 5:55pm

  • Ordered mine, due Tuesday

  • Says the code can't be applied? Any idea guys???

    • not sure, try again? lol Sorry for not being much help but seemed to work with no issues for me (and others by the looks of it)

    • Just checked and the code can still be applied (00:15 Saturday)

  • +1

    Ordered mine on Tuesday around midday, I received an email to say my order is being processed but no shipping confirmation yet. Anyone else sill have their order processing or had it shipped after buying it on Tuesday or later?

  • I ordered mine Tuesday 9/10 & Estimated delivery says Friday 12/10 but I got a call from Good Guys Bayswater on Thursday saying that Gopro don't have stock until end of October & I should be receiving my order early November.

  • It was out of stock, now its showing in stock but states that " The code cannot be applied " ? Anyone with similar issues ? I was ordering the Hero Black 7

    • Make sure your registered address with eBay is from Australia. I had mine set as USA and has the same trouble.

      • Yeah , saw that in the comments and had a quick chat with ebay support and they told me the same thing, now I have ordered with the discount code applied. Thanks for your reply

  • hero black seems to be out of stock

  • Anyone else not getting delivery? My item was due to be delivered last Friday but noticed order didn't progress. I had to call up Goodguys myself to find out that they had no stock nation wide. They called the manufacturer and apparently was not given any ETA at all?

    • Same here.. they told me it can take up to end of October to get them sent out.. was hoping to bring it to Japan, as i am leaving in 2 days

      • They run shit business practice. I feel so bad for you since you were going to take it on your trip 😞

  • So basically they are selling them when they know they don't have stock……. I would say I was one of the first 100 or so to buy and even mine isn't progressing. Just sold my Hero 6 so hopefully they don't refund me…..

  • After it sold out this morning again I managed to order one after that.
    Got an email couple of hours later that it's on the way. It's actually sent from a nearby Store (Victoria). Chose express.

  • Same here. Ordered one at lunch time today. Got a call a couple of hours later from a store that they're sending it out today.

    • Which store? This is ridiculous, the store I had to call said no stock nation wide with no ETA. My order was placed last week.

  • +2

    Look consider yourself lucky that you got a call, Good Guys Nunawading didn't even give me a call, message or reason for not sending it out, they just haven't sent it. Thinking of giving them a call tomorrow. I just think it's stupid that they are sending out new orders when they should be going by the date you ordered….

  • Friend ordered 2 x Hero 7 and received an email refund receipt. He called GG and was told by the lady that everyone that ordered got refunded.

    Bought at 10:01 am

    Good luck to the others.

  • Ordered one yesterday evening and received my invoice and tracking today! Was worried about them cancelling my order from the past comments but guess not! I sent to WA and its being shipped from QLD.

  • Just received a call from them, they said it will be delivered to me on Friday!

    • Which store?

  • Just got notified mine's been despatched and due to be delivered tomorrow :)

    • Mine too! Finally

    • How did you get notified - did they call your or email you? I haven't heard anything about my delivery (and it was supposed to have been delivered Tues or Wed).

      • They should contact you by phone I think. They told me that one of their delivery drivers will deliver it, not Australia Post, so they normally call to arrange a time.

      • Got an email from The Good Guys: Good news! Your order is on the way!

        Also got a tracking number and an email from Australia Post saying it had picked up my order.

        • When did you place your order? & which state?

          • @Mrah33: NSW. On the first day but not till the afternoon.

            Got a call the next morning telling me that it was very popular and they were sold out and would I like to cancel or wait for a new batch coming in.

            I said I'd wait. 8 days later I got a sms/email telling me it was shipped.

  • Has any one else received a notification that its been sent, but no supplied tracking number? Mines supposidly been sent from Geraldton, but no tracking number, and it hasn't arrived in the 2 weeks since I received the notification.

    • I received a tracking number from Australia Post as soon as I was notified by TGG.

      Delivery came in about 3-4 days after notice. I'd be chasing them up if I were you as 2 weeks is way too long.

    • Anyone who received a notification have a contact number for Good Guys? It's now a week past when ebay said delivery date would be and I have not received any acknowledgement from Good Guys. Am looking for a contact number to call to find out what's going on.

      • I had a contact number in the email from the good guys, for the specific store that had sent mine. Turns out they sent it to the parcel locker street address, but didnt include the parcel locker number at all, so had been sitting at the pickup location for nearly a week..

      • use facebook messenger to contact them

  • thanks op. finally got mine.

    • gratz

  • SA buyer here. Still haven't received mine and mile end store has no ETA for it just say out of stock.

    • +1

      Talk to goodguys facebook messenger and they will sort it out real quick. I’ve done that and receive it in store nearby. Good luck!

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