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Freestanding Retro Arcade Machine - Rampage or Street Fighter II $499 | Cocoon 3D Printer $299 @ ALDI


Freestanding Retro Arcade Machine - Rampage or Street Fighter II $499

Described as standing 1.2 meters tall these units have the following description with them.

"Arcade one game system Rampage or Street Fighter II, 17' Colour Screen"
"3 games in 1: Street Fighter ll Champion Edition, Street Fighter ll The New Challengers and Street Fighter ll Turbo"
"4 games in 1: Rampage, Gauntlet, Joust and Defender"

Aldi will be selling these on the 31st of October

Cocoon 3D Printer $299

It's here again. A 3d printer from a supermarket.

"Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)"
"Build volume 120x135x100mm"
"Magnetic printing mat"

In the previous year, this has been met with good reviews. But that's probably because its a rebadged one of these.

Good local price and supported by Aldi's returns policy makes it a good product for entry-level 3d printing.

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  • Don't buy it, let it sit for weeks and buy at a further discount? Worth the risk?

  • $499 = 2yr warranty easily under ACL I would think

  • Assuming this runs on power cables, now days tech you would think it would be running in eneloop

  • -1

    Picked up an Xbox 360 display kiosk a few months back. Got a Samsung 32” LCD and a 320GB 360 with 2 controllers.

    Guy had it JTAG’d and loaded with hundreds of MAME games and proper 360 titles too.

    Paid 250 for that. Now sure, it’s preowned and not something in high demand, but I’d argue if it can only pull 250, these things shouldn’t be any more than 350/400 full price, especially since they aren’t even proper size, compared to the original Street Fighter II cab anyway.

    • +3

      Pre-owned device with illegitimate software kids vs new completely different product isn't a good comparison.

      • Kids?

      • Ignore the games then. Only play real discs like I do most of the time anyway. It's still a way taller, way sturdier, and with a way bigger screen, way to play a boatload of arcade classics and also a great way to do split screen in more modern games.

        Most of what I play on the thing is the Mega Drive collection, and 2005 Battlefront 2 in split screen, with a side of Tony Hawk 3.

        • You are still playing with controllers though right?

  • “The only officially licensed arcade machines…”

    And that’s why each machine only has a few games.

    You’d think those license holders would just give away their 30-40 year old games. Or, you know, actually license them.

    Same thing happened with Arcade Pinball. All the great tables were taken off due to licensing.

    Get the feeling Gollum is running these retro companies…

    “It’s my precious….”

  • +4

    Yikes, seeing a grown man standing beside the 'Street Fighter 2' cabinet really gives you an idea how small it is. Hard to imagine theres enough room for 2 players to stand (or sit?) should to shoulder while playing this.

    Giant man or tiny cabinet?

    Still, those nostalgia feels….

  • Does this need coins to operate? Just kidding.

    But seriously are these flat packed? How are ppl gonna get these home?

    • Yeah flat packed

  • +4

    If you're just looking for a cheap nostalgia machine on the cheap i would suggest looking at the Pandora's Box arcade stick. Here's just an example of one…


    There are various versions so look at for the one that looks good to you. Can also store it away in your games cupboard when you get bored of it instead of dealing with this scaled one from Aldi.

    Here's a vid with an example of the games included… Will vary depending on the model you go for.


    Good fun for the price. Otherwise if you're looking for the real experience then pay the money and go for a full size cabinet. Just my 2 cents.

    • +1

      This is great advice.

      I built a cabinet with a couple of mates to play MAME etc. I really don't want to work out how much I've spent on it over the years.

      I just ordered the home version of a Pandora's box 6 for pure convenience. I like the idea of something I can power from 12V, will drive lights, and provide a handy FE that looks decent enough.

      Definitely not as flexible as a PC, but for <$150 delivered, it's very convenient, and plays most of the classics I care about.

      • Last time I used a Pandoras box it ran like shit.

        The emulation quality was terrible. Granted I think it was the 4 or 5 I last tried.

