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Huawei Mate 20 Pro + Freebuds & Wireless Charger $1438.20, Mate 20 $988.20 + Delivery (Free with eBay Plus) @ Mobileciti eBay


Huawei have extended the Pre-Order offer of bonus Freebuds and wireless charger until midnight on the 9th November. Combined with the 10% off code seems like a good deal to me for Australian warranty etc.

Mate 20 pro is on backorder until 15/11

Mate 20 (non pro) comes with bonus Freebuds for $988.20

Bonus offer redemption details here

Thanks to TA Original PROPER10 10% off Sitewide on eBay Deal Post

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  • 1.5k for a huawei

    • 1.5k for a Huawei with a widespread defect appearing.. Green tinge around the sides of the screen

      • Only with some devices. Huawei make this model with LG and BOE OLED panels at random. It appears the only screens that have had the green bleed is the ones with the LG panel at this stage.

        Why do manufacturers keep buying LG pOLED panels? Track record says they're shite.

      • Yeah there's a bonus purchased before 9th Nov, pretty sure a lot of people won't buy because of this green tint.

        I'm one of them. Lucky didn't get pre order

        Holding onto my S7 edge til next year

    • $1K for any phone is a stretch unless it has been bought by work (so you don't pay for it personally) or tax deductible so it costs a lot less …in which case by an iPhone, at least after you write it off you can make some coin on ebay or gumtree.

  • yes dont buy this phone. I bought one and it came with a faulty screen, green covered half the screen along with a dead pixel. NOT WORTH 1500!
    Dont support Huawei as they are doing nothing on the matter.

  • Huawei the same company accused of using their devices for spying?

    • Yes. they should be subsidising the phone for the data they send back to PRC

    • I'm more concerned about Apple ripping me off on every gadget I buy.
      I'm not a human right activist or working on any secret weapons so I don't mind Huawei scanning my emails and family photos :)

    • No evidence yet, only Trump and his dogs saying it, EU isn't following.
      The Aussie PM accuses Huawei has always been anti China, so whoever you want to believe.
      Huawei is part of 4G network worldwide. Probably should avoid it all, only use 3G, damn no 2G anymore…

    • Google is worse and you can't use playstore without it, they still track after you turn off GPS and location services ….
      at least Chinese gov uses data for the gov and doesn't allow access to 3rd parties unlike Australian Government which does allow data access to 3rd parties, google allow developers and advertisers access for money …

    • Huawei the same company accused of using their devices for spying?

      I'm not sure if there has been any actual evidence that their devices were ever used for spying. I think it's more the fear that one day they could, as the Chinese govt could probably force Huawei to do something.

      That said, seeing that even iPhones have been susceptible to spyware, the Chinese government might have other means of gathering info if they really wanted to.

      • if someboby worries about huawei or PRC, plz shutdown your all mobile devices, coz even you use iphone but most of 4g/5g base stations are made by huawei

        • Didn't the US Republican say that China has been listening to Trump's conversation from his iPhone? I am sure that the CSIRO/NSA/NASA and whoever can dismantle the Huawei mobile phones and test all the components, firmware and software for any spying activities. We Aussies are very very smart people, aren't we?

  • Why there is no mate20 X in Oz?

    • Coming out later like end of November, you can buy the China and Hong Kong versions on ebay but best to wait.

  • The United States Government has been caught invading privacy of other countries for years.

    Most countries hardly make a fuss.

    The Chinese Government is caught invading the privacy of other countries a couple of times.

    The whole world losses their shit.

    Hashtag: Double standards.

  • Anyway, the deal is shit, thx for the try anyway! I will wait a bit more and decide which phone to buy….

  • Beware, Huawei have extremely dodgy warranty practices, claiming 12m warranty on a previous gen flagship (Nexus 6P), even though it was a $1k+ phone and a warranty card was included showing it was covered for 24 months.

    I'll paste my story from a prev OzB Huawei deal….

    Negging for major issues with Huawei.
    I've just gone through 8 months of crap with them arguing that my Nexus 6P was in warranty when they claimed it wasn't.
    A card was included in the box clearly stating it had 24 months warranty, they argued it was 12.
    Even after sending them a copy of the card they still claimed 12.
    They they back pedaled and agreed that it would be 24 months as per the card…..

    …. then they changed their mind again and said nope, only 12 months….. then when i pushed the issue and re-sent the warranty terms they'd included with the box they back flipped again and said they would send me instructions and book a courier to pick it up.

    And then changed their mind again… without letting me know….

    Pushed again and contacted them via Facebook… no warranty.
    Messaged again their social media team, and included the warranty card, the said they'd follow it up.
    Received message via Facebook that it would be covered by warranty and that someone would call me… finally!

    Someone called me and told me that it was not covered by warranty and that they couldn't help me.

    Filed a case with Consumer Affairs Vic, got it sorted.

    How the hell a $1k flagship (in it's day) does not clearly have 2 years warranty is beyond me.
    This may actually be the worst customer service I've ever experienced.

    Huawei are on my blacklist, and not just because of the above.

    • Why are you dealing with Huawei at all? Just take out back to retailer, done! It should be the same as any other phone, I've done this several tires at jb hifi with no questions asked

    • Though Huawei made the Nexus 6P, it was made for Google and branded that way, therefore the full name was Google Nexus 6P, and warranty was via Google, your beef should be with Google not Huawei.

    • You are talking about a phone that came out over 3 years ago. Any recent feedback?

      • The warranty issue was resolved a little under a month ago, so this is pretty recent.
        JB HiFi were involved, Was a staff purchase.
        Initial warrant claim was early this year, problem was only just recently resolved, thanks to consumer affairs Victoria i might add.

