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Creation Watches 25% off Storewide + One-Day Coupon for SGD $30/$120 off SGD $200/$1000 Spend, SGD $17.90 Shipping to AU @ Qoo10


Hello everyone, the Creation Watches e-store at Qoo10 (Singaporean online mall) has 25% off everything until the end of the month.

As of now, the best coupons appear to be the $5 SGD coupon in your profile as a new member, or the $12 off $50 SGD spend for AMEX coupon here. The AMEX coupon expires at the end of the month.

Shipping to Australia is $17.90 SGD (18.29 AUD) (approx. per watch, not combined unfortunately). International shipping appears to be restricted to Qprime products (filter by the gem icon); the vast majority of watches in the e-shop are eligible.

Pay with Paypal for Buyer Protection, and your pop up blocker might also create trouble during checkout, so probably should disable that.

For those who haven't used Qoo10 before, its quite similar to Banggood. You have to register an account, go to the individual shop pages to claim shop coupons, and go to the coupons link to claim cart coupons. Shop coupons are applied to the item, and cart coupons apply to the cart after shop coupons but ignores shipping for minimum spend limits.

Oh. Watchspree is also 25% off for watches.

Furthermore, Qoo10 has coupons expiring tomorrow that offer $12 off $60 spend, $30 off $200 spend, and $120 off $1000 spend (SGD). EXPIRES 3:00AM AEST TIME 29TH OCTOBER


Citizen Satellite Wave Promaster Navihawk GPS CC9030-51E $985.50 SGD incld. $120 off coupon (1007.18 AUD)

Hamilton Automatic Chronograph H32616133 Jazzmaster $971.25 SGD incld. $120 off coupon (992.62 AUD)

Orient Sun Moon Automatic Japan Made SAK00003T0 Mens $244.50 SGD incld. $30 off coupon (249.88 AUD)

Seiko Automatic Diver Made in Japan SKX009J $225 SGD incld. $30 off coupon (229.95 AUD)

Orient Classic Quartz Sun Moon Japan Made RA-KA0002Y00C Womens $199.50 SGD incld. $30 off coupon (203.89 AUD)

Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Marine Divers 200M BN0151-17L $186 SGD incld. $30 off coupon (190.09 AUD)

Seiko 5 Sports Automatic Japan Made SRPB37J $177.75 SGD incld. $30 off coupon (181.66 AUD)

Prices are more expensive than in their regular online shop, but the 25% off and $30/$120 SGD off coupons make up for it. Obviously, the optimal price points are just over $267 and $1334 SGD before all discounts.

If you are just under a minimum, you can try to add something random, but not many sellers on Qoo10 ship to Australia, and even if they do, its going to cost you at least $8 AUD. I ended up getting this flask with $7.66 SGD additional shipping, which let me jump to the next coupon up.

Alternatively, Watch accessories seller with $10.61 SGD shipping

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  • OP do the prices in your example bargains include GST please?

    • I completed my transaction just today, and no GST was added at checkout. Since the burden of collecting GST falls on the seller and not the consumer in Australia…

      Also, I'm fairly sure that Qoo10 would be under the $75000 turnover limit for GST in Australia, as I've looked everywhere and no-one has ever talked about this online marketplace and Australia in the same sentence.

  • Great prices on the Orient Small Seconds and Mako III. I paid 330 for mine in Japan. After discount approximately $200.

  • Am I doing something wrong but I cant get my address in ? (i.e. wont take an Aussie address)

    • I remember it taking me a while to find too:


      My Address Book
      Add Address

      should let you preset an Aussie address.

      It looks like only items that have Qprime shipping can ship internationally (filter by the gem icon next to the price filter); the vast majority of the items in the Creation Watches e-shop are in fact eligible.

      • hi - thanks for getting back to me - yeah I eventually found the address add but turns out the watch I was after (SKX013K2) is one of the few that wont ship internationally!
        The K1 version with rubber strap does ship internationally but now that the $30 discount has finished its not really worth the faff of getting a separate bracelet.
        But as the creation discount is until weds I'll try and keep an eye out for other q0010 vouchers.
        thanks for the post though.

  • Having trouble working out how to achieve the final price, can someone tell me the final price including coupons and shipping on a seiko 5 snzf17?

    • Assuming you want the Made in Japan one, $218 SGD original price, -25% coupon $163.50, -$12 coupon from Qoo10 $151.50, add $17.90 shipping = $169.40 SGD

      • Sorry Blurem, I've just tried it out and it doesn't work.

        It looks like only items that have Qprime shipping can ship internationally (filter by the gem icon next to the price filter). 212 out of 2848 items in the e-shop don't have Qprime available.

  • Managed to add the 25% coupon but can't for the life of me find the coupons offering an amount off minimum spend. What are they?

    • I think that promotion has expired :(

      Furthermore, Qoo10 has coupons expiring tomorrow(qoo10.sg) that offer $12 off $60 spend, $30 off $200 spend, and $120 off $1000 spend (SGD). EXPIRES 3:00AM AEST TIME 29TH OCTOBER

      • Ah yes looks like it has. Thanks.

        • You can still get the monthly coupon for being a member. It's only $5 SGD though.

          Your Profile - Coupon - Get Coupon (Green member).

  • Just bought a SKX009J…

  • i didn use paypal, because for some reason it shows the wrong shipping address when i use it to pay.

    • Yes, PayPal displays the street/town part of your address correctly but shows it as being in Singapore not Australia; and if you change the address on the PayPal page it says that's the delivery address the merchant has provided, and refer back to the merchant website to alter it, which you can't as it just keeps saying the address is in Singapore and you get stuck in a merchant/PayPal/merchant loop.

      Does seem a bit dodgy, so not paying a grand for a watch to be delivered to some lucky stranger in Singapore!

      • Well I'm getting international shipping notifications now from Qoo10.

        I did reconfirm my address to the seller in the order notes/messages though.

  • i am still waiting for my delivery to arrive, i ordered on 29th OCT

    • I've got two tracking numbers for my 2 items in the format RX123456789SG (Registered Article). Not trackable for some reason, but Singpost says its 4-6 working days by air to Australia.

      Ordered 28th, Dispatched to SG export hub 30th, Dispatched to Australia 31st. By my count, it will be late starting tomorrow.

  • Update on Shipping:

    AusPost says my items have just arrived in their sorting hub today, and I'll get them in 2 days (Syd).

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