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Navman Drive Duo 5" GPS Unit $139.30 (Was $229), Navman EZY400LMT 5" GPS Unit $97.30 (Was $159) @ JB Hi-Fi


Great discounts on these items. Enjoy :)

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    I have an earlier model, the EZY350LMT. It's a good unit, automatically gets traffic and roadworks info through an inbuilt radio receiver, doesn't need connection to a smartphone.

    • same have an old lmt ….this unit has dash cam and it seems collisions avoidance warning …..

    • I am using ezy260lmt bought from 2016. Its map is still up to date. The device is very good

  • Same info regarding traffic congestion as Google maps etc?

  • Google Maps has rendered these things useless.

  • So the only difference between the two of them is that the Duo has an inbuilt dash cam?

  • are the maps updated often and for free ?

    i've bought GPS units before and found 'free' map updates, would stop after a couple of years of buying the GPS unit.
    ( also, the map updates were not often either )

  • Is the dash cam on the duo good? I don't need GPS. Isn't phone better these day?

    • need to mount phone on window which is a hassle, and remove when getting out of car or someone will break into car to steal phone …..also would you leave phone mounted on window on 40c day and charging ?

      gps mounted on window and ready to go is very convenient.

      • or can buy a second hand phone/tablet just for the purpose of GPS.
        it works well,…even with Google offline maps

  • https://www.productreview.com.au/p/navman-drive-duo.html

    Last time I posted a warning about a garbage product I got trolled and when I defended myself ended up in the penalty box. Please don't respond to my message. If you don't like the reviews or don't agree with them, that's fantastic, my warning is not for you.

    • Nearly add it to cart , retreated after reading this reviews, thank you !!

    • The point is people only complain about the problems, not for the good things because if something is working well, you don’t ever mind its existence:))). The reviews is for reference only

      • First of all, no. Lots of products out there with genuine glowing reviews. So that's just nonsense.
        Secondly you don't just look at the counts. You also look at the nature of the most common complaints and decide if you can live with that, and whether the complaints are just nit picking, user error etc.
        If you just buy without taking any account of the experience of others you can't complain when you buy a lemon.
        I really don't know why I waste my time here some days.

  • Thanks OP. I might upgrade my Tom Tom, love my current GPS. Speed cams, traffic and your actual current speed AND dash cam! These things are great, especially for those of us that rack on many km's a year.

  • how can I update software on my old Navman without having to pay a fortune…Buying a new GPS is cheaper than updating old maps..which is in perfect condition otherwise.

  • The 350 older unit as well, only issue is the screen is starting to lose brightness, difficult to see during day time

    • Have you updated it? should be white background in the day and black background at night.

      • Yes black background at night is fine since it’s dark outside , but during day time, the white background has become very hard to see . Even at full brightness

  • Does anyone know the input method of the Navman GPS? Do you enter the street number, followed by the street name and state or the way that TomTom does, which is the state first, street name and lastly street number?

    I had only used Garmin and I really do not like the input method of TomTom.

    • I have both a 2014 Garmin and the Navman Duo. Garmin UX is a lot better than Navman. With Navman, you'd probably have to do 1-3 steps more to do the same thing on a Garmin. That said, it's still 50/50 for me.

      Garmin = User friendliness, overall reliability
      Navman = Features and Cost

      Garmin = More expensive
      Navman = Seems to have more bugs and interface is not so user friendly

      • Well said, I borrowed a Garmin once and it was much easier to use as a first timer than the Navman I owned for more than a year

    • Entering the post code is faster and accurate, also save time. This way works well in all gps devices. All you need are post code, street name, street number. That’s it

  • How does the MiVUE700 compare to other popular dashcams? I can't find any reviews. Wondering if it's worth the extra $34 over the standalone GPS.

  • Has anyone bought these and then put an unlocked OS onto them - they seem like really good value as little devices if you don't actually use the navman software itself.

  • Not talking to P-Platers I was thinking about buying this, but I just downloaded Waze and it does all the things that this does - speed limit, current speed, traffic cameras, congestion, gps etc. Only thing not there is the webcam. So people might want to have a look into that.