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TPG Prepaid Mobile Unlimited Calls & Text: 10GB Data $15 Per Month, 15GB $19.99, 20GB $24.99 for First 6 Months (New Customers)


Was looking for prepaid plans and came across this.
If I recall, this deal was around sometime during last year, not sure when it came back but seems like they've made few changes.
$0 Sim fee
$0 Delivery fee
Data upgraded on all plans
100 Minutes International calls

$11 Port Out Fee
Uses Vodafone Mobile Network
Seems like good deal, 10gb per month for $15 is decent. Not sure when it will expire.

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    Where does it list the $11 port out fee?

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      Talked to their customer support, they said there's a $11 port out fee.


        I signed up without knowing the port out fee also. Bugger!

        Oh well, I guess 6 mth's of reduced monthly fees is still more than the $11.

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          They also charge you $20 security and will not refund you if you leave. You have to be on the phone for hours to nice, beg & threat etc.
          Consider them as thieves!


      In this PDF brochure it explicitly states a $11 port out fee.
      However, that PDF is buried way down in the site.

      Usually a TIO complaint threat will get them to waive it. It's not mentioned anywhere in the CIS, some might say its a critical bit of information.
      The CIS also only links to the standard T&C's which only vaguely state:

      6.6. We may charge you a fee to port the phone number to another carrier or carriage service provider.

      so you can probably argue your case/justify your TIO complaint that it wasn't clearly defined.

      Also be warned if you need a replacement SIM for whatever reason, they'll try to charge you for that too (well they did in the past, don't know if they still do but when one of my family members needed a replacement sim, they wanted to charge $20 for it. In the end they budged on that too and sent it for free.

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    This promo had been going on for many months already, i signed up before realise there’s a port out fee :(
    There’s lots of discussion from previous chat about the port out fee, apparently you can get it waived if you are harsh enough


      Yeah the port out fee is a deal breaker for some.
      Didn't realise the promo has been on for months, only found it today :(


    no prepaid fee ?


      If you mean sim fee, then no.


        1st month minimum charges on TPG no lock-in contract Mobile plans calculated as:
        $( Mobile monthly charge in first month ) + $20 Prepayment (if applicable) + SIM charge (if applicable)


    Just go on those 3 month deals (Catch $15 for 3 months and Kogan $15 for 3 months). Got the missus on these and she will have spent only $30 for 6 months.

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    Port out fee? Seriously. First it was 11 month years and now this. I'm hoping port out fee doesn't catch on. Neg because port out fee in my opinion is a ridiculous charge.

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    As mentioned before, the port out fee is ridiculous. They do also hunt you down incessantly to get it too.

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    There are too many cheap providers to waste your time with these jokers. The whole $20 deposit and now a port out fee. Save your time and heartache.

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    This is clearly not a bargain.

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