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Free Amazon Echo Dot Gen 2 with Audible Membership Subscription $16.45 Per Month @ Amazon AU


Just received an email.
It states targeted.
Check your amazon email.

Can “cancel anytime”

Mod 7/11: Thanks to PChinna this deal is now available until 15/11 and should be available to more people. Ensure you see the "Join Audible today and receive a free Echo Dot" text after signing in to Amazon.

Thanks to Tech5 you can select 2 Echo Dots (of the same colour) for $20.

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    Terms and Conditions here.

    I'm reading now

    EDIT: It does say you can cancel anytime.

    • The offer is valid only for Australian Amazon Prime customers currently on a paid membership who receive an email invitation from >Audible to participate in the offer. Eligible participants must be new customers of Audible in Australia or New Zealand and who sign >up for a paid Audible membership at the regular monthly price, currently A$16.45 at www.amazon.com.au during the Promotional Period. >Renews automatically. Cancel anytime. Audible members will also receive one membership credit each month. This offer is not valid for >customers who sign up for an Audible trial membership during the Promotional Period or for customers currently on an Amazon Prime trial >membership.

    • Offer finishes on Nov 8 too, worth noting.

      I'm currently on the end of a three-month audible free trial, which thankfully runs out on the 24th and was planning on continuing my subscription anyway. Should have enough of a window to sub back to Prime, sub to Audible and assuming there's still supplies left, get a dot.

    • I meet all these requirements except I've previously had a US audible membership (cancelled a few months back). I haven't received an offer either on Amazon website or by email.

      I also pay using amex but don't get half price like someone mentioned below.. I must have missed that deal

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    I just ordered it.
    I joined, then they sent me link to get the amazon dot. They had $59 promotion balance to cover the cost. Dot is due to be delivered on Thursday :-) will post once I receive it.

    • Can you apply the $59 Promo to another Echo product

      • Attempted this with Echo Dot 3rd Gen, didn’t work.

    • +1

      So you signed up to prime 30 day free? then you got it for $16.45?
      But what is this promo for $59?

      Edit: Saw you can't be on 30 day free trial? So $59 for annual membership?

      • +1

        or if you have an amex, you get half price prime.

        • How so?

          • +1

            @GeneralZod: There was an Amex offer for 50% off Amazon prime like 2 months ago.

            • +1

              @shtgnjns: Still valid. That offer ends 18/12/18

              • @TRAVELO: Is it still open for registrations? Cool! I used it months ago so cant see those details

    • And then promptly cancel your membership? lol

  • So first have to become prime member inorder to get Audible membership.

  • +1

    I got the email too. I don’t really have a need for an audible but $16.45 for the echo dot seems good

    • Suggestion for book: Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker

  • Do you still get the 30 days audible trial if you get the dot?

    • Nope takes payment up front for $16.45 but can’t complain paying that for a dot: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07456NHZ6/ref=pe_2361882_28238...

    • I just went through the process, ordered the dot and cancelled Audible and it looks like I can still claim the Audible trial after the fact. So you should still get the free book out of the trial if you cancel your Audible membership.

      • Did you get the Echo dot already? Your card didn't get charged? how long you cancel from the time you sign up?

        • Yeah,got the dot a couple days later. Cancelled no more than 30 minutes after paying. Got charged for the month of audible but that is it.

  • +1

    Seems too cheap to not order and give it a try.
    Old gen doesn't really bother me.

  • +3

    Thanks OP. I didn't get the email but went to the link anyway and I have a echo dot on the way as well!

    • Do you get the email confirmation that you will receive the Dot? I went to the link and login to my account, but there is no mention about the offer

      • Yes, when I clicked the link it had details of the offer.

        I signed up to Audible then it gave me a $59 credit to buy the dot and I ordered it on Amazon as normal for a price of $0.

        • +1

          Are you Prime member?

          • +1

            @yht: Yep

            • +1

              @No: Ok I am not a member, thus not showing. Cheers

        • I can't find the credit on the account, where exactly is it located in the account?

          • @Neverpayretail: Actually if you goto to the link in the T&Cs and go throught the process of confirming your address, in the payment section with be the option "Use your $59.00 Credit".

    • -1

      So it worked for you without the email

    • Same, thanks, I wasn't going to bother checking because I didn't get the email.

      • I also went to cancel Audible, it told me I would lose my 1 credit, which is stupid I should get to use it for the month I still have an account for, but whatever. Maybe that is what happens. It offered me an extra credit to keep my current subscription. So I'll pick a couple of books then cancel.

  • Checked the reviews of audible sub. People find it hard to cancel membership and getting charged after cancellation. If someone subscribed here, can see option to cancel membership?

    • Good thing it's an easy chargeback if they continue charging you after cancellation.

      • Yep this reminded me to cancel. On cancel screen they offered $8/month for 3 months.

    • +11

      I've cancelled and restarted several times, never had an issue.

      They do try to convince you to stay by throwing up an offer, but there's nothing stopping you from cancelling.

      • +1

        Likewise. Even forgot to cancel a couple times, and they gave me a retroactive refund as well no worries

      • same here, done a couple of times, you can also return/swap audiobook if you're not happy and get another credit.

    • Yup, same as kapone, cancelled & re-joined several times with no issues.

    • Note, you can't cancel when logged in from phone from memory - has to be a desktop browser.

