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Purchase up to 10 Myer Gift Cards and Get 10% Bonus @ Woolworths


Perfect time to stock up and wait for 10% price drop on Apple etc. Starts Oct 31. Enjoy :)

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    Good deal - but not as good as ebay GC's!

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      No-one said it was 10% off.

  • Price match? Myer seems to have rearranged their site and Google's link to their "competitive pricing policy" is currently incorrect, so I can't be sure who would be matchable against.

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      Here is the link to the price match policy.

      • Ta

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        • is below our cost price

        I can see that excuse being used if you price match a $500 item for $499

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          Myer used that as a excuse not to price match on some kids toys when I was in store a few months ago. I was feeling lazy and didn't want to walk back to Big W and asked Myer if they would match the prices. For every single item (about 5 things) they claimed that the Big W advertised price was below cost.

          • @daft1024: Had the same thing happen with me. It was half the cost and I couldn’t justify it so just left Myers. That’s why I prefer David Jones.

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    Not as good as 10%off

    • Or 11% off.

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        But better than 9%!!

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    I wouldn't be buying too many Myer gift cards.

    The way they're trading you've got a reasonably good chance of becoming a creditor when they go into Administration.

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      Dick Smith Gift Cards 2018

  • Ooooooh, good timing as I need to return my iPhone XS Max to Myer (and buy it back again) to reset my purchase date as I'm taking it overseas 60 days later. Currently used about $950 in Myer GC and rest on Amex. Might try to make that another $1400 in GCs. :-)

    • How would trs work with GC? I want to buy the iphone xs with these giftcards after they price match. Then claim the trs… doable ?

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        TRS will have no issues with GC's you just tell them to put the 10% into another CC.

        • Sweet. Unless another deal shows up on ebay I will do that.

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        Yup definitely no issue with GC.

    • Nice, what do you say to them, to allow you to do this (refund and buy again)?

      I've tried this before (at DJs) and got a no… although this was about 2 months after the original purchase…

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        I was friendly with the sales person and he suggested this way as there was no guarantee that the iPhone XS Max 512 space grey I wanted would be available mid November (60 days before my flight), that I purchase it when stock arrived (last week Friday) and that I pass it back to him unopened in two weeks time and he will refund me on the GCs and CC I used. I then just immediately purchase it again but in this case I'll use almost 100% GCs to do it thanks to this deal.

        • Interesting, thanks for the reply.

        • Sounds like a lot of work when Acrobat Pro would edit that invoice and update the purchase date a lot faster /s

          • @GaryQ: That's fraud though.

          • @GaryQ: Photoshop would make the result more realistic in case you did not start with a digital invoice in the first place.

    • I find the eBay pricing of iPhone XS more competitive when stacked with discount code/discounted eBay gift cards.

  • omg, I just paid $999 for the Breville BES920 coffee machine 30 mins ago. Can I just request cancellation of the transaction while myer is still process the order? or do I have to wait until I have received the machine and return in store

    • try cancelling it now or call first thing in the morning. I'm assuming that you paid RRP for that item online?

      • Not RRP. It was $1499 in other colour, $999 for red.
        I will talk to staff at Myer Chatswood to see if they accept a refund in cash and instant repurchase using gift card.

        • Unless you paid in cash, I don’t think that will work. If Myer’s policy is like DJs, purchases paid for with a gift card will go back to a gift card

          • @kerfuffle: Well, thank. Order cancelled due to limited stock. Will get my money back to my card anyway.

    • +1

      Do you have eBay 10% gift cards? Ripper price at Bing Lee if you combine with P5OFF.

      • Woop, thanks for the link. The one I bought is twin package, the coffee machine plus grinder. I will talk to staff at Myer Chatswood to see if they accept a refund in cash and instant repurchase using gift card.

    • From memory of reading their FAQs, they just tell you to refund after receiving the item… but worth a try, good luck!

      • Yes, I will talk to staff at Myer Chatswood to see if they accept a refund in cash and instant repurchase using gift card.

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          Online orders will only refund back to original credit card due to possibility of fraud

          • @Turd: Well, thank. Order cancelled due to limited stock. Will get my money back to my card anyway.

  • I’ve always found it odd that Woolworths promote these Myer offers. I mean they are competitors some way or another (well Bigw is a woolies competitor to Myer)

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      Big W and Myer aren't in the same league. But yeah it's weird that you can buy standalone Myer gift cards in Woolies and not in Coles (yes, there are Coles Myer gift cards in Coles, however you can't use them on the Myer website)

  • Can I still use 5% off WWS gift card to buy this?

    • Nope

    • I have in the past about 1.5 years ago.

      When I did it, you can't buy Woolworths/WISH giftcards with giftcards, but you can buy other shops' giftcards (Myer, Kathmandu, Facebook, etc.) with WISH e-giftcards through self check-outs.

      Haven't tried recently so unsure if they've changed systems.

    • can you buy online and get the 2.5% cashback from shopback?

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    Two questions:

    1. Is this a one day deal only?

    2. Is the idea with Cashrewards etc that you buy, for example a $200 Wish Egiftcard for $190 and then use that Egiftcard to buy a $200 ($220 with the 10% deal) Myer card in store?

    • I like this idea (2) but you end up with the eternal using a gift card to purchase a gift card conundrum. I think some people get lucky and get it done though. I think if you do this while doing your weekly shop that there would not be too many arguments from them though.

