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Google Pixel 8 5G 128GB $798 + 10% Back in Gift Cards ($79.80) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Harvey Norman


33% off RRP$1199 on the Pixel 8, with an additional 10% of the price as bonus Harvey Norman gift cards (~$80). Works out to a very cheap price of $718.20 if you have something else to purchase on sale with the gift cards.

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  • I'm looking to upgrade from my Xiaomi 9T. Looking for good value with a nice camera and software updates. Worth getting this or waiting for the 8A in May?

    • Had a 7a and now P8P and kind wish I just paid more for a Samsung Ultra series phone.

      The battery life on this is really bad.. And it just doesn't feel like a flagship.

      • the real selling point for this phone is the fantastic camera with AI features

        • The AI features end up in the other android phones anyway.

          The camera is good I guess but it is a bit laggy.

        • +1

          You get a lot of those AI features on the newer S series Samsung flagships though, with the benefit of being much better phones overall.

        • Yeah if you actually use them, call me a boomer but I don't take 50 Instagram photos a day. I got the Pro because I didn't want to miss the exclusive features, but literally can't even recall what thos features were lol

    • I have the pixel 8 pro, would not recommend. It's overall quite buggy, frequently end up needing to kill and reopen apps. And the underscreen fingerprint reader is a complete turd

      • I also have it and don't have any of these issues. Great phone.

    • Same here, I bought the 9T about 4 years ago from JB. The phone been good except camera is getting very laggy take few seconds to start up. Battery is only about half the capacity so need to charge at least 2 times every day. Hoping to get something around $600

      • You'll be charging this phone during the day too and it's new lol

  • 8A in may

  • Just a small PSA to anyone, I've had the Google Pixel 8 Pro for about 6 months now.

    The phone itself at the price point is great, however, if you utilize your phone in your car often via Bluetooth there is a bug currently which disconnects Bluetooth when receiving or making a call.

    It's been super disruptive to me, but otherwise the phone itself it's really good.

    • Are you using Android 15, Beta 1? It could be a bug.

      • Currently yes, however I was using Android 14 prior and even the April connectivity fixed didn't help. I moved on to the Beta in hopes it would work as well, still nothing.

        • Yeah, I understood. I had to go to Android 14 as NFC failed miserably. Looks like they have fixed now.

    • did ya get it during Google Pixel 8 Pro 128GB $0 Upfront on Optus $69 100GB 24 Month Plan @ Harvey Norman (In-Store Only)

      for $8XX max cancellation???

  • $800 for Pixel 8, sounds good as 8A will likely list for a minimum A$799 initially, probably $849. I would expect the 8A likely wont be available until June here as well. Based on rumours but the Pixel 8 will likely have better screen, waterproofing, build (glass back vs plastic on 8A), better charging, better cameras, better processing power .

    On the positive side there are lots of Chinese phones putting downward pressure on prices here in Australia, the better the specs of the 8A turn out to be likely the higher the initial rrp will be. The price difference however between the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8A will need to be maintained at $300 to $450.

    • +1

      Lol the pixel 8 charging is already below average and they can make it worse?

  • +1

    Trust me, just run away a far as you can from Google phones

    • Agree with this. Incredible specs made me too curious so I swapped from iPhone in December… after 4 months of bugs (font issues, android auto problems, hard to call back from 2nd sim) I’m back to iPhone, and learnt my lesson. I hope this helps anyone is/was curious like me!

      • I haven't experienced any of this and have owned pixel 7 Pro and now 8 pro. Everyone else in my family has iPhones and I much prefer my choice, other than being annoyed because they keep asking me to take photos for them!

  • best phone I've ever owned, highly recommend

  • +1

    My pixel 7 is fine too. No issues I have.

    • Every time there's a pixel deal on here you get these comments about "I tried it, had issues and went back to iphone". I call BS. Never happened.

  • How does everyone use their phone? How many hour screen time?. I still got p4a, and going strong. I probably use up to 3 hours screen time daily. no complaint….

    • I found it depends if you are on wifi or cellular.

      WiFi can get 7/8hrs SOT.

      Battery tanks alot on cellular.. But can still get about 5/6hrs.

      Sometimes it gets random drain where you are almost out of juice with 2/3.. It's weird and I don't like it.

      My old P30 pro was guaranteed to be going strong by time you go to bed. It was a true 1.5 day battery life when using it alot. I believe the Samsung Ultra range also have heaps long battery.

      • How many phones actually do much better than this? iPhones certainly don't. In my experience cheap Xiaomis have had the longest battery life.

        • It's more that you get random drain and days where it only lasts a couple hours.

          BTW I've had 5G disabled since I got the phone as it was killing the battery. I've read people were deleting apps such as Chrome to help with battery.. We shouldn't be turning off all these features just so battery life is acceptable.

          My AOD and other Google features have all been turned off just to save on battery.

  • need another

    Google Pixel 8 Pro 128GB $0 Upfront on Optus $69 100GB 24 Month Plan +$100 for 256hb @ Harvey Norman with $8XX max cancellation deal!!!

  • Was this an online only deal?

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