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20% off Livemor Premium Electric Massage Chairs Belmue $879.20 (Was $1,099) Delmue Chair $959.20 (Was $1,199) @Ozplaza eBay


20% off Livemor Massage Chairs

2 models, with 2 colour options for each model available!

Belmue Chair WAS $1,099 NOW $879.20
Delmue Chair WAS $1,199 NOW $959.20
3 Year Warranty
Free Delivery for Some Postcodes

*Fully auto tilt adjust (for Delmue model)
*5 speed levels/ strength control (for Delmue model)
*3 speed levels/ strength control (for Belmue model)
*Advanced massage technology
*Arm and hand massage
*Calf and foot roller massage
*Intensity adjustment
*Leg adjustment
*Exclusive U-shape head cushion
*Adjustable pressure and speed
*Heating function on the back
*Remote control included
*Built-in wheels
*Free cleaner set
*3 year warranty

Original POTPLANT 20% off Selected Sellers on eBay Deal Post

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  • Hi op, I have seen a few bad Ebay reviews, can you guarantee me a happy ending?

    • u dont need a chair for happy ending .use your hand

    • OzPlaza have been hit and miss. Have ordered quite a few things off them some have been great where as some were long way from the item as per photos/described. The latest order was totally of different color altogether.

    • Hi Bargainaholic, it is hard to 'guarantee' something but I have heard many good reviews from customers regarding these chairs and have also used them myself! I found them to be relaxing, and you can have peace of mind with the 3 year warranty in case you do come across any issues. Hope this helps :)

  • Wife has been looking at one of these for some time…So I bought one for her as Xmas present. I hope its good. Thanks

  • I have looked at their computer chairs as I need one soon,not sure about the PU leather etc hopefully someone has a review of these or its another cheap office works chair.

  • delete comment, found out how to revoke vote.

    Here is cheaper than the deal with the potplant code, and you still get 4.9% cash back on CR. I think they are identical product, tho i didnt compare line by line. Almost went ahead with the purchase on ebay, phew!

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      You attempted to reach, but the certificate that the server presented has been revoked by its issuer. This means that the security credentials the server presented absolutely should not be trusted. You may be communicating with an attacker.

      • Yikes! What does that mean? My Mac has been hacked!?

        SSL Shopper showing valid certs.

        Anyways strangely after I posted my comment, not longlater the price went up to $1200. Who knows the price on that site might go back to $800 plus after this 20% cycle has ended.

        • Didn't take long to check and verified that is actually the same mob as as ozplaza.

          LOL no wonder the pricing went up almost immediately after my post!

          From an ozbargainer POV, I wouldn't patronise such post using the failed eBay 20% inflated price and repackage it as if it's a bargain to entice fellow ozbargainers to pay more.

          On the other hand, I did dealt with them before on some small items and indeed even though the items I purchased has failed in a short 3-6 mths period (decent amount of solar lights), they still make good their warranty by replacing each one of them. Product quality is horrible and shit, saving grace is the customer service.

          Another item which was a solar water pump, false advertising for lower solar wattage. Showed proof and was offered a partial refund.

        • LurvinOZB - which model did u see it went from $800+ to $1200? Guess it was the Delmue (higher) model?

  • What's the difference between the two?
    I'm looking for a massag chair..keen to hear from those with experience

    • Did you even click the advert? Shows the difference. One has 34 the other 30 airbags.

    • Hello,

      The Delmue model has 5 speed levels/strength control and the Belmue models has 3 speed levels/strength control. The additional airbags the Delmue has provides 34 massaging nodes opposed to the 30 the Belmue has.

      The outlook of the chairs are different also, with the Delmue being a little taller amongst other things. The Delmue's arm/hand massagers are inbuilt into the chair on the inside side-panels, and the Belmue's hand/arm massagers are portable wraps and can be used with your hands resting on the sides or on your lap.

      Hope this helps!

  • Interested to buy but cant find review on these chairs. Anyone tried these before ?

  • Thanks for the deal OP! I got a couple of questions…

    1. how do we know if our postcode got free shipping?
    2. what are the dimensions of the box it comes in? So I know if it will fit through the door?
    3. What happens if the chair dies within the warranty period? Do we have to drop off the chair at a warehouse or would someone come pickup?


    • Hello there homersyd!

      1. On the listing at the top, underneath where it says 'Buy It Now' and 'Add to Cart'- there is 'Postage'. If you click 'see details', you can type in your postcode and you will get the delivery cost! Are you based in Sydney (guessing that based on your name…!)? If so, NSW Metro is free delivery as well as other Metro areas.

      2. It depends on which one you get- they are both 45kg so definitely not light, you'll need a buddy or two to help you out! Here are the chair measurements- the Delmue is slightly taller than the Belmue and also has a wider base at 130cmx72cm.

      Delmue model
      Chair up size: 130cm x 72cm x 110cm
      Chair down size: 172cm to 187cm x 72cm x 78cm

      Belmue model
      Chair up size: 105cm x 71cm x 105cm
      Chair down size: 175cm x 72cm x 75cm

      1. If you have any issues, you will need to contact our customer service team and send images/video of the fault and they will arrange with you the next steps. You definitely will not need to drop this off at our warehouse don't worry!
      • Thanks rep! but I want to know the size of the actual box it comes in, cos otherwise we might need to unpack it from the box first to fit through the door…

  • I have seen damaged Pu leather in massage chairs because of constant rubbing & rolling effects.

    Does warranty cover to fix Pu leather damages?

    • doubt it - probably classed as wear and tear…
      I wonder if you could put some kinda cover over it to protect it…

  • Hi Rep - I've sent you a PM…

  • hi all

    those of you who bought one…how is the quality?