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Night Vision Monocular with 3x Magnification & IR Illumination $149 (Was $299) @ Jaycar (Requires Free Sign up to Nerd Perks)


A monocular night vision scope with integrated infra-red illuminator and high-grade lens for observing in complete darkness. Features 3 x magnification and constructed in a tough composite housing. There are also 2 tripod mounting holes for stable viewing. Ideal for seeing in dark places when a torch is unsuitable due to environmental disturbance. Suitable for night camping, viewing wildlife at night, fishing, hunting and general surveillance. Carry bag included. Watch video on our website.


• Type: 3 x 42 image intensifier tube 
• Max range: 150-200m (2-10 Lux) 
• Lens Dia. 42mm 
• Field view: 13° 
• Eye piece: -4 to +4 diopter 
• Battery: CR123A (not included) 

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  • Does it have a pic mount?

  • team it up with amex $20 back.. and its 139

    • $129
      If you can find stock

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    Not another Jaycar post!!! :O

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    What are Nerd Perks?

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      Just Watch

  • In-store stock only, and there's very little left throughout Australia.

    It seems judging by the specs this would be equivalent to a Gen I NVD?

    • IIRC,Gen 1(+) is the only uncontrolled NVD the public can buy.
      Even if you could get Gen 2, it starts at 8k+

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    can get 2 turn into binoculars ?

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      This is a good deal for one-eyed footy supporters to use at night matches.

      • what about looking through windows ?

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          I use Linux.

  • Website down……

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    So… is this gen 1, 2, 3 or 4 night vision tech?

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    This appears to be active (IR illumination) and not passive night vision. Pass.

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      You're not going to get any decent passive NVD or night vision optics for this kind of money.

    • integrated infra-red illuminator

      How did you figure that out?

  • This might be good when combined with a Fenix ir 3000mw torch

  • Forgot to add spying on your local tweakers late at night. Pair this with the $2 popcorn deal from Woolworths for the ultimate midnight methhead watching extravaganza.

    • About as creepy as it gets. Get some help, the tweakers seem normal compared to spying and stuff like that.

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      What shithole do you live in?

      • In a place where if you were caught spying on other people and their private business, late at night, with that sort of tech, you would get a disappearing trick performed on you pretty quickly.

  • Anyone used these? My son has a cheap toy NV which uses IR to illuminate (https://www.amazon.com/Ultra-Vision-Goggles-Modes-Pacific/dp...) which works well indoors, but is useless outside.
    Would this be the same?

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      You could extend the usefulness of your sons NVD, by buying an infrared filter for a torch, some like this one for a Maglite. Or you can use photofilm, or even an old sunglass lens.
      It's kinda fun seeing their reaction to a road sign reflecting the IR light, and they can see it clearly, and then not seeing it at all when they use their naked eye. Gets them thinking how light works in both the visible and invisible range.
      Alternatively, for back yard explorations, you can put a black light bulb on the outside light socket.
      Or write secret messages/scavenger hunt using IR cyalume sticks

      Word to the wise, try not to use the torch inside with the filter, as the beam will reflect quite well off any glass surface, blooming the NVD out. IR illuminators are naff, but adequate for use indoors.

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    Well now I can have a hand free for…nevermind.

  • Sweet. Now I can drive around with my lights off. I might have to get two for depth perception.

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      Nah… Just keep keep bobing your head back and forth like a pigeon and save the money.