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[Pre-Order] Apple iPhone XR 64GB: Unlimited Calls & Text + 50GB Data 24 Month Plan $90/Month @ Optus


Now you can pre-order the Apple XR
for 64gb model - $10 more for 128gb, and $20 more for 256gb
$77 - 4gb data (a joke!)
$87 - 20gb Data
$90 - 50gb data - Unlimitted internation talk & text (35 countries)
$105- 200gb data

Lease plan is cheap from $60 for 4gb.

here is the marketing brief :
"Brilliant. In everyway"
All-new Liquid Retina display — the most advanced LCD in the industry. Even faster Face ID. The smartest, most powerful chip in a smartphone. And a breakthrough camera system. iPhone XR. It’s beautiful any way you look at it.

Introducing Liquid Retina. The new display on iPhone XR is the most advanced LCD in the industry. An innovative backlight design allows the screen to stretch into the corners. So you see true-to-life colour from one beautiful edge to the other.

Exceptional materials. The most durable front glass ever in a smartphone. Precision-machined, aerospace-grade aluminium bands. Water and dust resistance.2 And six stunning new finishes

Advanced Face ID. Security is simple when your face is your password. You can unlock your iPhone, log in to apps and pay for things with a glance. It’s the most secure facial authentication ever in a smartphone. And now it’s even faster

Intelligent A12 Bionic. This is the smartest, most powerful chip in a smartphone, with our next-generation Neural Engine. For amazing augmented reality experiences. Incredible portraits with Depth Control. And speed and fluidity in everything you do

Breakthrough camera system. The world’s most popular camera is defining a new era of photography. Where an innovative sensor works with the ISP and Neural Engine to help you create photos like never before.

go here if you would to compare the XS, XS Max and XR

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  • +11 votes

    Cost too much for a phone plan.

  • +11 votes

    Doesn't seem that great tbh.

  • +15 votes

    "Lease plan is cheap from $60 for 4gb"

    $1400 to borrow a phone for two years? Cheap?

      • +7 votes

        Yea but you have green texts

        • +2 votes

          I don't get why iPhone battery life is never quite as good though…


            @bteq: There has been several tests where the X S max out performed the note 9 in battery life.

            It’s the same for car engines, it’s not the size it’s how they are tuned and the quality of components used in it.


            @bteq: Screens getting bigger, more pixels. We have more apps running in the background doing things so that they’re ready for us whenever we decide to pick up and use. It’s a compromise I suppose. Plus the batteries tend to get smaller when they need more space but it’s offset by more efficient processors and iOS optimisations.

            They seem to aim for a particular amount of battery life and anything around that is acceptable (eg the iPad has always had a standard “10 hour battery life” through all iterations).

  • +5 votes

    Not that cheap. Total cost is $2160 for 24 months, deduct $1100 for the phone and it's $1060. Over 24 months, it's about $43 a month. May as well get the Telstra jb hifi plan. $45 a month with a free $200 gift card.

  • +11 votes

    The outright cost difference between the 64GB and 128GB is $70, or around $3 a month over 24 months. Optus wants $10, so $168 extra.

    The outright cost difference between the 128GB and 256GB is $180, or $7.50 a month over 24 months. Optus wants $10, so $60 on top.


    If you feel trapped on the apple ecosystem like me, this is a good deal.

    If you are a uni student or a teacher (or have an .edu email address) you can get 10% off the service portion of the plan.

    • +4 votes

      There’s been two distinct iPhone releases this year. The XS and XR. Not that confusing tbh


        Apple do announcements rather than releases and they were both in the same announcement. The XS was available earlier though.

  • +3 votes

    I didn't know the iPhone 4 had the Liquid Retina screen too.


    If you had to choose between the two would you get last year's iPhone X or the new iPhone XR?

    • +3 votes

      Iphone x, XR has the pixel density of the iPhone 4

    • +1 vote

      iPhone X, it uses oled screen.

    • +1 vote

      It's true that XR's ppi sucks. But Apple claimed it's the best lcd screen ever. And oled screen is not that good for lifetime and pwm problem. Apart from that, XR has better cpu, camera(same as XS)and battery life. I would choose XR especially when X is even more expensive.


      If it’s a serious question, choose the XR for better photos and especially video recording. For “consumption”, I prefer the OLED screen and a 2x lens. Also smaller.

    • +2 votes

      iPhone X has dual camera, smaller size, and OLED. But XR has the best iPhone battery life ever, and as for the screen, the whole reason screens were dubbed "retina" is that in normal use the pixels are so small that you can't see them in normal use, so 326 ppi really isn't that different in actual use. Your blacks might be less black, but I doubt there's that much difference overall. Also, there aren't many good iPhone X deals around any more. For some reason carrier plans are selling the iPhone X for more than the iPhone XS!

      I almost went with the XR instead of the XS just for the battery-life, but for my situation the XS ended up being better value (I have an expensive phone plan for work anyway so for high priced plans the cost is almost the same).

      I am disappointed the OLED screens haven't brought the expected improvement in battery life. Technically they should be more efficient, or so I thought. I wonder if it's the extra graphics processing required for "super retina" resolutions that's killing the battery?

      Keep in mind with the camera that the XR actually has a better wide-angle camera than the X, and still has virtual aperture for nice bokeh effect, so you're mostly just losing the optical zoom.


      For the last week I have switched from an oled screened Huawei P20 pro back to my old iphone 6s. Yeah it is possible to notice the difference but you habituate quickly and don't notice it….unless you really need the higher quality screen

      To be honest, the only reason I wouldn't go for the XR is that it is a big, heavy phone. If you like that then the battery life alone is a huge plus.

      For me, I would go the x just because it is a nice size. The P20 Pro which is fairly similar to the xr was too big for my tastes.

  • +1 vote

    I honestly don’t see an issue with the PPI on the lcd display, an OLED where the pixels are small there needs to have more pixels cramed together to not look pixilated while lcd doesn’t. Plus OLED isn’t so great as people think it is, in terms of longevity is wont last long especially to those who watch YouTube in portrait reading comments good luck getting some burn ins. You also see motion blur when scrolling in low brightness with dark spots and it’s only has less power consumption if you have like black background or something. Can’t wait until micro led comes out though


      People just like to latch on to something to fake disgust. LOL

      I might join them, but I haven’t even seen one yet!

      • +1 vote

        Well if you use google maps like 2 hours daily, you will have burn ins of the image of the elements of the app within 3-6 months or less. I happen to experience this with gps and summer heat driving, so now I strictly go for lcd. Also try using your phone on 80%-60% brightness for 4 or 3 hours a day for a couple of months can’t wait for you to experience some burn ins. It’s the nature of OLED being organic, now with dark sport issues this happens in rush productions or low quality OLED (think LG) and will appear in uneven wear of the organic leds. As organics it will break down overtime it just depends on your usage. now for motion blur I should have been more specific, it’s more of black smear. Its also the nature of OLED where the display can’t turn on pixels fast for scrolling or movement so there is a smear affect, want to see this smear? Go on your Samsung on reddit app with dark mode amoled in reddit app setting and turn brightness to 10% and scroll

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