  • Thanks, worked for me.

    I paid ~$30 a month on Audible.com but Audible.com.au is separate.

  • +1

    I went to the link and ordered and now have the promo code email to redeem.

    Edit: Worked perfect. Thanks OP.

  • +2

    Never received the email but it seems I was targeted too, thanks OP.

  • +1

    Thanks OP.

    Didn't get the email but gave it a go. Signed up successfully and $59 credited to the account that couldn't be used for other items other than the dot as I thought I'd try that out. Dot guaranteed delivery on the 11th.

    I've signed up and cancelled Audible on the US site several times w/o issue. I'll be cancelling again once I've downloaded a book and receive my dot on Thurs. :)

    EDIT - Current Prime member

  • I got a family member to sign up to prime and definitely did not have the free dot available. It just had sign up to audible.

  • No sign of a free dot offer when I click on start my membership. When do you see that you are getting a Dot?

    • As soon as you sign in. No Dot for you it seems :(

      • Glad I didn't confim anything then. Weird.

  • +1

    Worked a treat!! Thank you OP

  • +1

    Awesome, it worked. Thanks!

  • Worked thanks OP

  • It did not work for me can I get my money back?

  • https://imgur.com/a/u2DcbA3

    This is what it says before signing up to audible if you are targeted. Email sent after saying to claim your dot.

    • Thanks for that, are you seeing this from OP's link? If so I guess I'm not targeted then as I can't see it nor on www.audible.com.au :(

      • Yes, I have prime.

  • +1

    Didn't get the email but worked for me, thanks OP!

  • Hmm I'm targeted but keep getting "sorry and error occurred while processing your request" when I try to sign up :/

    Edit: got it working, ended up opening in the Amazon app. For some reason it didn't want to sign up through chrome. Anyway, thanks OP! 😁

  • Didn’t get an email but clicked your link and an echo dot is on the way!
    I was a prime member already.

  • Didn't receive an email ,but it worked when i clicked your link.

  • +1

    If this worked for you please state if you currently have Prime Membership for the sake of others. I signed up to Amazon Prime just now, and the offer isn't showing for me when I click on the link. Looks like it is existing Prime members only who benefit.

    • Yes,I'm a prime member. Ever since they launched it.

    • Also a prime member since launch and got the offer.

    • Same as above, prime member since the free trial launched. Have never used Audible on this account for further reference.

    • Thank you everyone. Shame I wasn't an existing member.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, didn't realise I got the invitation after I used your link and ordered the dot :)

  • I wonder if it is only working for people who have never used Audible before

    • +1

      Could be, I've used audible before and am a prime member but did not get the offer.

      • Same, bummer😢😫

    • Ive used audible on audible.com but not .com.au and it worked for me.

      Kinda annoying how these accounts seem separate as now Im going to have a few books in each.

      • you can link multiple account on the app at the same time
        you wouldnt have to switch account to listen to books purchased on different account

    • I used Audible and have stopped my subscription for a couple months now (maybe 6 months). The link worked for me.

  • Didn't get the email either, but seems like I was targeted as well! $16.45 echo dot is pretty cheap

  • Worked for me too. Already a Prime member, didn't get the email.

  • +3

    Worth noting that the 2nd generation echo dot is not the latest one - the 3rd generation is.

    • +1


      Though $16.45 for Echo Dot 2nd Gen + Audible Book vs $79 for Echo Dot 3rd Gen… I'll take the 2nd Gen for that price!

  • +2

    It only works for the black color on my account. Tried to change to white and it wanted to charge me $59.

  • Excellent. Thanks OP!!

  • I got the offer too, and just signed up for Audible. I got the email for the free Echo Dot one minute later.

    I have Amazon Prime and I previously had an Audible membership which I cancelled in August.

  • Have Prime, just resubscribed to Audible. Only saying "You're already an Audible member."

  • How do you cancel? Can’t find the link to cancel audible.

    • +3

      Go to "Account Details" on the audible.com.au website under "Hi! Name" and you'll find the Cancel Membership link under "Your membership"

  • Lol went to cancel my membership and the cancellation page is a 404 XD

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times"
    —A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens
    Oops — we can’t find the page you’re looking for. Head back to the Audible homepage and try again.
    If you've tried finding the page multiple times and are still having trouble, let us know.

  • +1

    Thanks! Have a Dot on the way too. Grabbed a free audio book on the way out to cancelling the membership :)
    Note didn't receive the offer email but the link worked for me. Am an existing Prime member but didn't have a prior Audible sub.

  • Not targeted, but would certainly use this offer. $16.45 for a Gen 2 dot is great!

    • +1

      Doesn't seem to matter if you're not if you use OP's link. Seems all you must be as a minimum is a paid Prime member.

  • Didn't get the email but it still worked

  • Not targeted. I clicked on the link above and ended up getting it for free.

    I've had enough of Siri not working with IFTTT or Harmony. See how this fares…

  • I was going to see how it goes and keep my membership for a month or 2 then cancel, but OMG, so many "Sorry, that title isn't available in your region. If you think this is a mistake, please call Audible"

  • I have Amazon Prime and an Audible subscription already, is there anything I can get for free!

    • I'm in the same boat as well :-(

      • To make things worse, my Audible is with the USA. I'm going to ask Amazon what they can do.

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