out of stock Gigabyte Radeon RX580 Gaming 4GB GDDR5 $239 + Delivery (or Pickup VIC & WA) @ PLE Computers


$10 cheaper than PCCG deal (different brand though) but has a nice backplate.

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    Shipping costs roughly $12~14 dollars, but looks like Shipping is free for VIC (postcode 3000)


    Is this suitable for an SFF Dell Optiplex?


    I picked up the 570 4GB a couple of months back for $220. Is this much better?


    Damn 185W power vs 120W for a GTX 1060. =(
    That's more than a GTX 1080…


      Yeah, that's the way with AMD. This is good value though.


        Yea. I have Gigabyte Windforce 1060 3GB and wouldn't mind the extra 1GB of VRAM, not to mention metal backplate and LED lighting. But damn this thing would heat the room up even faster in Summer…


      You can under-volt quite a bit though to bring TDP down without losing any/much performance. Or you could buy a cheap RX570 expedition that is set to 85W TDP by default and not much slower than an RX580.

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    I have owned a Sapphire version of this GPU for about a year now, and while it does have a significantly higher factory OC, it is otherwise the same card.

    I have to say, even with an aftermarket bump up to 1450Mhz on the Core Clock and over 8000Mhz (effective) on the Memory Clock, which to my knowledge is above the highest factory OCs for any RX 580 model (and sadly seems to be the ceiling on RX 580s, which don't have much OC'ing potential), this card can't handle about 50% of the current, Triple-A gaming catalogue at 1080p. By "handle", I mean High/Ultra settings with decent levels of AA/AF and a consistent 60FPS, which I think is a fairly bare-minimum criterion these days as 1080p is no longer the bleeding-edge standard.

    Once you knock the graphical settings back to Medium, then you're looking at 95% of games being perfectly playable, but don't expect to be able to have everything cranked up to the maximum.

    A lot of reviewers and benchmarks seem to position the RX 580 as a sort of GTX 1070-equivalent or near-equivalent but it's far from it.
    Once over-clocked, the RX 580 4GB is a definitive step up from even the 6GB version of the GTX 1060, but I wouldn't choose it if I was gaming on any resolution above 1920x1080.

    I would also avoid buying the RX 580 8GB version, given it makes little sense to play at the higher resolutions where all of that VRAM would make a difference, because your performance will be absolutely atrocious on demanding titles. The RX 580 8GB is otherwise identical to the RX 580 4GB, including the same memory bandwidth and clock speed ceilings.

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      What benchmarks and reviews are you looking at besides 3D mark lol. Everyone knows the 580 competes with the 1060 when it comes to FPS in real games. 1070 is for Vega 56.

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        I'm talking about real-world performance not synthetic benchmarks.

        The launch of the RX 580 last year coincided with the spread of the Vulkan API in a lot of big titles like Wolfenstein II: TNC, and in those games the RX 580, along with AMD in cards in general, punched well above their weight class and actually equalled much more expensive cards at 1080p, like the GTX 1070. So yes, there was a large amount of hype surrounding the $200 dollar-cheaper RX 580 matching the GTX 1070, in demanding titles.

        Now a year on and with less investment in the Vulkan API from major developers, the RX 580 is not even fulfilling the mid-range niche that well, still struggling with a lot of Triple-A titles at 1080p, which was my point; it's a lacklustre card all-around that only really scored some momentum thanks to an API that heavily-favoured AMD.

        For this price, it's a decent buy, but the confusing history and positioning of it in the AMD line-up (which doesn't really have 1:1 equivalents to Nvidia's cards) has given it a distorted reputation.


      RX580 is definitely not an Ultra settings GPU, though I think Medium setting card is harsh on it too, I agree on picking the 4GB over the 8GB version, I've personally not understood the almost rabid desire by some wanting more VRAM when their GPU isn't powerful enough to utilize it.


    Not available to buy


    Looks like sold out. Got one yesterday and going to pick up with rest of parts to start a new box today.

    Upgrade it in a year or two, should last easily until then.


    Ha , got 2 at the last moment , glad it was me!

    Wooo crossfire!

    Thanks OP <3

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