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Free Amazon Echo Dot Gen 2 with Audible Membership Subscription $16.45 Per Month @ Amazon AU


Just received an email.
It states targeted.
Check your amazon email.

Can “cancel anytime”

Mod 7/11: Thanks to PChinna this deal is now available until 15/11 and should be available to more people. Ensure you see the "Join Audible today and receive a free Echo Dot" text after signing in to Amazon.

Thanks to Tech5 you can select 2 Echo Dots (of the same colour) for $20.

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            • @leftspeaker2000: Hmmm, not sure if I signed up audible through Amazon.au or U.S. Maybe I'll have a crack.

        • I had a long time US subscription. Noticed its cheaper in AUD so wanted to move. Noticed the transfer page said no longer available so I used the contact us page on the Audible.com.au site to ask if I can transfer.
          I received a reply saying it will take a few days. It ended up taking 4 days, received confirmation everything was transferred over to AU on 20-oct.

          Also when I look at my AU Audible Member details it says I am on "Audible 3-Month Discount Gold" "$8/mth for first 3 months, $16.45 per month thereafter."

          Very happy. US Subscription was costing $21.22 AUD a month after exchange and fees. Also they charged me the first $8 month immediately.

    • I contacted Amazon yesterday and the rep said nope. This morning I get an email saying this.

      "We understand that you would like to take advantage of the Prime Members -1 Book Monthly Membership plus Free Echo Dot offer. After reviewing the details of the offer, current paid Prime Members who are new to Audible are eligible for this offer. Free Trial Prime Members are not eligible for this promo.

      We checked your account and found that you are not eligible for this offer as you previously enrolled with Audible monthly membership. Basically, for Prime members who are eligible for the offer, they will receive a email with a special link to sign up with Audible for AU$16.45"

    • Shipping on Amazon :p

  • Silly question!!
    I am a Prime member on trail but got the email invite for Audible and Echo DOT offer.
    Am I eligible??
    Or can I cancel if I find out that I wasn't eligible and get my refund in 1-2 days??

    • +1

      If you got the email then yes you are.

  • +7

    I clicked OP's link (was already signed into Amazon.com.au) and was eligible for the free Echo Dot. Signed up for Audible through that page, got a confirmation email and $59 credit towards a dot on my account.

    I have used the 30 day trial before but wasn't a current Audible member, I'm currently an Amazon Prime member - if that helps out anyone.

    Received my Google Home Mini from eBay Plus yesterday, now my whole house is bugged. Time to play some Despacito.

  • So only 1 book per months?

  • +1

    If i sign up for prime, am i eligible?

  • +1

    Easy as!

    Prime member, got the email straight after signing up for audible via your link and bought the Dot for $0.

    • u paid the $16 then got the email? How can u ensure u wwon't just be paying $16…

      • Amazon give refunds easily, wasn't too worried.

        • That's hasn't been my experience with them…

          Had to get my bank involved for a refund last time.

        • The offer is valid only for Australian Amazon Prime customers currently on a paid membership who receive an email invitation from Audible to participate in the offer. Eligible participants must be new customers of Audible in Australia or New Zealand and who sign up for a paid Audible membership at the regular monthly price, currently A$16.45 at www.amazon.com.au during the Promotional Period. Renews automatically. Cancel anytime. Audible members will also receive one membership credit each month. This offer is not valid for customers who sign up for an Audible trial membership during the Promotional Period or for customers currently on an Amazon Prime trial membership.

          Not sure if you will get a refund if the link was unique.

          • @No Username: Went through to live chat and they gave me the refund straight away. Simply told them that I was charged the cost upfront when their audible.com.au site shows "After 30 days, Audible is $16.45/mo. Cancel anytime." It helped I canceled the same day I signed up. https://imgur.com/a/rtNqCh6

      • If the deal link tells you you'll get an echo dot for signing up to Audible you will. So if it doesn't say you'll get the echo dot don't sign up.

    • +2

      $16! Worse case will get the Barefoot Investor and work out how to make it back.

      Confirmed Dot order for delivery Friday has me reasonably confident, sharing so those eligible and on the fence can have a go.

  • +5

    Just signed up from Prime, still not eligible.

    • Have you tried the OP's link?

      • yes

  • I've already ordered it and used up my credit but has anyone tried using the $59 credit on a gen 3 dot? Doubt it'd work but would definitely be a great deal if you could.

  • +1

    Easy profit. Thanks OP!

  • I received the email.. was a past audible customer that has cancelled.

    The only challenge i already have a few to many Echo's at home.. Dont have any more rooms to add an echo dot to..

    • Garage, patio, toilet, kennel?

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Now will get the Echo to listen to the brand new audiobook… :)

  • This is the kinda shizzle I come to OzB to find - thanks OP, got my E.Dot ordered!

  • Is anyone on the Amazon prime trial?

  • +1

    …and for anyone looking for a worthwhile audiobook to grab with your credit, check out '12 Rules For Life - An Antidote to Chaos' by Jordan Peterson.

  • Damn not targeted.

    But it might save me money in the long run I’m guessing.

  • Been prime since launch, no email nor page to indicate that I'm eligible.

    • +2

      Try OP's link. Worked for me :)

      • Same for me. Try OP's link.

  • Like others, current prime member, no email invite, clicked on link and the offer appears. Echo ordered, eta Friday 12th October.
    are we able to cancel the audible subscription right away, or best to wait until the Echo arrives at least to make sure it comes

    • +4

      I’d just wait until your echo says shipped. Most safe that way

  • Anyone able to compare this vs Google Home?

    • +8

      I just googled for comparisons between the two, and am pleased to report back that yes, there definitely are some able to compare the two.

