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Oettinger Pils 24 Cans 500ml $44.90 C&C (Or + Delivery) @ Dan Murphy's


Don't think this is targeted but cheap beer is cheap beer.
This German Pilsner represents great value for money. Oettinger is easy drinking and with the zing of the saaz hops it is quite refreshing.

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Dan Murphy's
Dan Murphy's

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  • +2 votes

    seems to be that price in Qld/NSW/Vic well spotted. Good to knock down on a hot day (although big cans aren't for sippers, as it'll get warm and unpleasant - if you're emptys = <5)

    Also available for that pricer on their ebay store if you have a discount code/ebay voucher

    • It's $80.82 for two cases using the PACK20 code.

      • Legend. Thanks mate.

      • +1 vote

        and now I have picked it up I see it does have 10 cent refunt per can for SA and NT
        So another 10% off because paying with discounted ebay cards = $36.369 per carton
        Then $2.40 back on refund for the cans = $33.967 per carton!

        Thanks Cleremy your PACK20 comment pushed me off the fence…seeing the 10 cent per can refund makes it a GREAT deal for me in SA

    • +1 vote

      it's $5 cheaper then in May and only $1 more then 3yrs ago.

    • Well spotted :)

    • Sad to see the "normal" price go up and up so fast.

      You must live in dog years, your references are from 2013 - 2018 thats not fast

      • 25% price rise in 5 years is fast, compared to a CPI rise of less than 10%.

        If you subtract excise, the biggest part of the cost, that must be something like doubling in price.

  • Bought a case from Dans last Friday for $52(I think). Not a bad drop this one.

    Great value also!

  • a german chick told me when you buy this in Germany you have to pay more for the cans than the beer costs because it's the cheapest they have there. you get the money back for the cans

    • I'm surprised she didn't tell you that if you drink this, you will get kicked out of the country. Same as here and drinking Fosters. Cardinal sin.

      • Not quite that extreme. I mean you can actually get it much more easily for starters. Drink an ice cold one of these over a Fosters any day of the week. And in Germany, Austria etc countries you can buy bloomin beer in 3L soft drink bottles in any grocery store for petes sake haha and its dirt cheap. That said i think these in cans are not bad, can do a lot worse.

      • It’s cheap, and doesn’t taste that great, but unlike fosters, it’s the biggest selling beer in its home country

  • A German chick told me if you buy this du bist sehr arm für mich.

  • an aquired taste this one. not for me.

  • true that it's considered a crap beer in Germany but I like it fine and is so much better (and cheaper) than CUB staples imo

  • Good cheap piss get on it boyz

  • This is what I drank in my first couple years of uni when I would do a centurian because of how cheap it was.

    It tastes like dirt mixed in with rivets (Aldi beer).

  • Het, anything that is cheap and drinkable is called a "session beer" …you can afford it for a session … and it's drinkable as other options in parts of Australia are recycled sewerage water …..

    with Melbourne's booming population we will also be drinking recycled pee and shower water and catchment water levels drop, and desal ain't cheap or unlimited.

    This beer is a better option …start training, or acclimatizing …

  • Is there a way of blocking Alcohol deals so I don't get tempted, kinda need to stay sober..

  • This beer is trash.

    Buy Hoegaarden for $46 a slab from Costco.
    Quality Belgian witbier.

  • Tried this couple of years ago. It tastes really bitter.

  • Better than xxxx gold anyway

  • +12 votes

    I am absolutely amused by beer snobbery.
    If you like it, drink it. Simple as that. I drink whatever I like at a price that I can afford.

    I acquired a taste for Hollandia due to the price vs enjoyment level. Now I wouldn't even hesitate to buy it over several other brands.

    This Oettinger and others like Hollandia are the next cheapest to brewing yourself, and frankly, based on my experience it's a whole lot simpler and consistent.

    • Hear hear, I like to buy all sorts of beers as drinking one brand all the time can leave your taste-buds numb and fatigued.
      I usually drunk the pricey imports and local Crown but found them unsatisfactory over time.
      Wanting to try new beers for their unique experiences I can highly recommend the ALDI brands like Rivet Lager (Vietnam), Fraser Briggs (NZ) and Storm (NZ).

    • This is my advice to a lot of customers, they keep complaining about the price of VB, draught etc. increasing. Try some exclusive brands until you find one you like. You're paying $20-30 less a slab. And not supporting CUBs price gouging.

    • I find Hollandia much better. I think rivets taste pretty similar. They both seem cheaper on average than Oettinger.

    • Organized a blind tasting with mates of several european beers. Hollandia was my preferred drop when I didn't know what I was drinking, so now it gets bought a lot. Personally I didn't like Oettinger, but agree that if you like it, buy it.

  • PACK20 code doesn't work.

  • This isn't my cup of tea (er, or beer) (it's a supermarket lager in Germany - although still has to have no preservatives to be allowed to be sold in Germany, evidently enough Germans drink it to make it a thing) but that's the equivalent (I think) of a regular slab of 375ml cans for $33.65, if you have can rebates in your state then that may take off $2.40.

    It's certainly not the worst piss on the market (and arguably some homegrown brands are worse), it's not got that supermarket soap taste thing going on as I recall (urgh), but it's not up there either.

    • and now I have picked it up I see it does have 10 cent refunt per can for SA and NT
      So another 10% off because paying with discounted ebay cards = $36.369 per carton
      Then $2.40 back on refund for the cans = $33.969 per carton!
      Thats $1.415375/500ml can, thats $0.00283075/ml, times 375ml times 24 cans = $25.48 regular slab price. GREAT deal for us in SA!

  • Yes mate, would love to have one after work!

  • This is reminding me when the Pabst tell boys were going for 20 bucks, but not as good. I think bought 2 cases