  • +2
  • +2

    Decent price! I started building one at the start of the year and still haven't finished! Bought the frame on Ebay, with painting, lighting, proper screen printed graphics, marquee signage, fittings, etc it's cost me almost $500 in parts alone! (That doesn't count the existing pc hardware/monitor etc that I'm using.

  • Man i purchased an ORIGINAL Guantlet 4 player machine for $500 in '99. Dragged it share house to share house, till I got my own place then couldnt fit it through the door so had to off load it for a song.

    • +1

      Damn, I feel for you.

  • https://ebgames.com.au/loot-241702-Street-Fighter-II-34-Scal...
    Same as this from ebgames awesome price at aldi

  • +2
  • That stick… oh dear, way to close to the top red button. It would be very uncomfortable, akward & squeezy. BLASPHEMY!

    Probably it would better to mod it with RPi, change those buttons configuration, strip those crappy SF artworks, etc.

    Nice price tho. ;)

  • these are NOT real arcade machines, these are kid sizes

    • The size doesn't matter when it comes to real arcade machines.

      What makes a "real" arcade machine are the following components, none of which will be found in this toy:

      CRT monitor 15khz RGB
      Dedicated game PCB typically with jamma interface (on boards around mid 80's and newer)..
      Switching power supply to power the board (and other components) with 5V and 12V
      Coin mech
      MCA joysticks!!!!
      Jamma harness/loom, again for post approx mid 80's or so.

  • Nice.. Article from my Google news feed referenced this post…


    So tempted to get this!!

    I wonder how hard it would be to include other games if I buy the aldi version?

  • Arcade 1Up Rampage and Street Fighter II Cabinet Reviews! by COOLTOY
    - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guuiWvUG_2k

  • Great idea, but bad move at just 1.2m tall…it seems Aldi has targeted this at children…who will more than likely react like this. Clearly the correct market for this product is anyone with an actual frame of reference: people who enjoyed playing them when growing up. Otherwise there may not be any appeal beyond Christmas Day, if that. At our call centre we have 3 x 1980s arcade games set up (because play is important), full size of course. Average age of people who play them: mid-teens (multiplied by two or three). Your mileage may vary, but that's what happens here. I'd like to see Aldi bring out full size ones next year, for the bigger 'kids'.

  • Why have Gauntlet but not Gauntlet 2??? Wasted opportunity.

  • No Hyper Fighting, No party!

  • Heads up! Aldi updated their website for those that want to check out anything else:


    • Damn looks like they're not selling the riser and they didn't seem to be available on Australia. Plus lots of reports of the control panel decals wearing out very quickly. It's a hard pass from me :(

      • The riser is easy. Get 4 milk crates or a Lack table from Ikea.

  • Before blowing $500 on three games that you'll be sick of in months and a machine collecting dust I'd be looking at ETA Prime just about everything answered on his youtube channel and arcade punks have both helped me immensely.

    • Games are not the only things people here are buying. It is a decoration and something to remind of childhood memories etc I guess.

  • +1

    LOL … did i read this right … Aldi are going to be mass selling across AU …SFII arcade machine!??????? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT

    Two words … Time Crisis!!!!!

  • Anyone picked up an arcade today?

    • I picked up a street fighter machine this morning after waiting in line for 45mins. Our Aldi only received six 1uparcades (4 sf, 2 rampage).

      • Nice to know they could still receive 6. I was anticipating 1 or 2.

      • I'm amazed that someone actually got one. My worry about the SF machine would be the quality of the joysticks after many hours of "Har-yu-ken's" being slammed over and over.

        • There were plenty at my local store - even by the end of the day :)

    • +1

      I picked up my sf2 machine this morning, waited out the front for an hour before opening.
      My local Aldi only had 3 in total 2 sf2 and one Rampage.
      The joy sticks and the sound output are awful but i will be replacing the speaker and installing a raspberry pi very soon and i also picked up 2 $19 replacement joysticks from jaycar that feel 100x better.