    • +1

      Is this a one day deal only?

      One week, starts Wednesday and ends the following Tuesday

  • Has any one used woolworths eGift cards to buy the Myer gift cards (or any other gift cards) . Do the self checkouts still work ?

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      I tried it tonight for a $50 Netflix gift card (with nearly $40 shopping too) and you can get through to the eftpos machine but it then rejects the transaction when you punch in the gift card number 'transaction not allowed'. Same result when I switched to a register. This was Abbotsford VIC. Eftpos machine definitely recognises if you're using gift cards to buy gift cards. At least at this store…

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        I tried exactly the same thing ($50 Netflix card) at Wolli Creek NSW - self checkout. No issue.

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    Does anyone know how many MYER GC you can use at a time if you make a purchase from the MYER online store?

    • I think 5 or 8 from memory, but maybe they updated the site to allow more now

    • Would need to know this! LOL

    • +1

      Well, it doesn't say here: https://retail.myergiftcards.com.au/CMS/Page/FAQ

      But I called up and was advised there's no limit to the number you could use.

      • +2

        The limit is 6 for an online order. I found out the hard way.

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    Myer, is a dangerous deal?

    • I'd urge caution too on this.
      Myer is in a very precarious situation.
      If you're going to use it promptly, no worries.
      Holding on to the cards long term is a bad idea.

      • couldnt agree more, the second they go into administration, there are articles of people who are holding gift cards as getting burnt

  • +1

    when is that 10% price drop on Apple products?

    • I second this question, I want to know if to pull the trigger now on this deal for a new iphone. Or wait for a 10% price drop somewhere else and then price match with officeworks.

    • First I heard of this, also in the market for an iphone xs. I probably just get these Myer gift cards tomorrow cause unsure how long to wait for 10% off.

  • does myer ever have sale on dyson v10?

  • Hi guys,

    Could I buy the gift cards online or needs to be in store?

    Also does the 10% only apply for those amounts $50 / $100 / $200 or other amounts too?

    • They don't sell any amount except for $50/$100/$200

      As for whether they sell them online, I'm not sure but I highly doubt they do

      • It appears you can purchase online below, and can put any amount up to $500:

        Can anyone confirm if buying from that online link is valid or not?

        • -1

          Why don’t you confirm and let us know when the sale starts tomorrow?

          (I’m going to guess that the 10% bonus won’t apply to eGift Cards purchased on the website)

          • +1

            @kerfuffle: haha…nah I'm just going to go in store.

            • @bruc3: The online store sends out e-giftcards and I believe the extra credit only applies to physical gift cards but someone correct me if I'm wrong.

  • This plus $15 birthday coupon and $40 Myer One credit will put a big dent on my wallet ;)

  • Great cant pay with egift cards at Town Hall woolies. Item not allowed….

    Can anyone confirm if other woolies accept?

    • I just went to Townhall woolies and I could not buy any gift cards cause it did not get the 10%, store manager said come back tomorrow zzzz….

      • Do you mean the 10% bonus did not loaded when you brought $50, $100, or $200

        What payment did you use?
        Cash, Credit Card or Woolworth egift cards?

        • They only had $100 gift cards, I bought it at the counter with the store person paying with debit card. They said it was not working for anyone.

      • So definitely would work from tomorrow (Thursday)?

        • Not definite, but all they said is try again tomorrow. Worth a shot.

          • @bruc3: Caught one here confused 10% bonus with 10% off. I can't believe a member from 2010.

        • +1

          Ok I can confirm its working again at Townhall Woolies, I just bought 14 x $100 cards. They did not have $200 card on the floor I checked, but had plenty of $100 ones.

  • I tested today and you cannot use Woolies E-GIFTCARD for another 5% off. The system blocked it.

    • Terrible system. Its egift cards buying other gift cards. Not like we buy Eftpos or Only1…

    • Did you also try to purchase general groceries as well? EG. maybe $5 worth of stuff.

      • See below comment from shopping.
        Dont think Egift cards is working for any type of gift cards in Woolies. Their dev's smart enough to code it this way which is suck.

        Now end up with $500 egift cards….

        • After the Only1 promo last time, the system blocked out all the cash equivalent GC like Only1, Ebay, Eftpos but it still works with other gift card. Now it is completely blocked.

  • +3

    Bought $200 just now. Activation slip said $200.
    But it is $220 when checking balance thru myer website.

    EGC can not works. Transaction not allow error

    • Did you check there and then, or afterwards?

  • Just tried to buy a drink and a Myer Gift Card with Woolies e-gift card . It rejected it . Tried 2 stores out and both rejected eGift card with or without other purchases . Looks like using egiftcards for purchasing other gift cards no longer works on self checkouts

  • Most shops are clued in already I reckon, I bought 3k earlier and the first thing I was asked was that if I were paying with a gift card which will not work.

  • ffs, I knew I should wait. now have $1900 of useless Woolies egift cards.

    • +1

      I have $1300. Smile

  • Just got back from the middle Camberwell (Vic) Woolworths. Zero $200 ones left and only three $100. Rest were $50s. I ended up getting the 3 x $100 ones.

    Went to Woolworth Camberwell (bigger store) and got the last 5 x $200 GCs there after.

    In case you want to check your balance, here is the link.

  • No Myer Gift Cards at Woolies Central Park (NSW) when I dropped by tonight around 9

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