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[REGISTRATION CLOSED] AmEx Statement Credit: Harvey Norman (Spend $250, Get $50 Back)


Save the offer to your eligible Card and spend $250 or more, in one or more transactions, online or in-store at Harvey Norman by 30/10/2018 to receive one $50 credit. Limited to the first 22,500 Cards to save the offer. Exclusions apply.

Excludes all payments made at Harvey Norman Big Buys, Harvey Norman Commercial Division, Harvey Norman Insurance Replacement Division, Harvey Norman Security and Domayne locations.
Excludes payments made online at Harvey Norman Photo Centre.
Excludes payments made for AEG, Apple, Asko, De Dietrich, Elica, Fagor, Falcon, Gaggenau, Miele, NEFF and St George products.
Offer is limited to one credit per Card to which the offer is saved and only spend on this Card counts towards the Offer.
Excludes transactions where you do not spend directly with your Card to which the offer is saved, in-store at Harvey Norman or online at Offer valid at Australian locations and website only.
Excludes transactions made through a third party establishment or payment processor.
Credit is not redeemable for cash or other payment form.
Credit should appear on your billing statement within 5 business days from qualifying spend but may take up to 90 days from the offer end date.
Credit will not be applied to your Card account if your Card has been suspended or cancelled.
Credit may be reversed if your qualifying purchase is refunded or cancelled.

Referral Links

Business Explorer Card: random (4)

Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points
Referee: 110,000 Rewards Points with $3,000 spend in 3 months

David Jones Card: random (19)

Referrer: 15,000 Reward Points
Referee: 25,000 Reward Points with 3 purchases outside DJ in 1 month

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  • WOW. Thanks OP.

  • Thanks op showed up on mine

  • +2

    Not targeted, got on all my cards. Does this still work on visa gift card that was sold in Harvey Norman last few offers?

    • Yes, untill they say no.


      or no stock

      • or "no because fraud" lol

        • or no because not allowed, amex said so. LOL!

    • Assuming this is in store only?

  • Offered on one but not the other on my two Velocity Platinum cards.

  • Saweet :D

  • Showed up on my platinum edge card, nothing on the explorer though.

  • Hmmm hasnt showed up on my Essential card :(

  • +1

    I am assuming those product exclusions can't be enforced?

    • +3

      Nope; got the credit for my iPad mini last time

    • +5

      I bought an iPad on similar offer with similar exlcusions last year no problem.

    • +3

      Thanks for confirming

    • +5

      i bought a Miele dishwasher through HN and the charge came through from Miele rather than HN, so pay attention to who is going to charge you

      • +1

        With Miele, give them a none working card so it screws up a couple of times online. The Miele online system will get sad and Harvey Norman will process it in store.

      • Yeah, Miele (and a few of the other brands on there such as Asko, AEG, etc) are agency brands, so they don't have their own stores but get HN to sell their items as if the HN was their own store, if that makes sense. So they give HN an "agency" terminal that the staff have to use to make sales of these agency brands. A bit messed up but what to do…

        • Geez that would piss me off.
          Go to Harvey Norman in store, buy something, get a charge from a different company.

        • +3

          Maybe just buy gift cards first and then use the gift cards to buy the Miele (or AEG/Asko etc) item.

  • +16

    Is there a manual link?

    • Any takers to share?

  • Got it on both my DJs Amex and Velocity Escape! I used the last HN offer to get my iPad mini haha

    • You can go for iPad Pro this year.

      • Too big; I would have gotten the iPad Pro from work but I wanted the mini, which they didn't stock the 4G version of …

  • no more visa gcards?

    • +1

      That’s a big fat NO. Gerry cottoned onto us exploiting the Visa gift cards and asked all stores to destroy them about 9 months ago. If anyone can still find a store selling them please do tell us!

      • I just called my nearest store. Still no visa gift cards in store.

  • only got it on my plat reserve card, not my main platinum card

  • +2

    does it work with Commonwealth Bank Amex card?

    • if you see the offer on the website/app under your account and you accepted/saved it, then yes.

    • My cba account amex card number isn't being recognised… :(

  • On my Essential card only, not Explorer.

    • got on my explorer

    • Not on my Essential :(

  • +44

    Spend $300 Get $100 Back 1/3 2016
    Spend $400 Get $100 Back 1/4 Last year
    Spend $250 Get $50 Back 1/5 This year!!!!!!
    Spend $300 Get $50 Back 1/6 Next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • +6

      That’s ok,, as the OzBargain members, we should get the cashback on top of the matched price from the cheapest competitor.

    • +2

      This guy definitely maths.

