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$250 Cashback (after $500 Spend) on Commonwealth Bank Low Rate & Gold Low Rate Credit Card ($59/ $89 Annual Fee)


Off the back of the previous offer - here it is again with an additional $50 cashback

$250 cashback offer. Apply by 31 Jan 2019 and spend $500 within 90 days of card activation.
Rates and fees:

Low Rate
$59 annual fee
13.24% p.a. purchase interest rate
21.24% p.a. cash advance interest rate
Offer excludes all existing cards, switches from other card types and is not available to customers who currently hold, or have held, any of the eligible card types in the 12 months prior to 1 November 2018.

Low Rate Gold
$89 annual fee
13.24% p.a. purchase interest rate
21.24% p.a. cash advance interest rate
Offer excludes all existing cards, switches from other card types and is not available to customers who currently hold, or have held, any of the eligible card types in the 12 months prior to 1 November 2018.

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  • Oh man I just made the cutoff for the previous deal

  • got rejected few times with CBA (for low level credit cards).
    never have problem with anz westpac nab getting black cards.


    but for $-/+ 200 i will try again

  • Just in time to pay my tax!

  • How long does it take for the $250 cashback to get processed into your account? Can you cancel the card before you get charged the $59 annual fee?

    • quote from CBA:
      Cash back will be credited within 60 days of you meeting the eligibility criteria and will appear on your statement as ‘CASHBACK $250’. You will be ineligible for the cash back if your account is closed, switched to another card, or in default at any time prior to the cash back being credited to your account.

    • +1 vote

      I had to call to get the cashback because it did not show up automatically after 1 month I spent $500. A week after the call, I finally got the cashback.
      Also, as soon as you activate the card, the annual fee will be charged to your card.
      So what you will get is $250 less $59/$89.

  • Hmm, and you can't take the $250 out from your credit card account and transfer it to your normal debit account. I guess "spend $750 for $500" would seem more appropriate then.

    • You can with $2.50 cash advance fee or something similar

      • its has so happened with me in the past that I made a double payment and the card was in credit by $1000 odd. The call centre was able to transfer that to my account without any issues.

        • Weird, because I did the same thing but they wouldn't let me transfer the money back into my savings account =/

    • +1 vote

      IDK about CBA but ANZ lets you "pay anyone" (BSB + account) for no cash advance fees if your card balance is in credit.


      It depends.

      I did this offer at the start of 2017, and I saw the $250 cashback credited within a week of having spent over $500 on the card.

      So it all depends on when you spend and the statement billing cycle. It does count cashback as a repayment.

      For example, say you spent $500 in the first 4 weeks. Your first statement shows a balance of $500, and has a due date 25 days later. If the $250 cashback is credited before the due date, you will only need to pay the remaining $250 on your balance.

  • Would ppl recommend the added benefits of the Hold card? Anyone successfully claimed on travel insurance/purchase insurance/warranty extension? Cheers

    • I've used their travel insurance to claim a stolen Gopro and had no issues however they recently changed their insurance provider, previously was with Allianz. I have the platinum awards credit card but I am assuming that won't affect insurance claims,

  • Dam just completed the same promo but for only $200

  • For people that apply for credit cards purely for promo like this, ie get the reward then close, aren't you concerned that your credit score will get hit hence harder to get loans/credit in the future?

    • Lots of people already have a mortgage, if you got one in the last 2 or 3 years you probably aren't going to get a new loan for quite some time!

      Also I think if you get the minimum limits on the cards, always pay off your credit card in full and don't get rejected on applications your credit score will be fine.

      • Credit limits are frequently not provided to the credit agencies anyway; I don't think that they generally have any impact on credit score.

        They will, however, effect servicing calculations for mortgages - but you can always cancel them at the time of application to instantly improve that.

      • Credit Score will be impacted by Credit Enquiry upon Credit Card Application. Rejection or not does not effect credit score.

    • +1 vote

      No; have had lots of cards, had no problem getting a mortgage and my credit score is generally good (although varies by provider; I did do three enquiries August/September though, so I expect that those that are down will bounce back in a bit).

    • Having a credit card, borrowing and repaying debt is actually good for your credit score. What could hurt your credit score is applying for credit frequently in a short period of time, even if you get approved for all of them. So I suppose if you do this once a year or two, it should fine.

    • This question comes up in every single credit card thread, weird. Anyway just keep an eye on your credit score and if it starts dropping, stop applying.

    • All right for me, applied 3 credit cards this year, still got 800+ credit points.

  • Do not waste your time. I applied twice but did not get any update if it was succeeded or failed.

    • This. They wanted so many documents that it was overkill for a $500 limit. Already have an account with them, so they know my details but still wanted me to go into a branch to provide utility bills. Ok fine. And then I uploaded 2 payslips, they said no… we need employment offer letter. Uploaded that, then they said no… need employment contract. Uploaded that, then they said no… need a special letter dated (today) saying I worked there. Told them to F* themselves.

      • did you actually tell them that?

      • agree last time they want to call my boss to verify my employment, after i gave them my employment contract letter. just for low level entry CC. farrrrrr out.
        not long after/before that, i got approved $20k credit limit on the spot from anz branch. platinum cc.
        again, farrrr out.

