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Freestanding Retro Arcade Machine - Rampage or Street Fighter II $499 | Cocoon 3D Printer $299 @ ALDI


Freestanding Retro Arcade Machine - Rampage or Street Fighter II $499

Described as standing 1.2 meters tall these units have the following description with them.

"Arcade one game system Rampage or Street Fighter II, 17' Colour Screen"
"3 games in 1: Street Fighter ll Champion Edition, Street Fighter ll The New Challengers and Street Fighter ll Turbo"
"4 games in 1: Rampage, Gauntlet, Joust and Defender"

Aldi will be selling these on the 31st of October

Cocoon 3D Printer $299

It's here again. A 3d printer from a supermarket.

"Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)"
"Build volume 120x135x100mm"
"Magnetic printing mat"

In the previous year, this has been met with good reviews. But that's probably because its a rebadged one of these.

Good local price and supported by Aldi's returns policy makes it a good product for entry-level 3d printing.

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  • +63

    I'm going to camp outside Aldi from today

    • You and me both

      • +17

        Get a room

      • $499 though! Suddenly, I have an urge to convert to Christianity and be a very good boy for the rest of the year.

      • +7

        Looks like we're gonna have a street fight outside Aldi :D

        • -4

          Super street fighter 2 reference, for those who are too young to know.

    • +14

      Hey when you get your printer you wont have to queue anymore you can print your own ALDI store….

      • +3

        *Where store size is <= 120x135x100mm

        Aldi store for ants?

        • +6

          Print the components for a larger printer and assemble it. Repeat until…

          • +3

            @Scrooge McDuck: Now thats thinking the ozbargain way

            Actually you could make the bigger machine, then return the original as well….

            • +4

              @RockyRaccoon: Yo dawg, I herd you like printing, so I printed a printer with your printer so you can print while you print.

              Actually you could make the bigger machine, then return the original as well….

              And flog the prototypes on eBay.

        • +1

          Only if you're really, really, really, really, ridiculously good looking.

  • +12

    Free , question mark?

    • Considering that the Street Fighter II costs $499, I'll take the Standing Retro Arcade Machine - Rampage for free any day!

    • +1

      Free = $499?

      Brain does not compile.

    • Deal has been updated from "free standing" to "freestanding".

  • +8

    Hmmm… wonder how easy this would be to convert into a multi-game unit

    • +12

      Get the street fighter version with at least 6 buttons to begin with

      • +4

        Guile’s Shadow Grab or else…

      • Well the rampage unit has three controllers?

    • +8

      A Raspberry Pi running MAME could do it.

    • +4

      Not that hard - here's a video.

      • Just looking at the controller units the guy is using will be a headache. Those cheap things never work as well as people make out and are annoying especially to get two going.

        Better to spend a bit more and get an IPAC or something.

    • +1

      They are free, just get two of them.

    • +1

      Thats not really the point. This is an officially licensed street fighter machine. If you just wanted a bog standard MAME cabinet, you could probably aim to pay less than this.

  • +10

    I'm assuming these are the 1up cabinets, in which case you can find more info here - https://www.arcade1up.com/

    Pretty tempted, EBgames will have them for $700 and no one else has advertised that they will be getting them as yet.

    • +2

      Costco jb hn all about to sell these Costco I believe will be the cheapest

      • Oh cool, I couldn't find listings on their websites at all. Did you call them?

    • +1

      Yes. These are the Arcade1Up Rampage and Street Fighter II cabinets.

      As long as your handy in assembling these yourself. Otherwise follow one of the many assembly videos on YouTube.

      Wonder if they will sell the riser box. To raise the height of these to a more comefortable standing height. As they come out of the box, the 3/4 height is more suited to be played sitting down.

  • They look pretty good - 3 player config - good games and reasonably priced. Wonder whats running underneath or if a jamma board / pandoras box could be substituted to add other games.

    • Also hoping it’s running off a Jamma board; have boards for Snow Bros, Wonder Boy & Ghouls n’ Ghosts. I’d love to give them another bash.

      • +1

        It's not a Jamma board so it's not a straight swap. There are teardown reviews on YouTube of these machines :)

      • +1

        God, I loved Wonder Boy!!

        • +1

          Oh WonderBoy so many 20c pieces…..

  • ALDI had to do this lol, wow!

  • The photo shows Rampage, Joust and Gauntlet, does that mean it can do all those too?