      • Do you need to solider them or is it plug out plug in - play

        • No soldiering its just one ribbon cable and a power adapter to plug in.
          The cabinet is flat packed.
          (the joy sticks just use spade connectors , no soldiering but some wiring knowledge is needed)

          • @Adamc1978: That’s good to know as I can’t soldier at all hahaha

      • Stock levels at 3Nov18 (~2.00pm):
        - Aldi Kotara (NSW) - 8 * SF2; 2 * Rampage/Gauntlet/Joust
        - Aldi Waterloo (NSW) - 3 * SF2; 1 * Rampage/Gauntlet/Joust

    • I saw lots at my local this morning. 7 SF2 and 8 Rampage. Mostly likely minus 1 now as I saw 1 fellow arranging for help to get 1 off the pile so he could purchase it.

  • Are they worth the $500

    • It's a very subjective answer :)

      Mine's "no", because it's just "not good enough" at the Australian pricing. In the US, they have packs that include the riser, and you can get the plexiglass delivered to cover the control panel so it doesn't wear.

      In Australia you're spending $499 and we can't buy the riser (not available and not being imported), and we can't buy the plexiglass yet (apparently we can soon, and it'll cost $45 delivered - a lot for a piece of thin plastic!).

      We also don't even have the full range of machines that they are selling in the US (we just get two of them).

  • Tempted, but would want to get the riser, and plexiglass bundle. Being a tinkerer I'd also want to swap out all the parts with some spare sanwa parts I have. Maybe think about upgrading the speaker… It's just too much money to spend on something I probably wouldn't have time to play.

    A more fun project for me would be to build a 2 player stick using my spare sanwa parts and wire up to 2 universal controller PCBs to play on any console - then just play any version of any retro game available on PS3/4 / X360/XB1 / PC. :p

  • I missed out on this 3D printer, I read in this thread it's based on a similarly priced international model. Is there any way I can find an Australian supplier with a comparable price to this Aldi deal ($300)?

  • -1

    Also, as has been said by numerous other people, just build yourself a MAME cabinet - it is so easy to do these days. Plus dedicated forums around the place to help you on your journey.

  • Just came from Aldi Gilles Plains and the arcade machines definitely did not sell out like I thought they would.

  • +3

    Now let's hope they put these on sale.

    • My local still has heaps too, lets hope 350-400 on wednesday

  • Aldi Carseldine (QLD) still had 10x SF2 units today, unfortunately no Rampage though.

  • Bought the mini 3D printer at half price ($149.5) the other day.

  • Our local still had a stack a few days back but now they are off the shelf. Guessing they sent back to supplier rather than sold or being put on clearance

    • Same at our local.

      • still at my locals in SA

  • Wasn’t interested at $499 but picked one up today for $299 on clearance at ALDI.

    • Aldi where mate? Which state?

      • I got mine at ALDI Engadine NSW.

        Grabbed the last Street Fighter one in that store, a handful of Rampage ones left though.


        • Now a mission to find which stores in Sydney that still has stock.

    • Yes bought mine for $300 at DFO Moorabin Aldi. They had both units. About 3 of each

  • Hmmm with no local store contacts… any pro tips on how to find stores with stock and/or price reductions?

  • If anybody finds the Streetfighter cab discounted at Aldi in SA please let me know.

    • One of each at Aldi Seaford Heights. Fingers crossed if you had down there first thing Wednesday you may be lucky enough to grab one.

      At $199

  • My local aldi has dropped these arcades to 399 - I'm tempted to jump at $299

    Here is a good video about upgrading them with Raspberry Pi and mame …


  • I’m ready to go at $299 - anyone seem street fighter in Northside Melbourne?

    • DFO Moorabin has 6 at $300

      • +1

        Thanks - I just bought Street Fighter II at $299 at Burwood, VIC. 7 left.

  • +2


    Aldi have just reduced these to $199 at Ararat branch. Had about 3 Streetfighter and 4 Rampage machines left.

    • I'd buy at that price

  • +1

    21/12/18… x6 @ $299 Pimpama City Aldi gold coast store available -Only Streetfighter :-)

  • Down to $199 at Aldi Seaford Heights.
    Had one of each left.

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