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Lenovo Tab 4 10" Plus - 16GB Full HD Android Tablet - $299 @ JB Hi-Fi ($284.05 @ Officeworks via Price Beat)


$299 at JB HiFi. Just did a Price Beat at officeworks and came down to $284.05.

WiFi only model
Android 7.1
1920 x 1200 FHD 10.1" IPS Display
Octa-core Snapdragon 625 CPU
3GB RAM, 16GB Storage
MicroSD expansion up to 128 GB card size
USB-Type C
7000mAh battery

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  • This could tempt me.

    Been on the fence about buying this one. Just need to know if it plays games like Banner Saga 2, x-com, and other high end games well.

    OP: can you tell me how much space you have left on the tablet brand new? I assume the OS takes up half of the 16gb?

    • re: storage the tablet does take SD cards and I believe it has 'adoptable' storage which eliminates most/all? of the issues of apps not wanting to go on 'external' storage etc. So that's a big plus for the lenovos, imo.

  • cool, wasn't sure if Officeworks would pricematch since JB have it labelled incorrectly (as a Yoga), maybe will try it. Been torn between this or waiting for new Lenovo tablets but dunno when they'll arrive, or the new Samsung Tab A which I think can be had for about $360 atm (officeworks 5% price-beat from Harvey Norman's price of about $378 - but check, don't quote me hah.) For a while there The Good Guys had this on Ebay for $299 too, which would've been great with the recent 20% off coupon, but had been taken down a while prior. Maybe just snap this up before I'm really stuck without a decent option.

    • Which is better? This or the new Samsung Tab A?

      • the specs are pretty similar, the Samsung Tab A is newer (just released a month or so ago), the screen is slightly larger at 10.5inches not 10.1, it also has a newer version of Android (but I think people are expecting/hoping to get that for this Lenovo soon too), the resolution of both tablets is the same, same type of screen I think (the Samsung Tab A isn't a nicer amoled screen like the higher end samsungs), I don't think the Samsung has the 'adoptable' storage though, although it does take SD cards (oh and it does come with 32gb rather than 16.) There's good discussions about both on Whirlpool forums

        Anyone buying the Samsung Tab A needs to make sure not to get fobbed off with a bad deal on the older 10.1 inch version, which're still floating around and not worth buying at all now unless you could get it a lot cheaper than most places still want.

        Also, anyone buying a Lenovo Tab 10 Plus on ebay etc, make sure it's not a black one or make sure if it is that it has 3gb of ram, I almost bought one but it actually only had 2gb ram, presumably cos it was the US version (which was only released with 2gb.) Also, we in Aus got shortchanged a bit on ram with 3gb, some countries got em with 4, but they're pricier so. It's bloody complicated and difficult to get a good mid-range Android tablet!

      • +1

        Surely a Snapdragon 625 is better than the Snapdragon 450 in the Tab A 2018 model. I would be leaning towards this.

        If its just for watching movies etc then the Samsung AMOLED screen is much better than the Lenovo

        • +1

          right sorry, was probly thinking too much in terms of my own usage case scenario (movies, comics and stuff moreso than gaming), I dunno how much better exactly it is but yeah it is a better processor. Also the Samsung TAB A doesn't have AMOLED, the higher end S range do, so that's not a consideration anyway. Which means yeah I'd probly agree about leaning towards this

        • The 450 is very marginally worse (1.8ghz vs 2.0ghz and supports 1080p recording only). Everything else is pretty much the same.

          The tab a 10.5 also has double the storage though both have micro sd slots.

  • +1

    Just a word of warning. The internet drops out frequently (like every 5-20 minutes) on this device if you have 5Ghz Wifi.

    I bought this device a couple of months back, and discovered the bug (well documented on Lenovo forums) after updating to the current firmware. On 2.4Ghz it's rock solid, on older Firmware revisions it's apparently ok too. I had to spin up an old 2.4Ghz wireless router, as my google mesh is 5Ghz only.

    I assume if/when Lenovo release an updated firmware the problem will be addressed.

    • I have the same issue, although it doesn't bother me as I just run it on the 2.4ghz.

    • I have the same issue as well!
      Certainly not ideal

      Some 5ghz setups do work flawlessly (might be modem specific), but I've not figured out exactly what causes this :(

      * Turning off any 'mesh' related settings on my Telstra Cable Modem fixed the 5ghz drop outs for me (I have three of these for the kids)
      * Google WiFi will likely have issues (as it doesn't allow you to differentiate SSID of 5ghz and 2.4ghz)

  • It's out of stock in all Melbourne CBD Officeworks, but it's still possible to order it in store and get the price beat. You just to wait a day or so for it to come in.

    • Can you do price beat online or do I have to go into the store, get the price beat and order then come back?

      • When I asked I was told it had to be in store

    • Was told in NSW there was 20+ in warehouse as of lunch time today.

  • Is this still stuck on Android 7.1?

    • Lenovo said 8.1 coming to other tablets next month; the 10 Plus wasn't on the list, so may be coming but later than November.
      Don't think 7.1 vs 8.1 would be a deal breaker for many.

  • I was looking at this over the weekend. You can price match at HN and use your amex $50 off $250 offer.

    The new lenovo m10 and p10 are coming out with the SD450 which is slightly slower but will come with oreo out of the box. While the tab 4 has a November date for oreo, it is unknown if this includes the tab 4 plus.

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