    • +1

      The street fighter machine is in the background

    • +9

      Wizard needs food badly

      • B.I.N.G

    • I assume so since the one advertised on https://www.arcade1up.com/ does.

  • +5

    if this was the Galaga one id camp out

    • Me too!!!

    • Maybe the just aren't in the photo?

    • +5

      Double Dragon.
      Elevator Dragon.

      That’ll do me.

    • Looks like that one is exclusive only to Walmart

  • Good times.

  • +13


    Now just to convince my wife.

    • +15

      Let me know how you do it lol

      • +1

        My fallback will be to go to the Xbox One X offer, on the basis it's far smaller and will also act as a UHD player.

      • +14

        Try withholding sex.

    • Just do it?

  • +8

    2 words … Man Cave …

    • +10

      Child cave more like. It's 1.2m. Looked at a YouTube review, it's really only scaled to a 4 year old. And it's flat packed, so fibreboard. It even rocks back and forth as the kid plays it in the video. You can probably get a riser, but screen will still be small, and cabinet is definitely too narrow for two adults to play side-by-side.

      • A couple of milk crates will fix that

      • Thanks, you just saved me $500. Better off building your own MAME cabinet.

  • +22

    Careful I tried a whipper snipper wire, half-penny coins and a spark gun clicker and could not get any free credits

    • +1

      You didn't try an engine oil dipstick?

    • +9

      You mean you have to pay to play?

      Good for when people come over, help pay it off.

      • +5

        You mean you have to use your hands?

        That's like a baby's toy!

    • +1

      Did the spark gun clicker ever work for anyone? I used to try it on the arcade games back in the late 80s and it never seemed to work.

      • +4

        Definitely used to work - remember heaps of guys from my school getting busted at the local arcades with these!

      • Piezo worked for me!

      • yeah they worked on heaps until the arcades caught on. I wasn't kidding about whipper snipper wire and half Pennys.

        • Yep bent whipper snipper line worked perfectly on a lot arcade machines. Was hilarious sitting at a machine with 99 credits.

    • +1

      They replaced all coin slots with plastic to stop those working

    • The wire used to work

  • Street Fighter 2 is 27yrs old!!!!!!

  • +6

    I have an old arcade machine rigged out with a PC inside emulating hundreds of games and it's awesome. This would be a cheaper alternative for those looking to do the same.

    • +1

      But not as fun as making it your self!

      • That's true. I'd be curious to see how well the screen compares in this unit compared to putting your own in. I personally left the original one in and it's still awesome.

  • When will Aldi release claw machines? What are the reviews like on the 3D printer?

    Do all Aldi stores stock the special buys, and if not, how do I know which ones do?

    • Pretty sure id you look up yhe printer either on Ozb or YouTube you will find olenty of info as its been sold before

    • all stores have special buys… but sometimes only a couple of units. I'm looking for a camera so I record some fights over these next week.

    • I posted a short review on youtube yesterday. The printer build quality is great, and the print quality is excellent. It is easy to use, and the support is incredible considering the price. Only thing is it has major limitations - small print volume and no heated bed. Still a better way to start out than an Anet A8. There are other options that will be more flexible, but they will generally require a steeper learning curve, more troubleshooting, and less reliability. It is very hard to make a good quality product in this price range, so just be aware that the cocoon create model maker compromised on features, not on quality or support.

      • What is the purpose of the heated bed?

        • +1

          Part of the challenge with 3D printing, is sticking the piece to the print bed firmly, but making it easy to remove the print when it is done. Some materials only stick together when they are hot - ABS requires a bed temperature of 85C - 110C depending on the bed material - any other temperature and it wont' stick at all, or it will partially stick but then curl up during printing. This means that without a heated bed, you are limited in the range of materials you can print. For that printer, it's basically PLA-based materials only.

  • These have been on Youtube for a while, game stop sells them in the US

  • +8

    Here's a review of the cabinets

    Bear in mind, they're not full-size, so you'll need to sit to play them (although they're probably the right size for kids). Also, only a mono speaker; and the joysticks/buttons aren't going to be the best.

    Still, for the price (and the fact that you don't have to do any real work to get it going) for a lot of people they're going to be worth it.

    • They make risers for them which are sold separately, will probably be a little while before they become available in Australia though and that's if they do.

    • Are you sure? Only shows two joy sticks? Just realised, one machine has 3, SF has 2.

    • Thanks for the review - not for me.

  • +1

    Anyone know if they ever sold time crisis machine?

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