      • That was their purpose, make process difficult and then you give up yourself. So do not waste time with them.

      • I had that issue when applying for a Virgin Money credit card a long long time ago.

        It was too much hassle so i just left it. A few months later I got the card in the mail.

  • I applied before this came out, got sucked in for the $200 promo. Only Just got approved yesterday, I wonder if I can squeeze the extra $50 out of them via a phone call??

  • +2 votes

    CommBank doesn't deserve customers, stay away.

  • Undecided whether to jump on this one instead of the Amazon deal.

  • Applied and accepted within 2 days, how do I know the deal is active for me?

  • Dear xxxxx

    Great news! Based on what you told us in your application you're conditionally approved for a Low Rate credit card with a maximum credit limit of $500^.

    bhawahaha $500 credit limit….

    • Honestly how to people even live with such a low limit? At $6000 dollars max per year I may as well stick to debit all the time to avoid having to keep remembering if I'm over the limit yet or not.

      May as well churn this ASAP.

  • I am commbank diamond secondary card holder and am I able to get this deal ?

    • I am CBA Diamond Card for many years. I got the CBA $250 cashback in the 2017 promo(I actually posted the promo here). After getting cashback I closed this low rate credit card. So now it passed 12 months so applied this promo this month, spent $500 already, will see if I will get he $250.

      • Got $250 yesterday!

        Spent $500 on Woolies gift card two weeks ago, annual fee $59 charged on Wed and $250 came in yesterday!

        Just need to pay off the balance and then close account!

        So quick!

  • Anyone else doing something similar?

  • Got my $250 back the other day, yeet!

  • hey guys, anyone met the minimum spend $500 (and confirm get $250 back) by buying woolworth e-giftcards?

  • Can you re-apply if you have just been rejected?

    • dont bother. i heard you need to lay low for at least 6-12 months before they will re-consider you (after got rejected).

    • +1 vote

      if you didn't like your application initially, what makes you think they will like it a week or two later (when basically nothing has changed. In fact, worse than nothing because you have an extra credit enquiry).

  • So I'm at the last stage of documents check, and everytime I press "complete application", it just states "application saved. Log on to NetBank any time to complete and submit your application". Is there anything else I'm supposed to do?

    • yeah i think that is normal, but i suggest you follow up with them every 2 weeks, they are super slow in processing

    • I encountered that when I applied also. I did ring them to check and they said thats normal for a little bit. Got my card within a week however Im already a Commbank customer

  • For clarification, the $500 spend doesn't have to be in one transaction? It can be an accumulation of transactions?

  • Just got my $250 cash back last week.
    My annual fee was also automatically waived, not sure why but I have held a CBA transaction for many years.

  • Well this sucks, my application got rejected….. is it because i did fill in any assets or savings? or because i stayed in my new place for only 5 months… pff lame

    • no one know mate, its bank most secret guarded item (cc rejections reason).

      unless we have some ozb work in the industry and willing to share/reveal….


        Comprehensive Credit Reporting (CCC) has gone live across the banking industry.

        I wouldn’t be declaring false liabilities or assets. It effectively an automatic rejection if the declaration doesn’t match across different institutions.

        Gone are the days you could write down anything on the application.


      I don't think it would any of those.

      (1) They don't really require savings for CC

      (2) Having only been at current address for a short period does usually mean you are viewed as slighty riskier (since it shows someones life is changing and not stable). However, they usually ask that 'time in current address' for the identification purposes.

      (3) CBAs standards are actually relatively low. They wanted to give me $8000 limit straight off the bat.

  • hey just fyi:

    applied beginning of dec.
    card ready to use by 16 Dec 2018
    first transaction was 28 Dec 2018, spent $500 by 4th Jan 2019 (excluding annual fee)
    paid off all balance by 5th Jan 2019 before 1st statement even generated.

    $250 received 17 Jan 2019.
    going to get woolworth egiftcard now to clear out the $250, then monday will call to close the CC.
    see you in a year time for another cash back promo. thanks.
    this is what i like about ozb.

  • I applied and got accepted, but how do I know if I'm eligible for the $250 cashback?

    • Call them and ask…. We are ozb not cba

      • obviously you're not cba mate. i was just wondering if it would pop up on your account somewhere

        • If you have not had the same card in the last 12 months and met the spend criteria, you are eligible. Cashback may take upto 30 days, however i got it within a week.

  • Lol, looks like their process is not straight. Got continually approved, then they asked me to call them, lady on the phone asked me to visit a branch. Branch finalised my ID check even though I did it online, and now getting another round of SMS/email to visit a branch. Reminds me the st George CC application. Never had that level of touch points with ANZ/Westpac.

  • I've received my cash back from this a couple of days ago and cancelled the day after. The email I received with the cancellation says if I've paid my annual fee within the last 30 days, they would refund it to me if I gave them a call. Has anyone had any luck with this?

  • After being accepted for this card, did you receive any information on the bonus cashback?
    I applied before th cut off, now have the card but no mention of the cashback.

    • at least you got your card. Still waiting. They couldn't reconcile my payslip and bank statements, what a bunch of dumb dumb. Dunno why they ask for so many documents if they can't do basic maths lol