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RGB Smart Zigbee Downlight Kit 12W - 900lm $55.01, Free NSW Pick-up or + Shipping @ Lectory


12W RGB Zigbee Downlight Kit is compatible with

  • Philips Hue Bridge

  • Samsung Smartthings Hub (No bridge is required)

  • Google Home (Require Philips Hue Bridge)

  • Amazone Alexa (No bridge is required)

  • IFTTT (Require Philips Hue Bridge)

  • Now $55/unit with 2 years replacement warranty

  • Apply Coupon Code "OZBARGAIN55" to active discount offer

  • Other smart downlights are also available online at

  • Smart LED Downlight Collection


  • Standard register shipping as well as the express shipping options available

  • Second-day delivery for metro cities

  • 3-4 days delivery for regional areas

About the offer

  • 2 Weeks only

  • Large quantity in stock

  • 2 Years replacement warranty

  • We are Sydney local retail business owned and operated by OZ locals


  • Please click the product link for detailed specifications

  • Not sure how many downlights you need for a room?

  • please check out our Downlight Calculator to find out.

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  • +1

    What exactly is in the 'kit'?
    Is it just one downlight, and if so why is it called a kit?

    • It is called a "Kit" as it comes with a plug, so you don't need any accessory to make it work.

      • "It is called a "Kit" as it comes with a plug"
        So you have to put the plug on yourself? Must be or you couldn't call it a kit?

    • That was my first thought.
      Then I saw the price. Wow, why so expensive? Considering how cheap Wifi lights are Zigbee is a very expensive system compared to it's original goals.

    • Right answer probably because it has the driver as well. You can otherwise buy just the light without driver. So I assume kit means light + driver.

  • +2

    standard price on amazon, ebay etc… but includes free shipping

    nothing to see here….

    • Let us know how many lights you after, we will send you a quote to start with.

      • +12

        We're on OzBargain, not OzNegotiate =)

        eBay has P5OFF and 1% Cashrewards and Amazon has 10% Cashrewards. Both have free shipping too.

        • fantastic point RE the cash rewards and P5OFF (and other codes that come up), for this to even compete it would need to be under 50 with free shipping… to be considered a bargain, personally at least 45 landed… but that's just me talking out loud now.

      • +4

        1 light to start with. Now quote!

  • +1

    Is it AU plug?
    Are these easy to install? Just unplug the old and plug these in?
    My current hole is 95mm, these are a little too small?
    If we don't care about the automation or colors, do we need the bridge or wifi connection?

    • Yes, it comes with AU plug.

      These downlights are in 90mm cut out.

      This Philips Hue smart downlight is a good choice too, its 120mm cutout, just need to make the ceiling hole bigger

      • -1

        Thanks, don't really want to enlarge the ceiling hole.
        Is the outer diameter 90mm? If the outer diameter is 100mm, then it will cover the hole fine?
        Do you have one with an outer diameter of 100?

        • Actually, you are right.

          The edge of face cover is 1cm wide, so as long as the ceiling hole is in between 90mm-105mm, this downlight is going to cover the ceiling hole.

    • +1

      If you don't want automation or colours, then just buy a normal downlight.

      If you want to be able to dim them via switch on the wall, you'll need a different downlight.
      If you want to be able to dim them from your phone, you'll need a different downlight again.

      • Thank you.

      • The product rep can correct me if I am wrong, however I believe these lights are from a company called Nue.

        I have purchased 4 from Amazon and can confirm that they do in fact dim via a Phillips Hue wall switch, as well as directly from the Hue app.

  • +1

    I am getting $55.01 at checkout excluding shipping.

    I am not getting free shipping after applying the coupon. Is shipping supposed to be free with the coupon?

    • thanks for your comment, actually this coupon offer does not include free shipping, we will adjust the price to $55.00.

  • Too expensive. Buy normal downlights with Sonoff switch.

    • Dude, Sonoff Switch does not comply with Australian standard, you can use it as a DIY toy but you can't wire it on an AC lighting circuit legally.

  • +1

    $55 for one downlight seem crazy even if it is a smart one

  • +1

    What CRI are these? I assume you can use them as white "regular" downlights as well?
    It's a really silly thing to have zigbee RGB downlights, but somehow, I really want them!

    • The diodes they use are labeled as CRI>80.

      Yes, the default (without pairing with Zigbee bridge) setting for this downlight is 70% brightness and 4000K while its turned on with a standard wall light switch.

  • Code not working - should this post be marked as expired?

    • No, it works fine, please refresh the page and try again.

      • Thank you! Don't know why it wasn't working before but kept saying the code had already been used and would not be applied before, but refreshing today did the trick. Bought 4 and will be back for more if I manage to get them working with my Hue bridge before the discount ends!

        • Not a problem, please let us know how you go with them.

          • +1

            @Lectory LED Lighting: Works well enough with Hue, but the colour and brightness on the lights are a little bit off. The different colour channels don't dim evenly, so adjusting the brightness also changes the colour. Anything more than around 30-40% is practically full brightness. I ended up just setting different scenes for various levels of brightness which aren't the same colour on the Hue app but 'feel' like the same colour in the real world.

            To be clear, I'm not unhappy with the lights, as you get what you pay for, and these are a good budget option for Hue-compatible downlights that fit a standard sized hole in your ceiling. Just providing feedback for anyone else who might be interested.

            Thanks again, Lectory.

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