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71% off All Products (100% Cotton Tees @ $7.25) + Free Postage @ Ardh Clothing (Closing Down Sale)


Clothing inspired by a fondness to Nature and a passion for Wilderness Culture

Closing Down Clearance Sale until the end of October!

Ardh Clothing is offering 71% off all products + FREE POSTAGE ==> Simply enter coupon code [SUNSET] at the checkout.

Receive FREE POSTAGE on all orders!

Tumbleweed - Beige (https://www.ardh.com.au/product/tumbleweed-beige/) RRP: $24.95 - 71% code [SUNSET]= NOW $$7.24

Desert Labyrinth - Brown (https://www.ardh.com.au/product/desert-labyrinth-brown/) RRP: $24.95 - 71% code [SUNSET]= NOW $$7.24

Lunar Gaze - Black (https://www.ardh.com.au/product/lunar-gaze-black/) RRP: $24.95 - 71% code [SUNSET]= NOW $$7.24

Moonlit Tarn - Black (https://www.ardh.com.au/product/moonlit-tarn-black/) RRP: $24.95 - 71% code [SUNSET]= NOW $$7.24

Click here to view the whole collection ===> https://www.ardh.com.au/product-category/sacred-geometry-col...

Note: Handling time for orders is 1-2 business days. Postage is done via Australia Post.
If you have an queries about your order, don't hesitate to contact us at: [email protected]

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  • Uhhhhh…..wot

    • +26 votes

      Cut them some slack. It's bad enough their business is going under.

    • +22 votes

      I think it's easy for you to forget , behind this whole thing there's someone's ideas , aspirations, and it may not be we'll presented to your opinion, but it's not about that.

      Considering the circumstances , if you don't have anything nice to say , don't say it at all , I suppose.

      It's a shame you can't see beyond your mental barrier , and buy a goddamn shirt for 7.5$


  • +10 votes

    Sorry about the store.

    Clothes look great, just put an order.

    Thank you for sharing :) <3

  • Got few of them. Cheers OP :)

  • Hi Rep,
    How loose fitting are these?

  • Warning peoples, I found the sizing to be suitable for skinny and slightly tall people. I got a large and whilst I could definitely be in better shape the shirt was fairy tight fitting but also a bit too long.

    Otherwise, quality seems not bad. Good for the price.

    • I can pull off a medium on a not so bloaty day, Large is my safe size , ordered 7 of them.
      How "too long" or "too tight" are we talking?…

      • I guess it just depends on body shape and how style concious you are. I am sometimes medium but lately more often a large that looks just a little bit roomy. The shirt I got from Ardh is not toooo tight but not at all roomy but definitely hangs down further than i am used to (i don't tuck in t-shirts).

    • Any idea what brand shirt this is printed on? Owners never replied to my query on their previous deal

    • +1 vote

      Thank you for your purchase. Have a look at the sizing guide on our website and make sure the size you selected is of the correct measurements. If you'd like to change the size of your order, we can arrange for that.

  • Genuinely sorry to hear about where this ended up OP. I've followed your various posts and love the designs so will grab a shirt or two when the website manages to load.

    • @ardhclothing ,
      the links they provided are broken, just go to Ardh.com.au , and press Shop :P

  • If having any issues with the website loading, just give it a refresh, that always seems to fix it.

  • Sorry to hear about your closing down, it was nice to receive a hand written note with my previous order I'm sad you will be closing down I'm trying to refresh to make a final order but it doesn't seem to want to load :( all the best with your future.

  • Sad news! I ordered some t-shirts early. I was looking forward to ordering XXL/XXXLs when they came back into stock. I hope your next adventure ends better than this one.

  • wish i knew my measurements

    • Take a shirt you already own, check the size.
      Go online , see the size measurements.
      Take into account if you want it to be a bit more loose or fit, compare and pick on their site :p

      • I did that lol it's just some Ts say S but feel like XS or M. I got M to be safe and since i wanna go gym soon to pick up chicks this summer LOL

  • Sorry to see this happening. Just made an order :) and all the best in your future ventures!

  • sorry to hear about this… bought 2 and wish you all the best in future

  • You big boys grabbed all the double extra large :-(

    Knew those Krispy Kremes would catch up some time……

  • +2 votes

    Just got the advertising text. Can I unsubscribe?

  • I just received an SMS from your company OP for advertisement which I did not subscribe…. Can you please remove me from your SMS list?

  • Ordered two. Good luck OP!

  • Nice looking shirts - bought a couple

  • Awesome. Ordered 3. Thank you.

  • +2 votes

    Shame, some genuinely intriguing designs, ordered 3 (#5000). But please do remove my phone number from any list, thank you.

  • got a couple on last deal.

    for XL and XXl the shirts are so small.

    bad customer service also

  • Anyway, no Double Extra Large for all.

  • Tried several times to buy a shirt, but couldn't get the website to load. Now the coupon has expired

  • I am a bit upset , as I thought there was dignity behind the product.

    But calling it premium cotton when it is so transparent you can see my manboobs through the damn thing

    Calling it premium when the print is smeared

    It's not fair , and honestly misleading.

    Yeah they look good , but they're nothing but a sad story.

  • Really happy with mine that arrived today, for $7. I like the thin cotton. Sizing is on the small size. I am usually between M and L and the large is only just big enough. Was worth the half hour of perseverance it took to get their website to work. Would buy more if the deal was still going.

  • ATTENTION ! ! !
    Please wash your t-shirt before you wear it ALONE.
    I washed the green one with just 40 degrees with other dark clothes and all the light bits now got a green tinge.
    So please be careful and don'f ruin your other clothes.
    PS: The print kept up good.