expired [PC] Bonus Kingdom Come: Deliverance with 3 Month Humble Monthly Subscription US $35 (~AU $49.35) @ Humble Bundle


Just noticed this deal in my inbox as I was about to subscribe for this month, seems like a pretty good deal

Hollow Knight
7 Days to Die + Hidden Games

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    Did the email come with a unique link?


      Yeah it only works when logged into that account, tried from a different one and it was just 3 months without the extra game


    If anyone's interested in offloading their copy of kingdom come flick a pm ;)


      Think I'll keep Kingdom Come when it arrives but HITMAN™: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON can be yours for a reasonable price ;P


    Sad I didn't get this good deal, I wouldn't mind playing Kingdom Come.

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      It's a great game. I only played 15 hours ish before my PC started being a dhead and I had to stop gaming but it was very nice.
      Please make sure your CPU is a beast. Old CPUs tend to struggle a lot with stutter in Rattay due to poor optimization despite the fact that they could get 60+ fps smooth away from cities. The game is absolutely beautiful. Even though I couldn't play it maxed out with my RX480 it still looked absolutely fantastic. Voice acting is great, story is great, atmosphere is great, world design is also great.
      However the combat is quite a…trip. You'll either love it or hate it. Imagine For Honor combat but 100x harder and less consistent.


    I payed like 50 bucks for this game :(
    Oh well

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