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Sony WH-1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Headphones $399 ($349 with AmEx Cashback) @ Harvey Norman


Been looking for something to use my Amex cashback with and this seems a pretty good price - perhaps the cheapest?
If you don't have Amex maybe price matching elsewhere could still bring it down below $399.
Free click and collect or $7.95 delivery
Link to Silver

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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        • Sure I can email/text you a picture if you PM me.. don’t know how to upload online

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        I chat with some Harvey Norman guy online and told him someone got it with $374.40 including product care, he then discounted it to $350 for me without product care. I didn't even provide any evidence. I'm fine without product care, with amex offer $250 - $50, plus delivery, I got it with $307.95. And I'll go oversea in Dec, so would cliam another $32.54, really satisfied to get it at this price!

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      Chat and order screenshots for $380.
      Just picked them up.

  • Tried the 1000xm3 in store and found the sound quality disappointing…I also compared it with a QC35ii using the same source (mp3 music on an iPhone 8 via bluetooth) and I really think QC35 sounds much better (more clear and natural)…anyone agree with me?

    • Nope

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      I tried xm3 just now and my advice is not only try checking music, but also call someone and speak with both QC35 and Sony. Sony was just catching all surrounding noise with it's super cool new microphones and sending it to both my ears and to whoever was on the other side of the phone.. quite annoying. I think I will go with QC35 with 35% off in the qantas store…

      • Made a call today and it worked perfectly.

        • hm.. thanks!

          will try it again tomorrow. Will take partner's QC35 and do a test for both :)

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            @Novousp: I sold my QC 35 IIs to get these and I am super happy with them. NC and sound quality is amazing. Only miss the dual pairing that base did.

            I tend to not use it for calls in a super noisy environment.

            • @boxall: Testes and Sony fits better, looks better and sound is AMAZINGLY better. Gave the same test to the assistant and he was also shocked with the difference. Thanks for the comments, now I am back to Sony! (will still take it from Qantas store though).

  • Can anybody comment on the bass and sound leakage on these (out of 10)?

    Are they suitable for a basshead and would others hear these in an office environment ?

    • a few hours with it.. not the best isolation, probably a 6-7.. haven't had any other high end headphones before to compare though

  • +1 to get in touch with them through chat and got the headphone for $370

    • u are the lucky one, they wont do it for me through

  • I got offered $370 by asking online (usually Apple iMessage Business Chat). No haggling required.

    • Would not offer this to me unfortunately.

  • I tried multiple times to request a discount on the headphones. Eventually one of them agreed and gave me a price of $374.

    $374 - $50 (AMEX DEAL) = $324
    $324 - $34 (TRS) = $290 AUD

    Best deal by far for these headphones! Thanks to my fellow OZBargainers.

  • Do the special sound modes carry over to different devices (ex: windows/mac osx) or are they exclusive to decices with the app?

    So for example, if I put bass boost on the sony connect app and then connect to Windows, will the bass boost/sound profile from the app be identical on Windows.

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