  • unfortunately, I am on …. This offer is not valid for customers who sign up for an Audible trial membership during the Promotional Period or for customers currently on an Amazon Prime trial membership.
    Trial membership!

  • Bonus ! I forgot to cancel my trial and so took advantage of the deal and then cancelled. Thanks for the reminder Amazon.

  • What would show up if the offer is there? It asks me to 'Start Membership' but can't see anything about an Echo Dot.

    • -3

      Best bet is to subscribe and see if one turns up in the next few months….

    • It should say you get a free echo. There is a comment before showing the promo. If you are like me, and you don’t see it, you are not targeted, and subscribing and paying will yield you nothing.

    • My previous comment was not serious, by the way. If you don't see the Echo notice, don't sign up.

  • No email but the link works for me. Signed up and received instructions to redeem the Dot Echo. I’m a Prime member.

    • +1

      Received my Echo today

  • Is everyone's email link the same?

  • got one. thanks

  • I received a "Welcome to Audible" email, but nothing about the Dot :(

    Does this come in a separate email?

    • Yes, a seperate email. Subject line is "Redeem your free Echo Dot now". Both emails arrived within a minute of each other for me this afternoon.

      • I don't think I was in the "targeted' group, so maybe I get nothing. Oh well.

        • Do you have Amazon Prime?

          • @dm01: Yep.

            • @goatwomble: I think you might be the first Prime member for whom this hasn't worked.

              • @dm01: FML.

                • @goatwomble: Could be Amazon have fixed the promo to only apply to the originally targeted members. We might all get cancellation emails tomorrow.

    • can confirm it didn't work for me either and i am a prime customer

  • Worked for me, cheers :)

  • Sweet, my 3 month trial ends today, so I was going to cancel anyway. Will see if this works for me some time over the next month.

    • So doesn't look like I'm eligible for this right now. I'm a prime customer. Will try again in the next week or two.

  • Thanks Op - worked! Went straight to link - no email- dot on the way! Existing prime member

  • -1

    Cheers. Couldn't find a good copy of mein kampf, so I took the recommend book Hard Choices by Hillary Rodham Clinton. Free Gen2 Dot

  • Received my amazon dot today in the post :)
    It appears for current amazon prime members are able to get the offer using the link regardless whether they get the email or not.

  • Ordered my dot yesterday through OPs link.
    My email about the offer just came through.

    • Yes, I got the email just now too.

    • Same. And when I click on the link it says I can sign up and get an echo dot. I'm sure it doesn't work, but another one would be cool. Little bit tempted to try.

      • It does say limited to one per account, nevermind.

      • Yes my first thought was ooo I wonder if I can get two.

  • +1

    So essentially I pay $16.95 for 1 Echo Dot Gen 2? I don't have to stay subscribed to Audible?

    • Spot on

    • unless you get another one for an extra $20

  • They are clearing out stock for 2nd gen since 3rd one is gonna be out soon (tomorrow)

    • Mine just arrived and I got an email at the same time telling me gen 3 is now available

      • Gonna upgrade? :D

        • Ha. I actually am liking the Home Mini better except the microphones on the echo pick me up way better and I find “Alexa” more convient to say.

          • @stickyfingers: What do you have to say to activate the Home Mini?

            • @dm01: “Hey Google”. It feels way more clunky and unnatural.

              That might sound picky, but the extra syllables make it more complex to say and you feel the need to pause after saying it.

              “Hey Google… play Banks on Spotify”
              “Alexa, play Banks on Spotify”

              Saying those might give you an idea of what I mean by the hesitation to say it efficiently. “Alexa” is more like you’re asking your partner something, “Hey Google” or “Ok Google” feels like you’re taking to a computer.

              • +2

                @stickyfingers: I get what you're saying…but they have the same syllable count. A-lex-a | Hey-goo-gle

                • @dm01: Good catch. Don’t know what I was thinking. There does feel like there is a difference saying them though.

                  • +1

                    @stickyfingers: My dot arrived today…I think I agree about "Alexa' being preferable.

  • Don't sign up!!!

    Black is out of stock ~ or unavailable

    Trying work out how to refund now..

    • Same here, only white in stock which doesn't get the credit :(

      • nah its back in stock now

    • +2

      It's back in stock!!! Get it now :)

      • Bleh…. cancelled it due to the initial stuff around.

        Moving on.

  • +1

    Thanks got offer today just ordered one seconds after signing up and then canceled ,

  • +1

    Prime membership. Never used Audible before. Haven't received "targeted" email. Signed up. Got redemption email. Black out of stock. Black back in stock. Ordered. Confirmation email. Should be delivered on Friday. Thanks OP.

  • Been getting below error:

    Sorry! An error occurred while processing your purchase.
    Please try again in a few moments. If the problem persists, please contact us

  • Any shipping notifications yet?

    • Ordered 5 Hours ago with no invite link, only using OPs link and still has not been dispatched.

    • Just got my shipping notice.

      • Same, just before 6pm.

  • +1

    I rang and asked. If you are a prime member (not a trial member) you will get the dot without the targeted email.

    I have a second amazon account i dont use, that account got the targeted email.

  • +1

    And delivered just now. Thanks again OP!

  • +1

    Thanks op, mine is on its way.

  • So if I cancel my prime membership trial and join as a prime member, will I receive the offer?

  • Has anyone who was not a prime member and then just pay after this offer and get the offer? I am thinking to join for 1 month $6.99 and try the link.

  • Am I reading this right:
    "Exchange for free. Swap any audiobook, anytime for any reason."
    So if I sign up for one month, cancel after 1st month, I can basically use the service and exchange that book any time I want and continue doing that as I please?

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