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Skmei 1155 & Sanda 329 $7.30 Each Shipped (HK) @ Auto_field eBay


Sanda 329 Large or Small $6.64 + gst = $7.30 shipped
BUY 1, GET 1 AT 5% OFF

  • Crystal/Lens - Resin
  • Large Case Size (LWH) - 40mm x 50mm x 13mm (Sizes confirmed here)
  • Small Case Size (LWH) - 34mm x 43mm x 13mm
  • Day & Date, Stop Watch
  • Hourly Chime & Alarm
  • EL Backlight with Afterglow
  • 12-Hour or 24-Hour Display

White is a positive display, all other colours are a negative display.
This watch is basically the same as the Skmei 1134, which is my favourite China Cheapo Digital.
See youtube review comparison here.
If you want the Skmei 1134 the cheapest I can find it is $8.95 + gst shipped

Skmei 1155 Dustmaster $6.64 + gst = $7.30 shipped. Edit - Out Of Stock.
Purchases are limited to 1 of each colour per buyer
BUY 1, GET 1 AT 5% OFF

  • Crystal/Lens - Resin
  • Case Size (LWH) - 52mm x 55mm x 17mm
  • Dual Time
  • Day & Date, Stop Watch
  • Hourly Chime & Alarm
  • EL Backlight with Afterglow (only on the digital display)
  • 12-Hour or 24-Hour Display

Beware - This is a big watch at 55mm
Youtube Review
1140 reviews on Amazon

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  • +3

    Great price for these watches, absolutely love my SKMEIs'.
    Thanks WatchnNerd - another great post.

  • +1

    Thanks. Will try sanda 329 :)

  • Wow that YouTube video - actually had me hooked!

    • Well, there goes almost five minutes of my life that I won't get back, or be able to say search for bargains

      • The video was for the girls. Especially the girls.

        Maybe I missed something there too

        Not gonna buy this thing, it is far too small for use by any normal person. Besides $11 (let alone $6.64) is just way out of my price range

        • +4

          Username checks out.

  • Undeniably good value.

  • +1

    You just had to post 2 watches, now I have to get them both…

    Sanda 329 Large or Small, does this just mean large = male and small = female?

    • Perhaps, but 34mm x 43mm x 13mm would often be described as Unisex.

      • Just in the choosing colour option it has black male, black female etc options

    • +9

      What about a sporty Skmei 1155 for $6.64 offered in this deal post?

  • Thanks for the post!
    I have been told that the negative displays are sometimes harder to read.
    Any pros/cons regarding positive/negative displays for the Sanda 329, such as battery life etc?

  • How accurate are these over a 2 month period? Will they keep time accurately (relative to their travel in space) within say 1 second?

    • They would be Quartz based watches, which even on the cheapest models are more accurate than Grandmaster watchmakers from the 19th century could ever dream of.

      Typical accuracy for a quartz watch is +-30 seconds per month, the less temperature variations experienced by the watch, the more accurate. if you keep it on your arm, the human body is a pretty steady temperature, so that keeps it more accurate. If you take it off, and leave it on a window sill it will be less accuraste.

      • Thanks. Is there something cheap with an accuracy of about +/-1s per month (without sync) ?

        • That would be pushing it, even for quartz.

  • Thanks WatchNerd!

    • Which one did you get? I kinda like the Sanda.

  • Only the Gold colour left in SKMEI, price is now $11. 😢

    • Black just came back in stock. Just bought one.

      • By the power vested in me it is my solemn duty to hereby absolve you of all blame and any residual guilt concerning the essential acquisition of this remarkably inexpensive horological triumph. ® © ™

    • UPDATE And it's gone out of stock again - I think someone must have cancelled their order which gave me the chance to get 1

  • Thanks OP. Any deals around for Skmei 1251? I've found it for about $12 delivered at Zapals

  • Skmei 1155 Dustmaster is back in stock

  • sorry but what does positive/negative display mean here?

    • +5

      The traditional way of displaying the time on an LCD watch is that the polarisation of the crystal that form the numbers/letters changes so they appeared dark on a light back-ground. The "negative" display has them as light on a dark background, as you will notice on the linked videos. This can be harder to read in bright light or from an angle.

      • That makes sense thanks.

      • Good explanation.

  • +2

    Great presents for those nephews you just don’t love

  • Skmei 1258 or Skmei 1068 is good for long sighted people. LARGE led numbers.

  • +2

    Got a SKMEI and one of the others this morning. Every few years I decide it's time to start wearing a watch but it doesn't last long. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Thanks. Bought 1 of each.

  • +1

    I've bought a few of these skmeis over the past few months and there all still working so far. Seem to keep the time well. Remembering to actually use them is hard after not wearing watches for about a decade tho lol

  • Bought a different style Skmei last year specifically for swimming… $4 and it doesn't miss a beat, screens scratch easily though.

  • +3

    Thanks heaps WatchNerd! the Skmei 1134 is my daily driver and hasn't missed a beat all year. Purchased the Sanda 329 as a backup! Cheers.

  • +1

    Anyone else who ordered the SKMEI get an email with "Hey we were just about to dispatch this and realised we don't have any stock" email from them?

    • Yeah I just got the same message. This seems to be quite a common occurrence lately. There is essentially no negatives to overselling items.

      • Especially when they encourage you to just pick one of their other items. It’s tempting when you have already paid, so you get sucked in by a deal and then end up buying something else.

    • Yeah I got the same message they wanted me to get another sanda but I don't really need 2 of them.

  • So after getting the run around from the eBay seller I bought an 1155 from AliExpress, and what a beast of a watch! I've had a few Ali watches over the years and all have been pretty lacking in quality, but this one is in another league - far better.
    The warnings about it being big are right, it's a monster.

    Thanks OP.

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