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Sharp Aquos S3 Mini Smartphone 6GB+64GB (Black Only) US $159.50 (~AU $226) Delivered @ Joybuy


Price in title includes GST. This one pops up regularly.

I bought one last time it went on sale and am very happy with it. Deliver took about twenty days.

As noted in previous discussions, it comes with a Chinese ROM and no Google Apps. There is a post on XDA-Developers with replacement ROMS and how to load Google Play store and other Google Apps. The instructions are the usual XDA black art magic but I was successful in unbootlocking and reflashing mine.

Good spec phone at a cheap price.

EDIT: Images for the non-believers - sorry for potato quality


EDIT: Still on sale for another 24hrs

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  • How does it compare to the s2?

    Band 28?

    No NFC though right

  • Price shows US $145 to me as of now.

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      ex GST price. Extra 10% is added on checkout.

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    Abit tricky to the S2 but if you follow it to the T you should be able to use it with Google Play store.

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        :) thanks for referring to my comment.

        Phone is snappy and can also do multi tasking like Android one is. By using the left button on the soft keys to bring up all the apps on the background, slightly pull the app you want to multi task down and the option will appear. I only found that out a few days ago…

        • Hey mikkim4eva,
          Do you know if it’s working properly with 7 eleven apps? (Naturally it is, as it is part of google play, but thought I asked anyway)

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            @hotcold: I downloaded the app for free offers. It works fine but I am not sure if the lock fuel has any issues…Currently in nz so can't test it out!

            • @mikkim4eva: I saw your lengthy instructions on how to root the phone but still somehow manage to brick it T.T I was wondering if you have technical know how to unbrick it. Currently, the phone is stuck on the Sharp loading screen. Tried to message you but was unable.

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    5.5in screen…. mini???

  • How does this phone compare to the Xiomi Redmi Note 5?

    • Want to know this too

      Is Sharp Aquos s3 mini > xiaomi a2 lite > xiaomi redmi 5 ?

  • +1

    Xiaomi A2 Lite is a better phone. Android One phone with no Chinese rom BS and quick updates directly from Google. Probably cheaper too with eBay discount codes, much faster delivery too.

    • The Chinese rom is a downer, however aside from that on hardware specs alone this is a significantly better phone.

  • Sorry if it's a noob question, but is this 4G+3G or 4G+2G?

    • 4g and 3g

      • Sorry but just to confirm, is it 4G and 3G at the same time?

  • Can someone refresh my memory on how they measure the 5.5 inches (like width or diagonally)? How does this compare (screen size wize) to say an A1?

  • Are there any reasons to get this over the S2 assuming same price?

    • None, you can wait for S3 (not mini) to drop price.

    • Better cameras and more memory.

      • Can I confirm if it is a 4G + 3G dual SIM phone which supports 3G on the second SIM?

    • Yes, S2 has been discontinued.

      • That's terrible, especially considering this one offers no NFC.

        I'd say the S2 is a far better phone.

  • This is pretty amazing specs for that price.

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