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(iOS) $0 - Visualx, Toca Life, My Town : Police, Remote for Mac, 8bitwar: Necropolis @ iTunes


Some iOS apps/games that are free for a short period of time. No ads or IAP.

App Was US$ Rating
VisualX - After Camera Effects $1.99
Toca Life: Town - (NB - App Store Best of 2014) $3.99
My Town : Police $2.99
Remote for Mac $3.99
Handy Tools for DIY PRO $3.99
8bitWar: Necropolis $2.99

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    Don’t waste your time with handy tools. Has intrusive ads that appear when you switch between functions..

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    The Toca Life and My Town games are GREAT. My kids love them! I find myself watching them play.


    Remote for Mac is showing up as $5.99.

    My Town : Home Doll House is also free.