    • +1

      Eventually it will be

      Spend $100 give Gerry another $100

    • Spend $250 Pay extra $50 for a $200 product 1/5 2020
      Spend $400 Pay extra $100 for a $300 product 1/4 2021
      Spend $300 Pay extra $100 for a $200 product 1/3 2022

    • I would imagine that the way ozb takes up the deal has a lot to do with what the offers are. HN and Amex must look at the offering a lot differently than they did back in 2016 too

  • +1

    Nvidia Shield just popped up on Harvey Norman - makes it $279:

    • harvey norman website down?

    • similar price after discount for ebay plus at PcMeal. Good deal for non ebay plus member!

  • anyone knows if HN allows paying with multiple cards?
    any limit on the number of cards to use?

    • +4

      I have paid with 2 different cards before no issues, unsure if there is a limit.

    • +3

      Never had a problem paying with up to 4 cards.

    • Multiple cards yes, but don't mention they're not in your name if you're using other people's cards (at Auburn NSW)

    • +1

      It depends on the store. At my local HN, they only allowed me to use 1 Amex, no split payments were allowed when I bought my phone during the last promo.

      • @Bargain321
        Last year I bought iphone using 4 cards
        Just talk to the manager.
        See they dont want you to go to another store.

        • I did, they said their manager had specific instruction about no split payments on purchases using Amex.

        • @Bargain321:
          Which store?

        • +1

          @Joe888: Liverpool NSW

      • Confirmed same strictness this year :(

    • Just buy Harvey Norman eGiftCard online, and then use in-store (and online too), they can't reject the payment then lol

      • +1

        last year they blocked using amex from buying HN gift cards online, so not sure about now. their website seems down.

        • Hmm, I've been able to buy e-giftcards online fine last year and this year too.

          Their website is actually up and running, but somehow I can't access it with my regular browser and regular profile (I use Opera). BUT, if I use private browsing, or use Edge, I can access it fine. I wonder if they are blocking cookies that they identified to ask for Price Match online (I've been getting online price match from them like, two or three times this year).

          Good luck.

        • I don't think they blocked it. Some people just had difficulty purchasing them. I successfully used last year's offer to purchase e-gift cards online.

        • +1

          @zrmx: They blocked my IP as I tried to price match multiple times online.

        • @spk:

          Does using a VPN work for you?

          I haven't gotten to the stage of having my IP banned yet ^^"" as I still can access the site by using the Private Browsing mode or a different browser (i.e. different set of cookies).

        • i can access their site as well. Its just the chat window will not be seen.

      • The denominations doesn't make it worthwhile.

        $200 (which doesn't mean the minimum) and then $500. No split payments via online either.

        They don't have $250 flat which would make it worthwhile if people were stacking per transaction.

        • +3

          Can't you add a $200 and $50 egift card? I was able to add both to cart as you can select the value.

          EDIT: I've just purchased and got the confirmation email.

        • +1

          Yup i do $200+$50 too
          (oops pressed associated accidentally, commenting using phone and was posting too quickly)

        • @marquise: Thanks for clarifying. Will do this now!

      • Has anyone received their eGift Card/s yet?

        • Are they not instant? I thought they were.

        • @Anubis: I haven't received mine yet. Ordered yesterday…

        • @flaketron:
          Just asked live chat, can take upto 24 hours.

        • @flaketron: did you get it yet?

        • I ordered 200 and 50 egift cards online at about 1pm today. Got email from amex immediately of using the offer.

          Got order confirmation in few minutes from Harvey.

          Got egift card email after 2 hours later. But only got $200 egift card not the $50 although were placed in same order.

          Still waiting for $50

        • @Anubis: nothing yet.

        • First lot I ordered around 2am 19/9 I got an order under review email, then cards came through about 9am. Second lot I ordered that day/night, I only received an order confirmation and under review email.

        • +1

          @randomstuff: I got my $50 gift card overnight.

        • @Anubis: finally received them. Phew. Had to follow up with live chat and an email to customer first team.

  • Not shown on my Qantas Ultimate card

  • Didn't show up on my amex explorer either :(

  • +1

    Nothing on my DJ amex

  • i think there's another better offer normally at the end of year

    • It normally comes around November. With this deal ending 30/10, it might be all we get especially since the discount has been going down each year.

  • does not come up in every card. it seems random….

  • +1

    Got on my amex Qantas discovery
    not on my essentials.

  • So is this this year's spend 300 get 100 back equivalent?

    • you mean last year’s spend 400 get 100 back.

      • That's the one!

  • I know it says it doesn't apply to Apple products, does amex actually know what we have purchased?

    • +4

      Its a charge from Harvey Norman

  • So they've gone back to an account system?

    We are currently experiencing technical difficulties and could not process your request. Please wait 15 minutes and try again. Or please contact Customer Services for immediate assistance. We apologise for any inconvenience.

  • +3

    Should be changed to Targeted.

  • Awwww yes, my favourite AMEX offer is back.

    Hoping to fanangle a <$300 Nintendo Switch with a couple of cards and this deal

    • Don't think you'll be able to get a switch for that low. Not as good as previous years offers.

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