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Intel 545s 128GB (SATA 2.5inch) SSD $29 (Was $59) Pickup or + Shipping @ Scorptec Computers


Hi all, the last SSD bargain I posted was pretty popular, so I'm back with another!

Intel 545s Series 128GB SSD, 2.5inch 7mm, TLC 3D NAND for $29 (was $59)

Follow the direct link above (or the deal link) to receive the promo price! This price is valid til the end of Sunday or while stocks last and is limited to 2 per customer.

Click & Collect is available from our Melbourne and Sydney stores, plus shipping is available Australia wide.

We still have stock available in our distribution centre, and will transfer to any of our stores at no charge as long as the order is placed before the deal expires.

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  • +2

    Must. Restrain!! I should start up an SSD shop I've got that many lying around lol.
    I even got this exact one from the last deal haha

    • +1

      If you aren't yet running SSD only in your main rig you don't have enough SSDs :)

      • The thing is I am already, just got another 16 or so in case one dies :P

      • The day I can afford 24TB of solid state storage I'll be happy. Until then it's HDD all the way.

        • Got a few TB in the main rig of solid SSD then 36TB of HDD in the server :)

          • @Cair22: Actually, got any deals on the Seagate Ironwolf 8TB? All mine have <100GB free right now and I need to download more.

  • +7

    I have one sitting in my drawer and I don't even have a PC lol

    • +2

      SSD become another Xiaomi ….

      • It becomes a depreciating asset. 256gb ssds used to be close to $100.

        Now they are like $60 or so.

        120Gb ssds are becoming almost… eh, why bother with this?

        • but 29 bux is the lowest entry pricepoint to ssd world for old laptops/pc

      • +1

        You just reminded me I need to set up those 5 door and window sensors I have sitting at home in a drawer.

        • +1

          Because of ozbargain we have so many stuff in our drawer unopen, we need a bargain for storage ….

          • +1

            @superforever: eneloops, mi bands and ssds…

            this is the lyfe

          • @superforever: Didn't you see the 3D Printer bargains? Make your own drawers!

            Ender 3 is $270 on eBay, use discounted codes along with discounted eBay gift cards to bring it down even further. A bit more expensive than the Aldi one but has a heated bed, better build quality and is open source, so you can easily mod it to add features.

    • I have one sitting in my drawer and I don't even have a PC lol

      You must have a Mac XDD

    • So do I, I have 1 sata ssd and 1 nvme ssd just sitting in my drawer and no PC. I don't even know if it works.

  • +1

    Using an eneloop powered chinese torch to look in a cupboard for Bargain SSD drives would probably be single most OzB thing to do ever!

  • it's cheap but I'm not sure who's still using 128GB these days.

    • 2 use cases for me - speed up the old PC used by parents for web browsing (and more than enough room for their photos), and to revitalize an old laptop to keep spare / in the garage, in which case storage is not needed. Cheaper the better so I'm glad there's still a 128GB option.

      • I don't have any old machines that don't already have SSDs but I guess that's one way to restore life to them.

        What I found is that old systems don't boot that much faster. They get stuck in some part of the boot process for a few seconds. Newer machines don't have those speed bumps.

    • All the stores I manage. Windows is ~25-30GB. Programs are ~5GB. The rest is just gravy, baby.

  • Great price. Shipping kills it for me though as it brings it around $42 which is not worth it.

    No stock in Sydney store and the drive is to far for me anyway.

    A deal was published just over a month ago for this product at the same price but free shipping included. I would be all over it.

    • We can have it transferred to Sydney for you at no extra cost as long as you order before the deal expires.

      • If you could make the pick up around Sydney CBD would be really appreciated.

        • I mean transferred to our Sydney store in Macquarie Park, hah.

      • +1

        Way to far. Thanks for the deal. Keep them coming.

    • Are you talking about this one?

      • Yeah that's the one. I searched for it for about 10 minutes and couldn't find it.

  • The first ssd I bought was 240gb for $400, now looking at this.

  • If only DDR4 ram is that cheap!!!!!

  • None in stock at stores I can see. I usually pick up from stores as I have 2 nearby.

    • We had a few units at Clayton specifically which have sold out, we do however, have PLENTY in stock at our distribution centre and will send to any of our stores for pick up at no extra cost.

  • I bought 2 for my L2ARC for the new SAN im building.


  • Bought one. Thanks OP.

  • -1

    You are better off grabbing a drive off ebay with free delivery, unless you live/work next door to Scorptec.

    $32 at futu after 20% off for the WD green

    $35.05 for the Kingston from PCMeal with 5% off.

    Lots of similar pricing from various sellers.

    • +1

      But not Intel…

      They're not all made the same.

    • +1

      The actual real world performance of those two SSDs is barely above a decent HDD - the Intel is far superior.

      Kingston A400s and the like have their place but it's not comparable to an average Intel/Samsung.

  • Hmm might buy two and stripe them to make 1x 256gb volume. Anyone done stripping in Windows 7? Any issues to consider?

    • +1

      I've done stripping in my bedroom but never in Windows.

    • Yep, done software raid on win 7 before. Pretty straight forward.

  • +1

    Shipped already! Thanks guys got two on the way.

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