        Ultimately, regardless of having a consumer body or retailer to fall back on doesn't change the fact that Huawei were shady as hell and the back and forth situation was bullshit.

        This is a brand to avoid, 1.5K for a Huawei is stupid in any language, and especially so considering the random display issues and unproven chipset.

        • Huawei are now credited by many tech publications with making the best, or equal best Android phones on the market, and I being a Huawei-only user for the last 4 years would absolutely agree.

          I would absolutely drop $1.5K on the Mate 20 Pro if I required an upgrade from my perfect, still running as new, dropped many times but not so much as a small scratch Mate 10 Pro.

          Also, on a note of warranty; I also had a Nexus 6P that carked it at 25 months old. Guess who replaced it with a refurbished (new screen, battery and chassis) model in about a week and a half turn around for free, despite me being out of warranty as a "goodwill gesture" (their words). Yeah, that's right; Huawei Australia. I sold it straight away for $350.

          I couldn't speak higher of their product, and their service.

          Also, your "unproven" chipset claim irks me. It performs equal or higher than the SD845… That much is 'proven'.

          • @BradH13: So just because you had a better warranty experience my experience is invalid?
            Posts along the lines of "Well it worked for me so you're a fool" are stupid and don't help anyone.
            Chipset remains unproven, more to it than performance.
            I chose my words carefully, never claimed their stuff was crap, just that my after sales service was so dismally poor that per the OzB rules i am justified in negging them.
            Making the best phone on the market doesn't exempt them from after sales service.

            • @virtual81: I never even uttered a mention of your experience being invalid. I was just giving you mine.

              What defines "proven" chipsets to you?

              Kirin 970 a year on, still 'proves' to be one hell of a chip. What makes you think the current 980 is worse?

              • @BradH13: The general tone of your post was all about invalidating my experience.
                Their customer service for an in warranty handset failed many, many times over a period of what ended up being a few months, and dealing with a number of people.
                If it were a one off glitch i'd suggest i might have been unlucky, but given the issue was ongoing and carried across several staff members one can't help to think they must have severe ingrained issues.

    • nexus is Google, take up warranty claim with google if you have nexus, not who makes it for them.


    $1.5k for a Huawei what a joke, I'm currently rocking a mate 9 since it come out, had the 6p for a bit, great phones considering the price I paid. But at this price just get an iPhone, you'd be stupid to buy this at the price there asking even tho I can't stand apple phones, this is a ridiculous price to pay for any android phone

    • +2 votes

      you'd be stupid to buy this at the price

      I doubt many people would.. that's a ridiculous price.

      In Malaysia, the launch price was AUD$1,199 (including local GST). It came with the wireless charger, the Talkband B5, and the first 1,000 people got a Ryze/DJI Tello drone. That's a much more reasonable price IMHO.

      Interestingly the Note 9 is cheaper here than there.

    • Haha, this is so much better than the iPhone. I had the 6P as well and that was pretty good but this blows other phones out of the water this year. Just look at the reviews.


        I don't care about reviews, I care about performance and price.

        The price is a joke, I'll stick with my mate 9 and blow the 1.5k and something actually worth buying.

        The mate 9 is still good enough for me and I dont spend anything more than $5-600 on a phone, but that's just me

  • Got my Mate 20 pro last week after using both the Samsung S9 and Samsung S9+ this year for at least a month each and it blows then both away by a long margin. In particular the camera and battery life is the best I've ever seen and the width of the phone makes it so much easier to grip compared to the S9+.

    There are a few niggle that I think I can sort out but this is easily the best phone if the year. Buy it!

    • how are you living without the headphone jack?

      • I've got the Sony WI-1000Xs so I'm doing just fine

        Plus you get free wireless buds with this worth $200 which I'm sure don't have great sound quality but it's not bad for nothing.

    • You do realize that both S9 and S9+ were launched more than six months ago and can be had for under $1000. Would it be worth paying extra $438 for this phone that would lose value faster than Samsung when its time to upgrade? Also, I think JBL Noise Cancelling Bluetooth headphones that come with samsung phones are better than Huawei's wireless buds.

      • What I'm saying is that the Samsung phones are not even in the same league. Not even close. So fair enough you need to make a choice on cost but in my opinion and in the opinion of most of the reviewers it's worth it.

        • So you saying Samsung Note 9 from below deal is worse than this phone and you would rather pay over $450 extra for Huawei?


          • @Ozama Bean Bargain: My opinion really doesn't count for much. If you're serious about spending that much money on either phone then read the reviews. If you really do care about my opinion then I would say that the Mate 20 Pro is a better phone and rather than buying it outright I would look at it on an Optus plan. It's just as cheap on a plan as the Note 9.

            • @carleast: Fair enough, I did had a play around with this phone on the weekend at Optus store and even though it looks like a well made unit it didn't had nothing on Samsung's AMOLED screens next to each other. I hope Huawei has got their act together in terms of warranty and service. Not speaking from personal experience but have heard lot of horror stories.

  • I love this country.

  • Anybody bought from mobileciti_estore that can confirm what version of the phone they have received? LG or BOE screen?

  • Apparently Huawei believes their Mate 20X with the gamepad adapter is better than Nintendo Switch. In their dreams! F#$kin fix their Green Tint issues on Mate 20 Pro before talking rubbish on battery life and gaming "Superior" over the Switch.

    The guy's English was really bad on stage as well.

    There's nothing on Android store compares to the real portable console gaming. F$%kin n00bs including the CEO. Big talks no real substance. QC/QA issue worldwide with green tint on its $1500 RRP Flagship Mate 20 PRO phone….I LOL'ed