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Dell Alienware 34" Curved Gaming Monitor AW3418DW $1574.24 Delivered @ Dell


Basically an extension of the price from this deal:

But no coupon required. Deal ends 25 October 2018.

Equal lowest OzBargain deal price for this monitor.

Credit to jar-unit for noticing the revised deal end date and no coupon.

Direct from Dell Australia

34-inch gaming monitor featuring a curved 1900R IPS display with NVIDIA® G-Sync™, wide viewing angles and incredible resolution. Lose yourself in every game.

120hz maximum refresh rate
3Yr Premium Panel Warranty, Advanced Exchange Service

Use Shopback or Cashrewards for some cashback.

Note delivery could be a few weeks - my order confirmed 19 October, estimated delivery to metro Sydney is 11 November….

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    Don't forget cashrewards. Also even better if you have a Dell Advantage coupon.


    I ordered this on the last deal, wonder why yours is taking so long?
    Mine was ordered 16/10 with delivery due 22/10 - to Darwin NT.

    My cashreward will be $133.07 + $10 for signing up, bring the total price down to $1431.17.


      I was in Manila when the original purchase was made (14 October).

      Dell was unable to phone me and they threatened to cancel my order because they couldnt reach me on my Australian mobile.

      Sorted that out 19 October. I assume you got stock on hand and that was exhausted before my order was confirmed on 19 October?


      Is your delivery ETA still 22/10? Mine was 23/10 and Dell confirmed the same when they called me, but just yesterday the Dell website changed ETA to 8/11 :(


        Yeah, it was delivered today ;-)

        And… OMFG… it is frikken GLORIOUS (wouldtypemorebutneedtogoplaygamesnowbye)


        Ordered mine 16/10/18, original ETA 23/10/18. Didn't arrive today so I checked online and ETA is now 8/11/18. Didn't get any calls at all with regards to the delay.

        Status: Confirmed - In Production


          Same story here, but mine was pushed back to 9/11/18. Which is a shame, since I was stoked for the really short delivery timeframe.


          Now mine has been pushed from 8/11 to 16/11, what the (profanity) Dell. Tempted to cancel it and pick up an X34P at this rate.


          Pretty pissed about it, with a 3-4+ week delay I'd at least expect some sort of update or reason why but I've heard nothing from Dell.

          My ETA still lists 16/11 but I'm expecting that to change any day now.. I just want the screen in time for Battlefield V :(


            @Vakarian88: I am thinking of asking for some compensation.

            It will be well over a month for my delivery.

            BTW the price is still discounted - why sell what they dont have?


              @aussietivoman: Sigh.. delayed to 28/11 now. I'm going to cancel it and pick up an X34P instead, sick of waiting.

              Edit: Yeah nah couldn't wait any longer, cancelled the Dell order and ordered an X34P instead. $1299 from Scorptec, not the cheapest its been but it's in stock and I'll have it next week.


                @Vakarian88: Mines out to the 6/12 from the initial date of 7/11… Sigh.


                  @Ads: I did a live chat on Friday 2/11. Complained about the delay so the rep is throwing in a free wireless keyboard/mouse combo. This morning I just got shipping notification that it's with Star Track getting shipped. Hopefully you guys get yours soon too.


                    @escusemay: Got my monitor yesterday. Slight BLB on bottom left but not too fussed at the moment. OC to 120Hz without issues. Runs TF2 well at Ultra settings with my GTX1070 as expected. Haven't tried newer games yet.

                    In a nutshell:

                    18/10 Placed Order
                    2/11 Complained about delay
                    5/11 Got shipping notification that it's on the way (but missed delivery)
                    6/11 Redelivered and received

                    Might be worth doing live-chat and checking on your order and saying you're not happy etc. Good luck to all who have extended/delayed delivery dates.

                    EDIT: Oops, didn't mean to reply to myself :(


                      @escusemay: Thats a great result. I have a 1070 as well so good to hear it plays well so far for you.

                      Whilst i didnt get a shipping notification, it did update to being shipped yesterday. The delivery date hasn't changed but its hard to see it taking a month to be delivered. Having said that, the shipper is dbschenker (which is different to the shipper you mentioned) and tracking number doesnt return any info.

                      Given I ordered on the 22nd, it shouldnt be long by the sounds of it.


    This compared to the Acer predator x34/x34p?


      X34 100hz max
      X34p practically identical tech specs
      Acer warranty is not as good as Dell.
      That's about it, please correct me if wrong.

      • +1 vote

        X34p has more colours if you turn off g-sync (8 bit + 2 FRC) vs Alienware 8 bit

        Acer has much higher input lag (27ms) vs Alienware 14ms

        Acer styling is subjectively not as nice…


        AW3418DW - does not require a power brick
        AW3418DW - does not have built in speakers (although I have never used built in monitor speakers like…ever)


    Cashrewards only 3.5% cashback now? Anyone know if Cashrewards can stack with Honey?


      I ordered this monitor on the last day of the FRENZY25 sale period and CR was already down to 3.5% so I think they must have dropped it on Monday/Tuesday. Fortunately Shopback was still 7% at the time so I ordered with them and got tracking email shortly after for ~$133. Unfortunately Shopback have dropped to 4% now so you'd probably get ~$76 back instead of ~$133. Final cost to you will still be just under $1500 which is pretty good.

      No idea about Honey though sorry


    I've had this monitor since January. Great unit; would buy again!


    Anyone with a GTX1070 can comment how well this pairs with this Dell 34" 1440p in gaming?

    Also I wonder if 2xGTX1070 can make more of difference since I have another one to make it SLI


      Hope someone with a 1070 replies to this, but I have a 1080Ti + i7 8086k. Running about 100 FPS on very high most AAA games. Deus Ex MD 70 on Ultra. Far Cry 5 60 on Ultra. I'd say 1070 is good for medium-high if you want 60-80 fps average on AAA games. https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/911613-alienware-aw3418...


      My wife has a GTX1070 and I just ordered this monitor for her a few days ago. ETA 23/10/18.

      She's currently using a U3415W with it and it runs all my games fine on High/Ultra @ 60Hz 1440p. Haven't noticed any lag. I don't play the latest AAA games though. The oldschool games I play - TF2, CS:GO, COD Advanced Warfare, Homefront 2, SC2, Borderlands 2/Pre-Sequel.

      The plan was to buy her this Alienware and I'll 'inherit' the U3415W for my Dell Optiplex with GTX1050Ti which I recently built. I tested my Optiplex with the U3415W and it ran Borderlands 2/Pre-Sequel relatively well on mostly high settings at full 1440p.

      It'll be interesting to see how her GTX1070 runs 1440p at 120Hz.


    You'll see this price range regularly now. The new VA panels with 200hz are now due Q4 this year unless they get delayed again.

    I'm holding out as monitors tend to last for many years compared to other hardware…otherwise this is the best ultra wide hands down.


      The indicative prices of the new panels are close to double this.

      I would rather have this now, for half the price.

      Sure in 2 years it wont be the latest and greatest, but 2 years of good use before the new 200hz G-Sync 34"+ panels come in around this price.

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